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The speech of the General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong closed the clumsy drama of Democracy in Vietnam



The face false democracy of the group leaders of the Party and the communist government of Vietnam today has totally exposed to the Vietnamese people at home and abroad and the International Community through a statement by handing recent General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong related campaign to get comments from people throughout the country for the drafting of amendments to the Constitution State Vietnam which is the Vietnamese Party and State government launched animatedly in the country during that time. Although for many people remain skeptical and not willing to believe in the true willingness of the leaders of the Party and the government, but people still are surprised from hearing statements turn parasols blatantly and infamous from the mouth of the most powerful leaders of the country of Vietnam. 

Democratic drama was the leader of the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam staged systematically is dropped too early and unwanted side effects. Before the corruption rampant throughout the country pushed the country's economy fell into a serious recession and create a Social unrest in everything from national security threat to the political turmoil, from the state dispute factions fighting each other for power struggles within the Party and government apparatus to the brutal government trampling on human rights in order to protect the existence of a regime, a party and a government which has been increasingly losing serious faith in people, as well as the erosion of international confidence in the eyes of your friends as well as other countries in the region, the leaders of the Party and Vietnamese communist state government staged a fake Democratic drama with promises good change in the State Constitution that the right of decision depends on the opinions of the entire population. 

Today, when speaking bitter words unconscious nature, irresponsibility and disregard of public opinion at home and abroad and International, Mr. General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong respectable Communist Party of Vietnam quickly forget the previous statement in the opening of the organization's people's opinions Nguyen Sinh Hung, member of the Politburo, Chairman of the Amendments to the Constitution 1992 in which he said: "enabling all citizens to participate broadly in the Constitution, and can participate in all the things about the Constitution, the whole Constitution." Besides, there are also an eloquent speech of Mr. Phan Trung Ly, chief editor of amending this Constitution that: "without any taboos in contributing amend the State Constitution "..... Yet while the eloquent speech democratically above still not dry slaver yet, the leaders of Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam was in a hurry to pour up the top of the People of Vietnam and International Community by the cold water ruthlessly. 

Surely the people of Vietnam the country has not forgotten the message of sincere and meaningful from Republic of South Vietnam President Nguyen Van Thieu before resigning in 1975, in which he reminded the people of the country, please remember one thing: "Do not believe what the Communists say, but take a look at what the Communists do". Well, the good message sincere and meaningful it was entirely consistent with what has been happening in the country of Vietnam country consistent since the communists came to power in both regions South-North of Vietnam. Remove 4 of the Constitution, eliminate the only national leadership of the Vietnamese Communist Party, a political party with the majority party members of corruption and moral degradation that the people of the country do not have faith, there is nothing wrong? Army and Armed Forces was established to defend the country is the responsibility and obligation to their legitimate and not to serve for a party or a group of people in order to suppress the oppressed people, in land claims ..... and even when people took to the streets demonstrating against enemy aggression China ...... therefore necessary to modify to suit their function where is wrong? 

Why sure they are degraded political, ideological and moral? Maybe not obey the Communist Party against the people, trampled the Constitution, the law and human rights abuses as the leader of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the State still has done so long is ethics and compliance revolutionary ideology and politics? Appropriating property of an illegal way that people called ethics? as well as loyal and dedicated service for Party in which most of party members was moral degradation, is just called political thought healthy? said as General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong is not perhaps credo and operational objectives of the Communist Party of Vietnam and ideals as well as the main target any gang of gangsters with the same standards? State leaders that was unreliable with the people, incompetence and disloyalty to the country as well as moral decadence, is there worthy to people of a country trust again, as if there deserve to own role and position to lead the country again? Besides, when the only mode to serve the interests of a group of people that own forgetting functions and their sacred duty is to serve the interests of the people, the interests of the nation, whether nostalgia and continue to retain or not? All general only a single answer ... and was left open for decisions and the courage of the people of Vietnam. 


Tuesday, 26/02/2013


General Secretary of Vietnam requires handling 'political ideology recession' 

Tổng Bí thư Ðảng cộng sản Việt Nam Nguyễn Phú Trọng.

Vietnamese Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. 

