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Petition to amend the Constitution State ... paved the way for Vietnam to become a country of Vietnam Democratic Peace and Prosperity in the future



The proposed state constitutional amendment was Vietnamese intellectuals team moved into the hands Representatives Legislative Committee of the National Assembly of Vietnam State on Monday 04-02-2013. So finally the petition on behalf of all classes of people turning to the highest authority of the legitimate aspirations of the people of Vietnam relating to the State to amend the Constitution in order to shape an a country of Vietnam real innovation, Peace, Freedom and Democracy and real prosperity in the future. 

We warmly welcome, congratulate and look forward to receiving the petition to amend the Constitution aforementioned State with sufficient goodwill and sense of responsibility from a highest power organ, an organ of representing the voice of the people before the law. We hope that the leader of the Communist Party and the State government Vietnam during the revision of the Constitution of this really comes from the heart of patriotism, really seriously Ethnic national interest than all the benefits of themselves and their families. We believe that, once the petition to amend the Constitution of this State be adopted, accepted, then the dream of the people to live in a fair society, civilization, and prosperity with full meet the basic human rights will no longer be something far from reality. 

The only thing real people of the country feel that's the thing about a clear and practical in the petition to amend the Constitution. It is truly meet expectations aspirations of the people of Vietnam to ensure the full rights and obligations that people automatically be inherited as well as clear all the responsibilities and obligations of the State , government to the people. Besides, the thing about the petition to amend the Constitution this State recognizes the right to political participation and management of the State. People will direct rejection of the official government leaders, who really do not have a conscience and moral responsibility to the people, the nation. Therefore, we can be assured and confident that, with the Constitution of the said amendment, the country of Vietnam, the Vietnamese people will be really happy and deserve to become the focal point for the people and the government of other countries to follow. 



Granted the petition to amend the Constitution 

Ông Nguyễn Đình Lộc và Chu Hảo tại cuộc gặp
Petition was presented to representatives of the National Assembly 

One group, Graduate intellectuals just awarded propose amendment of the 1992 Constitution to Congress, including proposals out Article 4 of leadership of the Communist Party.

They also initiated a new draft Constitution, which establishes the model republic with the head of the President.

The Graduate Group of 15 have to Places to get people's opinions on amending the Constitution to the Office of the National Assembly, Hanoi, to give recommendations on the morning of Monday 4/2.

Protagonist is Mr. Nguyen Dinh Loc, former Minister of Justice, and a member of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution of Vietnam 1992.

Recommendations, there have been thousands of signatures, was presented to representatives of the National Assembly's Legal Committee, in his air Loc description is 'democratic pretty'.

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Vietnamese political 

National Assembly of Vietnam is to get people's opinions about Constitution amendment from now to the end of the March.

In a conversation that lasted about half an hour with representatives of the National Assembly, the degree intellectuals stated the view that the contribution process to amend the Constitution must be a democratic process, with the participation of all segments of class people.


They also proposed to extend the comment to the end of the year.

Nguyen Dinh Loc, who served as Chief Editor of the 1992 Constitution, admitted 92 Constitution based on the Soviet model, with many categories of "inappropriate".

But he also said that to apply the Constitution in 1946, which many Vietnamese people that fit all, also need to consider the "circumstances were different then."

"Now the situation is different, international relations have changed. Himself Ho Chi Minh, the amendment of the Constitution in 1959 admitted to the Constitution 46 has completed the task of history and no longer relevant. "

Recommendations by the degree intellectuals initiated consists of 7 main points, which emphasizes the removal of Article 4 of the Constitution, which highlights one way the leadership role of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

They believe that people should be free elections, democracy, periodically to choose leaders of the State and society.

"A political party actually means, for the benefit of the people will not fear of failure in such elections."

The petition clearly written: "The ruling party to accept political competition is in line with the historical trend, the conditions for the development of the country, to meet the demands of the people, including party members truthfulness of the Communist Party of Vietnam in the current context of the country. "

Only to collect opinions, according to the written recommendations, the Vietnamese Communist Party can "regain confidence would have been in force people to actually become political leaders are socially acceptable" .


Following the first petition, the other six recommendations on human rights; land ownership; organized State; armed forces; referendum for the Constitution and term feedback Amendment measures.

According to the former minister Nguyen Dinh Loc, who propose social initiatives republican model, with the head of state is the President.

However, Mr Loc admit new constitutional amendment process is the first step.

"What is new not everyone receiving an easy way to know the wait."

"Where amend to wait to know, because people need, but there are people that do not need much."

There are over 2,500 people have signed the petition has been transferred to the National Assembly.

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