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Father Nguyen Van Ly, patriarch Thich Quang Do was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013




The proposal given Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 for two characters famous dissidents in Vietnam are well known, Father Nguyen Van Ly and patriarch Thich Quang Do's two U.S. Senators Chris Smith and Zoe Lofgren is a true, accurate and vital. Especially in the current period when the communist government of Vietnam urgently increase the persecution of the Democratic activists and every voice of dissent in the country. The proposed award this year's Peace Nobel to two Democratic activists not only said on the honor, recognition efforts, their enormous contribution to advocate democracy in Vietnam but also through which is a form of indirect confirmation of the acts of human rights abuses of the Vietnamese communist government now and in decades.

Many Vietnamese people both in and outside the country are well known noble sacrifice, the great dedication of Father Nguyen Van Ly, as well as know very well and thoroughly the long years of suffering that this conscience prisoner has undergone and suffered in the prison's brutal atheistic communist regime of Vietnam (total of 53 years in prison and 10 years probation) just because want to reclaim human rights, reclaim Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam fellow  which had been stolen by Communist government of Vietnam since it came to power in both of South and North Vietnam. Besides, the Vietnamese people are also extremely grateful to the valuable contribution to the promotion of democracy for Vietnam from the patriarch Thich Quang Do during the past several years, as well as share with him the difficulties and unjustly that He also has to suffer by the Vietnamese communist authorities during his time under house arrest since 2003 until now.

Tremendous dedication and sacrifice above of Father Nguyen Van Ly and patriarch Thich Quang Do is a good example for the people of Vietnam to follow is extremely significant for the young Vietnamese today when the country just has faced tremendous challenges, serious and volatile in Society and Vietnam country today, just has to face the aggression and invasion of an unruly Chinese communist authorities today. The awards honor them from the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is truly a meaningful action and great importance in the process of democratization in Vietnam as well as in the words of God's Solidarity Organization Global education is the hope that through the nominations and awards this time will cause the world to pay more attention to the state of persecution to the right to religious freedom and Freedom right to express to the dissidents in Vietnam today.



Father Nguyen Van Ly, patriarch Thich Quang Do was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013

From left: Political Officer of the U.S. Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City Nick Snyder, Kathleen Peoples, Political Officer of the U.S. Consulate in HCMC, the U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam David Shear and Patriarch Thich Quang Do, head of the Buddhist Church of Vietnam Unity and the Novel Peace Prize candidate, taken on 17.08.2012.

Trà Mi-VOA

Two character Vietnamese dissidents are known, Father Nguyen Van Ly and patriarch Thich Quang Do, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013.

The Nomination of two U.S. Senator Chris Smith and Zoe Lofgren send the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Norway said the two religious leaders, democracy activists, and also the well-known prisoners of conscience in Vietnam this but subject to frequent repression from the authorities, but still determined to continue advocating human rights for the people of Vietnam by the price that they pay themselves.

Letter states that Father Ly in 37 years continuous fight for freedom of religion and the state repeatedly jailed in the harsh detention conditions. 66-year-old priest has been sentenced to four times with a total of 53 years in prison and 10 years probation.

In 2006, he founded the pro-democracy group Bloc 8406 in Vietnam named to connect activists inside and outside the country in the promotion of multi-party democracy, religious freedom, freedom of speech , and freedom of association for people in Vietnam. Father Ly is the author of many articles about democracy, human rights, and also the co-founder of the Vietnam Progression Party.

Father Ly is the implementation of the eight-year sentence on charges of "propaganda against the state" even though health is very weak.

Father Nguyen Van Ly at the General Court of the Archbishop of Hue (photo taken on 15.03.2010). Father Ly currently on a 8 year prison sentence on charges of "propaganda against the state" even though the state health is very weak

Hearing he end of March 2007 the international public opinion strongly criticized, especially after a photograph of the scene he was a security personnel gagged front bars are popular in the world.

In an interview with VOA Vietnamese language in mid-March 2010 as soon as he step out of the prison with a suspended order for one year for health reasons, Father Nguyen Van Ly said his imprisonment not available baked in an ideal fight for democracy for the people of Vietnam because, he says, that "the cost of the genuine struggle".

Ly said: "I do not accept the verdict. I also do not consider themselves criminals but always considered himself a prisoner of conscience. I considered judgment that is uncivilized, contrary to international conventions to which Vietnam is a signatory. The nonviolent struggle more in prison, the more powerful. Enemy more arrests as weak. About prison is the cost of the genuine struggle. "

Patriarch Thich Quang Do, 84 years old, is a longtime activist and is a respected religious scholar. He led the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, an independent religious groups not recognized the Vietnamese communist government for over 37 years. He spent decades imprisoned for peaceful democracy activists, calling for human rights and multi-party system in Vietnam.

2001, Patriarch Thich Quang Do made the Call for Democracy in Vietnam with an eight-point program implementation process of democratization Vietnam peacefully. For this call, he was ordered authorities to arrest two years without trial. Since 2003 until now, he was put on house arrest at the Thanh Minh Zen monastery even without orders.

Letter from two U.S. senators nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for Patriarch Thich Quang Do and Father Nguyen Van Ly said noble prize for the two characters is an important recognition that the basic human rights global values ​​that all governments must respect.

Protection of international human rights organization based in the U.S., Freedom Now, welcomed the nomination, saying the legitimate operation of the two characters dissidents mentioned should be honored instead of being punished. Freedom Now Hanoi and called for immediate release of the two spiritual leaders.

At the same time, the organization Christian Solidarity Worldwide said they hope this nomination will cause the world to pay more attention to the state of religious repression against dissidents in Viet Nam today.

The results of the Nobel Peace Prize 2013 will be officially announced on January 10 this year

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