VOA Vietnamese 

Vietnamese Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said appeared ideas can be regarded as' expression of idea awareness downturn from comments constitutional amendment.

"Recently had the threaded comments, also can be provided in a recession political ideology, ethics and lifestyle."


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The news of the Vietnam Television 25/2 quoted in such statements while he went to the northern province of Phu Tho.

"See who want to give up thoughts of Article 4 of the Constitution? Disclaimers Party's leadership role? For multi-party pluralism? There is separation of powers? There politicization of the military? They are with the view that, given the mass media push. recession but what else. Participate complaint, protest, collective unit, then what is it? treatment should pay attention of those things. "

Also in the news from, spokesperson of the Vietnam Television said: 'suggestions draft revised constitution in 1992, many reviews said the party's leadership role for the state, and society a historical inevitability '.

National Assembly of Vietnam is people's opinion on the draft constitutional amendment in 1992 to the end of March.

In early February, dozens of artists, intellectuals prestigious in the country sent a petition to amend the constitution to parliament, which emphasizes the fundamental rights of the people.

Nhà văn Võ Thị Hảo.

Writer Vo Thi Hao. 

The petition has now received thousands of signatures supporting. The writer Vo Thi Hao is one of the people who signed the petition. She said:

"The Constitution is very important that the original legislation. Residents have protected their rights course or not, there are free or not, they will refrain, on the road dictators and corrupt ... How many more important things in the constitution. Consequently, I am very interested in the constitution from the very first day when questioned constitutional amendment. I find that no matter how I still pay attention to this constitution and have any comments, sign petitions to modify the constitution. I think it is the constitution of course, good, and it's fair to all forces, all classes. by both the ruling party is full helm, it was communist. I think the party is not disadvantaged in this regard. "

Hao said that the proposed amendment of the constitution, artists, intellectuals, 'not deny the right of the party, but to put the party in a good competition in terms of job and reputation'.

Women writers who repeatedly spoken out about the problems in society that she 'can not imagine' to hear the statement of Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong.

"If that call those who answered the call that, please comment on the amended 1992 constitution, and when it was sincere comments that call that the recession is true that morality can not imagine . I can not imagine a general secretary may say so while previously called for people to comment on the constitution. authorities in Vietnam say that Vietnam is very democratic and that only someone had told million times more democratic bourgeoisie. So why do people comment on the constitution, I hear it or not, that is the following, but to appreciate the idea instead. It comments a decent and openly, and comments like that I feel is right and fair. constitution that it has the basics like our suggestions, it has brought the very well in other countries and bring justice to democracy, equality and freedom. Though not absolute, but it's much more progress than the 1992 constitution and the constitution also regained a some important sense in 1946 that established the constitution of this state and Mr. Ho Chi Minh along with a number of intellectual preparation. I think that's what it is the truth, whether they admit it or not, it's still there. How much life people still comment on it, why could call it as recession. "

Writer Vo Thi Hao also said she was surprised when drafting a constitutional amendment 92 'outright rejection of the comments and recommendations of the constitution (the intellectuals) is invalid, incorrect resolution of parliament '.

Ms. Hao also said that 'the biggest disaster that Vietnamese people have encountered a disaster is always threatened, and deprived of human rights, the right course is said, equal rights for animals, ie exclaimed innocently '.



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When party members become "citizens" 

Tổng Bí thư Nguyễn Phú Trọng làm việc tại Vĩnh Phúc ngày 25 tháng 2, 2013

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong 
at Vinh Phuc February 25, 2013 

 Tải xuống - download

While intellectuals and the people responded positively call for comments on Amendment 92 of the National Assembly, the General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said that the proposals put out Article 4 of the Constitution, more separation of powers and not to politicize the army in the Constitution about to be modified is degraded political, ideological and moral. The statement caused a strong reaction, extensive in many strata.

The perspective of General Secretary 

From the past few weeks, the recommendations of 72 intellectuals, later known as the 72 recommendations, the draft amendment to the Constitution in 92 did the political system of Vietnam is rather a new shirt , it has the appearance of an opinion of people to the process of amending the Constitution in order to match the pace of life that almost any other democratic country in the world community must follow.

