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Global Internet Freedom, part of freedom of expression


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Internet freedom is an inalienable part of freedom of speech and expression have been defined and protected by public law and international law in all countries around the world including Vietnam Male participation in international conventions on human rights, civil and political rights as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations. Vietnam's communist government in recent years has many merits serious human rights abuses. Especially strong suppression of freedom of speech, including expression of disagreement on the Internet. Authorities have increased controls and tighten all related to freedom of expression critical to the government on personal websites, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and many sites .... information networks and global media such as newspapers and Radio RFA, VOA, BBC and many other overseas newspapers were absolutely prevented from allowing people to access.

Besides, Vietnam's communist government also increased the campaign of harassment, harassment and threats to the internet users that follow government they are detrimental to the regime and the government even though they are duly executed and legally right to freedom of expression which is their legal that has been assigned and protected by constitutional of government and the international law provisions. According to statistics in the past year, dozens of bloggers, journalists, writers have been Vietnam's communist government arrested only for writing their expression peacefully. Organization Freedom House, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and many international human rights organizations and others have listed Vietnam into the country absolutely no freedom of the press, no freedom of speech and an enemy of the Internet .....

Day 06 month 04 in 2012, in a seminar on management and Internet use in Vietnam, Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam has submitted a new draft on the management of Internet services and content information network. According to Article 5 of the decree stipulated that all those who use public internet must be under their real names. Besides, Vietnam's communist government also asked the company to provide Internet services abroad and other social networking sites like Facebook, or Google to locate servers and representative offices in Vietnam. This measure is to control, prevent and effectively punish opportunities are those who dare criticize the government comments online, or even express their political opinions peacefully.

The views and support the Global Internet Freedom as before and after of U.S. government that a workshop on Global Internet Freedom Center New American Security in Washington DC held on last 10 May 2012  is the most specific example. In addition, according to Mr. Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary of the United States and many of Representatives and a leading senator said the United States; Freedom represents the views and Internet connection as part of the expression reviews. Also, Internet Freedom was part of the foreign policy of the United States and expand activities to consider promoting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, to enlist the support and support in all aspects including economic development, social stability and political security and defense, the communist government of Vietnam is no other way to choose is must change their views in the observance and full implementation of international commitments on human rights including the right to freedom of speech and political expression of people over the internet or in any form.


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Global Internet Freedom

Quynh Chi, RFA reporter


U.S. confirms free Internet as part of its foreign policy in promoting human rights around the world.

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Free seminar on Internet Security
Centre New United States,
 headquartered in Washington DC
 held on 05/10/2012

At the same time said he would continue to pursue this agenda. That is the main content to be discussed at a seminar on free Internet Center New American Security, based in Washington DC held on May 10 last.

As part of U.S. policy

The seminar entitled "Internet Freedom: A foreign policy imperative in the digital era", with the participation of the Assistant Secretary of democracy and human rights issues and Labor Michael Posner; Senator Chris Coons (Democrat, Delaware); Dan sea Chris Smith (Republican, New Jersey) and some of the characters heads of companies and organizations such as Google, Freedom House and the New American Foundation.

Opening the seminar, Mr. Richard Fontane, senior advisor of the Center for New American Security confirmed that growing techniques to provide additional power for the operation but will also help governments in increased repression with more sophisticated procedures. Present at the meeting, Mr. Michael Posner, U.S. Assistant Secretary for freedom of expression and opinion on Internet connection is part of freedom of expression.

Therefore, calling for Internet freedom is part of the foreign policy of the United States and confirmed free Internet "is an extension of what the United States has done in terms of promoting the Universal Declaration of on Human Rights ".

The first is foreign, while the second is public diplomacy, the third is to keep pouring money into the safety program helps Internet users.

Mr. Michael Posner

Watch free Internet as part of free speech and bring Internet to promote the agenda is one of the new U.S. in recent years as technology development and the growing social networking site popular. In his speech, Senator Chris Coons said that "Countries that limit or control the use of the Internet is denied the fundamental right of people to express their opinions and communicate."

