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Urgent action needed to improve human rights in Vietnam




Human rights violations in Vietnam so long as the event attracted the attention of many democratic countries around the world and from the non-governmental organizations, the international human rights organizations .... In the month 3 past a campaign sign the petition that asking the Washington government has supported and effective measures to remedy and urged Vietnam's communist government to respect human rights and release for Democrats who have been in prison in Vietnam was launched in just over a month has attracted about 150 thousand signatures from all parts of the Vietnamese American community currently living in the United States. The great success unexpected from campaigning for Human Rights said the people that have touched hearts and the attention to Obama administration over the meeting between the Vietnamese community and the diplomat of high levels of American government at the White House in two days 5 and 6 March 2012.

Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy is not only the wishes of more than 80 million people in Vietnam in the country but also the aspirations and concerns of millions of our fellow Vietnam currently live everywhere on world. Not only in the United States, the Vietnamese community currently living in Australia also launched a similar campaign aimed at mobilizing, calling for Congress and the Australian government put pressure on the Hanoi government to quickly improve worst human rights situation in Vietnam today. From this success to the other successful continuation has really burst our Vietnam communities overseas, and create the confidence and hope for the people of Vietnam in the country for a better future.

Previous trends Global Democratization, many countries have made changes and spectacular progress in the struggle for a national transition from dictatorship to a democracy country. Typically, Burma, a country that has many similarities with Vietnam on human rights abuses under the harsh rule of the group junta dictatorship and tyranny. Just like Vietnam, Burma's military government does not allow anyone to criticize the government. All activities to fight for Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights whether in the form of non- violence has been seen as reactionary elements and was punished severely, that the arrest and detention for two decades of the Democratic leaders of Burma's opposition Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi is a example.

However, with faith and strong desire of the Burmese people with the patience and struggle tirelessly for freedom, for democracy and human rights for which an event today, a major change lao unprecedented in the history of Burma is the legitimate aspirations of the people has been met. Burma's military government has agreed to change politics from a totalitarian country has turned into a truly national Democratic and true. Above historical events of Burma again prove to everyone and every nation together leaders in the communist countries, countries governed by authoritarian way, tyranny see the undeniable value of a democracy is, and spiritual strength of people. Vietnam's communist government in recent years has also express support for political change in Burma but whether the party leaders and the communist government of Vietnam have been drawn from experience Burma and apply to their country or not remains a challenge and there is no adequate answer.


Urgent action needed to improve human rights in Vietnam
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   VRNs (08/05/2012) - Hungviet - Today, Senator Ron Boswell, National Party, Queensland, has voiced support for a community petition requires the support of the government in improving human rights dialogue between Australia and Vietnam

Senator Boswell said, "I am happy to petition the Senate to require many more ways to improve the human rights situation in Vietnam".

"I believe this is a very important issue and I fully support"
Petition by the world Phong Nguyen, President Vietnamese Community in Australia organization Liberty, the Senate requested the appointment of senators to participate in the dialogue to be able to look up by Congress.

The petition also asked the Senate rules to improve human rights in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a condition of development aid program for the Australian nation,

How Phong Nguyen said that "by 8 negotiations between Australia and Vietnam from 2002 to now, the human rights situation in Vietnam is still no real progress is also regressive"

"We thank the Australian government about the actions have been implemented. However, there is still much work to do to achieve real results "

"We thank Senator Boswell for his support."

Senator Boswell's support for this petition to the next one of his speeches before the Senate in February, by which he raised concerns about the human rights situation in Vietnam

Senator Boswell said, "The advocates for human rights in Vietnam continues to arrest and detention without trial"

"Viet Khang case, the young musician was arrested because he sent two online music to oppose the government of Vietnam is one of the interesting stories from this country"

Recently, a Vietnamese delegation to fight for Viet Khang was invited to the White House to discuss the human rights situation in Vietnam. The visit on March 5 is the result of a petition calling for action from the U.S. government and has received over 150,000 signatures.

Senator Boswell said, "I praised the Vietnamese community in Australia and around the world about the struggle tirelessly to improve its human rights in Vietnam"

"I expect in Australia petition will also be a warm response and I encourage all Australians to be signed"


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