It is a Constitution with the will of the people and have the ability to help the country avoid the attempted political party or individuals who want dictatorship and confinement country under the rule of a minority not elected through the part of the people, ie the true owners of the country.

To do that, the Constitution must be amended most critical points were deformed through previous revisions.

Recommendation 72 was asked to give up the article 4 of the Constitution allows the Vietnamese Communist Party leadership of the country, as well as the separation of powers must be provided for by the Constitution to control the power of the government. The third issue is the Constitution to modify the law that allows the armed forces to serve the National Party before serving.

This allows the party the right to use the army for the purpose of a group of people rather than the interests of the nation. It helps risk treason germination, crippling its military with the explanation based on the Party and the correlation of the so-called socialism.

These core if not the ultimate changes in this revision, the result can not be other than the Constitution in 92 is. People waiting for a positive move from the central to know very well every decision comes from here, not from Congress. The move is expected that unfortunately was so negative, negative goodwill who believe in the Party's more, is greater in disappointment.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong during direct comments on the draft Constitution in Vinh Phuc has given a very clear definition of the expectations of the people to amend the Constitution, he said:

"Recently there were different viewpoints can also be provided in recession political, ideological, moral, ... See who want to give up thoughts of Article 4 of the Constitution, deny the role of the party leaders do not ? To multi-party pluralism? Separation of powers? There politicization of the military?

It is attitudes like that, put up the mass media there. How is a recession, but what's more! ... Join complaint, protest, collective unit ... that's what? "

Already have the threaded comments can also be provided in recession political, ideological, moral, want to Article 4 of the Constitution, denying the leading role of the party, like separation of powers .. It is attitudes like that, put up the mass media there. How is a recession, but what's more! 
TBT Nguyen Phu Trong

Một bức tranh cổ động kêu gọi người dân Phát huy quyền làm chủ, ảnh chụp hôm 19 tháng 05 năm 2011 tại Hà Nội.

A picture shareholders urged local autonomy,
 taken on 19 May 05, 2011 in Hanoi. AFP 

Although it is difficult to even believe in the change of the party but his statement General Secretary no different from capsized boat fragile when it had just departed.

One of the millions of frustrated Lawyer Tran Quoc Thuan, former Deputy Director of the Office of the National Assembly, said his surprise:

"Yesterday I heard said that I was surprised why the speech right time suggestions Amendment 92 of the people? I think is worth thinking because recent proposals 72 and 15 intellectuals former Minister or Chairman of the Legal Committee to make recommendations to the Commission to amend the Constitution.

Then a written reply that comments must be in accordance with the spirit of Resolution 38 of the National Assembly. As far as I see, this is very vague, and I think he Phan Trung Ly called his protagonist is Nguyen Dinh Loc former Minister of Justice "with a number of other citizens" .... that is the comments as "citizens." That character's speech on behalf of the Council draft Amendment 92. "

Power of Party can not be separated from the Constitution  

The word "citizen" is not simply rhetoric as people might think, but behind it is a well prepared to deal with any members beyond the framework of the Party has directed, tools be the indicator 22 as word Lawyers Tran Quoc Thuan analysis:

"Now scan the text of the Party, I found that only 22 of the Politburo on December 28, 2012 and exactly 10 days later, the Politburo directive signed by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong in which point say that to fully grasp the central spirit of the resolutions 2 central and conclusions of 5. grasp the central 2 that is not talking about land ownership. While the Central resolutions 5 is not of powers isolated.

On opening people's organizations consulted, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, Member of the Political Bureau, chairman of the Council amending the Constitution in 92 pulse in a speech to a section that says "create conditions for citizens to participate broadly in the Constitution and can participate in all of the provisions of the Constitution and the entire Constitution. "

Then cometh he Phan Trung Ly said the contribution that the Constitution is not forbidden. Now I feel the leader's statements were inconsistent. "

Say that this is wrong because the comments open to all people to participate in comments, but told party members to follow directive 22, this comment does not mean anything, will become waste , not to be truthful with people. , LS Tran Quoc Thuan 

Chỉ biết còn đảng còn mình...