He said the United States strongly condemned the Internet control operations, said the Senate will Ineternet defend freedom around the globe and support of U.S. efforts to promote the show on the network perspective. Ensure freedom to connect Chris Coons said he would be a priority in U.S. foreign policy.

As from 2008, Congress has spent more than $ 70 million to support programs that promote global Internet freedom because Chris Coons said, "Freedom of the internet, is the free exchange of thoughts, the and freedom of organization for the purpose of political, social, education and religion. This freedom should not be limited in the United States or any country. "

Mr. Michael Posner
 at the conference.
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In February last year, her Secretary of State Hilary Cliton have free speech on the Internet and that the U.S. government will spend an extra $ 25 million to support programs and other characters dissidents to against Internet censorship. Up until now, Ms. Hilary Clinton made three speeches on Internet freedom, indicating a consistent policy of the United States in bringing the Internet into foreign policy.

Michael Posner said he has three things will be done in future to promote freedom of the network: "The first is foreign, while the second is public diplomacy, the third is to keep pouring money into programs Internet help and safety for users. " In particular, the Assistant Secretary for foreign affairs that governments must be coordinated implementation. And that is the government view of Internet freedom is part of a program to promote human rights.

December last year, the United States with the Netherlands held a discussion with other countries to establish a national group that support for Internet freedom. Already there are 17 countries participating in this block with the mission is to promote discussion between government, companies and civic groups to find solutions to deal with Internet censorship.

However, according to Daniel Calingaert, deputy director of programs at Freedom House organization, three of which he presented Michael Posner is not enough to bring Internet freedom as more sophisticated tactics used to control and Internet control.

According to him, "There are two issues raised that I think the U.S. government should consider. The first is the application of the principle of free speech in practice. The second is to prevent U.S. companies export and European techniques that other countries can be used to perform suppression. "

According to Daniel, to make people understand clearly and specifically what the Internet is free in fact and include specific points.

Internet Freedom in Vietnam


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
 at the conference on Internet freedom
 at George Washington University
 Tuesday 15/02/2011.
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In his talk on Internet freedom last year, her Secretary of State Hilary Cliton reaffirmed the U.S. commitment in promoting global Internet freedom mentioned by name as well as some countries restrict Internet in including Vietnam. In discussions on this Internet freedom, Congressman Chris Smith, who often spoke about the situation in Vietnam, reiterated that Vietnam is among the group of countries to control the Internet.

The congressman, along some other congressmen also repeatedly introduced legislation on Internet freedom as they seek to submit the bill, the legislation relating to human rights in Vietnam. However, this bill never passed by the Senate yet. According to Congressman Chris Smith, "these things to make the world activists know that the United States always on their side."

On April 6 last, the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam provides new draft on the management of Internet services and content network information. Accordingly, Article 5 of the draft decree stipulates that the Internet users to disclose their real names. The draft also requires companies to provide Internet services or other foreign social networking sites such as Google or Facebook to have the server and representative offices in Vietnam. This draft was told to replace Decree 97/2008/ND-CP and will be issued in June next.

Immediately after the draft decree has been Reporters Without Borders (based in France) criticism, emphasizing that this is the way to additional tools against those who dissent . The organization also put Vietnam on the list of 10 countries as "Internet Enemies", and lies behind Burma on press freedom.

Internet freedom, the freedom to exchange thoughts, opinions and freedom of organization for the purpose of political, social, education and religion. This freedom should not be limited in the United States or any other country.

Chris Coons

This month, Freedom House organization, based in Washington and the Alliance of Southeast Asian Press-SEAPA (in Bangkok) also produce an annual report on press freedom. In particular, according to the classification of these organizations, Vietnam is one country does not have the freedom of the press.

Answer radio Free Asia, Assistant Secretary Michael Posner said the United States and Vietnam have discussed many issues together which includes issues of Internet freedom. He also said it would continue its work and said the next tour to Vietnam, is expected to take place this week, he will address Internet freedom issues with the government of Vietnam.

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