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Police officers of Khanh Hoa prison "beat fatal"


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The Vietnam police officers frequently abuse the right to use force indiscriminately, not fair to the people, for the accused, the accused is in custody time to investigate at the police station , for offenders who are serving a sentence in prisons, labor camps or for the inmates are being renovated in the dignity rehabilitation center, rehabilitation center caused many tragic death, unjustly for the people it was time to alarm. In Vietnam, people's lives are often considered as like as animals. Whether happy or sad, just someone who displease them, these powerful employees is ready to punish them mercilessly and then if the beaten, tortured acts above lead the deaths to people, they immediately find every way to escape sin.

According to statistics from the International Human Rights organization, then over the years, dozens of people were Vietnamese police officers beating, brutally tortured while in custody for investigation at police stations , at the prison led to many tragic death and unjustly by the authorities but then sought to conceal, cover up the incident by the treacherous slander, by false reports to mislead the media and abroad. Most police reports from Vietnam that the deaths had the same observations and come to the conclusion that: They died because of the fear of the punish by law should suicide. In addition to being beaten, tortured and beaten to death and dignity of people were often insulted and trampled in a serious way by communist government.

Despite the attention from the International Human Rights Organizations and many other countries in the world but the abuse of power and using force indiscriminately and excessively above from police officers Vietnam says is no release on the contrary they increased significantly enough to require the alarm. Why and how to no longer occur and the tragic death unjustly for? one thing is understandable because most police officers are above violations are not punishable by law. Or if there is also handled on trial for a form or too light levels. Usually only a form of internal processing as a warning, do the review, the lower level, lower wages and, if serious consequences as deadly but can not cover each other in the end only as demotion, dismissal or expulsion from the police. Very rarely, the police officers were sentenced to prison for their violations, or been convicted so light does not match the sin that they have caused to people. That is the cause of the dignity and lives of people in Vietnam continue to be trampled and underestimated.


Arrest camp officials 'Beat fatal'

Update: 14:14 GMT - Monday, 30 June 4, 2012

Phạm nhân trong trại giam (ảnh chỉ có tính minh họa)

There have been warning about the abuse of
 force while in prison

Reports say a camp staff at Khanh Hoa was arrested for investigating death of suspected offenders review, thousands of prisoners 'mutiny'.
Reports in the country said Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, camp officials A2 (Dien Khanh, Khanh Hoa) has been started to investigate the behavior of "beat prisoner by rubber batons" makes one person died.

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Nguyen Chi Dung prisoner (some newspapers said name is Duong Chi Dung), 35, beaten to death on Saturday morning 28/4 has prevented about 2,000 prisoners in the camp A2 'mutiny', to dismiss the camp staffs and collect inside.

The Tuoi tre newspaper said Lieutenant General Cao Ngoc Oanh, General Director of General Department of Police enforcement and criminal legal assistance - managing agency of the Ministry of Public Security detention camp, had to take place to talk and persuade inmates.

Mr. Oanh for newspapers to know the case stems from the death of prisoner capacity. "When the doctors make the dossiers, procedures and treatment for offenders failing to abide by the Dung asked the camp staff. Prison officer Nguyen Van Khoa had committed acts of hit Dung by a rubber batons" .

According to General Oanh, agency investigators determined he was beaten three times should have died.

The offenders have barracked, agitated, and hold out inside more than one day then approved people come in for carrying Mr. Dung body out.

This is one of the rare case have problem for such crowded people in jail in Vietnam.

Using a rubber batons causing the deaths of prisoners already happened in Vietnam.
Last year, four management officers of Dac Trung camp at Dac lak, be prosecuted for beating death of prisoners' behavior for using and hidden mobile".

The international human rights organizations have also warned about the status of civil authority abuse in these places as detention, reeducation camps and in rehabilitation center in Vietnam

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  1. According to General Oanh, agency investigators determined he was beaten three times should have died.
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