Poster: only know exist party mean with exist us. 

Return to the speech of the Secretary-General, it is clear he wants to target the first group of 72 people to sign the petition in which many people are veteran party members.

These party members have become citizens and so in the words of the Secretary-General, they are signs of degradation thoughts. Recession because along the way to the Party and the more dangerous in that they determined to separate its authority from the Constitution.

This perception is shared Lawyer Tran Quoc Thuan:

"Mr Trong said the recession is thought to talk to party members but now retired party members, leaders are now calling them citizens, whether they are senior officials have four, five or six . seven decades old parties are called citizens. Evidence Phan Trung Ly said they are citizens, as I said above.

As well as the time to the recommendations of people like Professor Future, Le Cong Rich, Le Hieu Dang or he Huynh Tan Mam, they are asked a few photos as "citizens."

Citizens and party members are two completely different categories. Citizens have comments or not, depending on individual preferences but the party members. Their political life in the hands of the party and so even if they become a delegate to the National Assembly to again, have little ability to control them with resolutions, including resolutions to change the Constitution by the host Party policy to suit the needs to strengthen its authority.

The truth is that Mr. Tran Quoc Thuan through the experience of a former Deputy Director of the Office of the National Assembly his comments by saying General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong:

"Talk like that is wrong because the comment is open to all people to participate in comments, but told party members to follow directive 22, in the 13 th National Assembly members accounted for 91.6% of the national chance that the highest percentage of members ever.

The first course in 1946, the party members in parliament only 57% of which is composed of the Communist Party, the Vietnamese Party This party or the other party ... and they did the 1946 Constitution is now being hailed as the Constitutions law represents the will of the people and progress.

Thus, for a rate of 91.6% members of the National Assembly, this comment does not mean anything because they will vote according to directive 22 so no smart comments will be wasted, not truly with people. "

Undertakings in power at any cost through the words of the Party General Secretary is the answer to these beliefs will change.

This solution is bitter but necessary, it breaks out of the confusion and help people know more than what was previously considered normal sensitivity has become the Party saw no need to continue wearing innovation shirt was too tight for the great attempt.

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'To be dismissed because protesting TBT Trong' 

Update: 14:18 GMT, Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mr. Nguyen Dac Kien was fired after post 
criticism General Secretary 

Mr. Nguyen Dac Kien, deputy editor pages of Family & Social networking has forced to resign because click write comments on blogs objection argued by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong on the 'recession'.

Family & Society newspaper issued a statement less than a day after Mr. Nguyen Dac Kien published article titled "A few words with TBT Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong" on the internet.

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Vietnamese society, 
Vietnamese political 

In an interview with BBC evening on 26/2, Kien said the editorial board of the newspaper had a meeting with him after receiving information related to this article


Mr. Nguyen Dac Kien said he himself fully aware of the consequences of writing articles.

"After listening to his speech CPV General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, as a citizen of Vietnam, very upset before the shooting on the moral ideal recession," he said.

"I live in Vietnam from small, newspaper from 2006 to now. I am aware of the consequences will come to me."

"But I insisted I write this article, as well as other posts on the blog, entirely due to my moral imperative."

Open with other audiovisual program 

His article said that "none abolition of Article 4 is a recession, like political pluralism recession, like politicization of the military is a recession, there is only corruption, corruption ... contrary to the interests of the people of the recession. "

The author says: "I do not just want to give up the current Article 4 of the Constitution, which I want to organize a Constitutional Convention, established a new constitution."

Notice of Family & Social Affairs said, "Mr. Nguyen Dac Kien (former reporter) violations of the operation of the Regulation and the labor contract should also Disciplinary Board of the Newspaper Family & Society met and the Decision discipline, dismissal to Nguyen Dac Kien ".

"Currently, Nguyen Dac Kien not as reporters Family & Social and personal responsibility before law for their acts."

When the BBC contacted pm on 26/2, Editor, Mr. Le Canh Nhac, declined to comment on the case.

Writing on his personal Facebook page, Nguyen Dac Kien said: "I understand and respect the decision of the leader."

"If in their position, I may have to. I understand that things have not started yet," said Kien wrote.

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