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Declaration on the coercive Van Giang land clearance by force



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Implications lasted so long due to land coercive policy that wrong enforcement of statutory from authorities at all levels in all three regions from Northern to Southern of Vietnam pushing people to the state of misery, no shelter, no job stability and always live in insecurity, and poor situation. It's in time for domestic and foreign public opinion should be more deeply interested. The government of Vietnam had ever declared as a state ruled by law, government of the people and government for the benefit of people, but now even a police force, the army was armed with powerful weapons, batons, electric batons and tear-gas grenade instead of protect the integrity of national territory against foreign invaders re-pointing the gun toward people to take over their land and property is an act can not be acceptable.

Hai Phong Tien Lang case had a seismic country and implications of wrongdoing from authorities at all levels including government of Hai Phong City and People's Committee of Tien Lang district has not yet been resolved and no where to choose settlement after which governments Van Giang district, Hung Yen continued to follow the wrong track when using thousands of police and gangsters were armed using force attack the farmers who are buckling to protect their property, crops and land that they had to sweat and effort so many new created. Images in the video clip above shows the brutal nature of the police who brought the name of legal representative, to preserve the security and protect the lives and safety of people, but dozens of people using batons to beat straight on the head of a person.

When those people in the name of this legislation realize their crazy action and its brutal so that we no longer see this heartbreaking scenes. Where is justice? Where is the law why allow blood and tears of people have poured an unjust. A government by the people and for the people can not behave like this forever. Ethical, legal and human love are indispensable in the way of governing the country. This is probably the senior leaders of the party and the government understands better than anyone else. We hope that after full honest feedback from all classes of people, governments at all levels will seriously listen and change. If you continue to oppress the people and put them on the road with no escape is in Vietnam, a revolutionary "Arab spring" as happened in some Middle Eastern countries is difficult to avoid.


Declaration on the coercive Van Giang land clearance by force

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     VRNs (05/02/2012) - Boxitvietnam - The forcible clearance of land by force took place in the morning 04/24/2012 Van Giang district, Hung Yen is strong dramatic Vietnam all those who has good sense, sparking fears that never in Vietnam all those who are thinking about fate of country.

Up to now, be able to recognize the painful truths about themselves as well as for Van Giang is dangerous for the country was exposed from this case.

To show the power of government to "assist" a private business project sponsored by the state through laws and provisions under the law has been increasingly public unanimously rejected because the substances unconstitutional, going against the interests of the majority of farmers, an essential component of the Vietnam People's composition was the main force of revolution and war by the Labor Party, Communist Party of Vietnam development and leadership in the past half century, the government has mobilized thousands of police, armed police crackdown powerful protest clearance of hundreds of farmers to protect land absorbed sweat, tears and blood, and save his father's bones from several generations.

The image spread around the world have made all those who have the conscience must be indignant. The armed people burst into the beating that few farmers weak. The cries of the woman is, the throbbing heart of a child. The skeletal of ancestor remains were bulldozers dug turned up on green fields in ruins for minutes left a poignant impression and humiliation. It is God not tolerate, land is not spared.

The exposed image in the eyes of people in the country and the world intransigent confrontation between the apparatus of government repression with a section of farmers, the violence can only apply to the enemies of the People. More dangerous for the country, through Van Giang services can see a team in the name of civil servants, but against people with a fearless mentality, not that shy, do not know the pain that unhappy.

We, the undersigned, request that:

1 / The highest power organ of the Republic of Vietnam socialist official before all the people answered the following questions:

The use of violence to clear land in Van Giang on 04/24/2012 in violation of the provisions of current law of Vietnam in strictly respect the right to pursue happiness of a nation be free live independently in the land by his own blood and bone gain?

The release shocked hearts of tens of millions of people, especially farmers tens of millions, will inevitably cause unpredictable consequences on the political security of the country, to protect the benefits of a group of individual investors, there should be no harm done by a government of the people, by the people, for the people?

The clearance (if any) based on current laws are subject to amendment of the Land Law is coming to the state should do a really good point to a law state ?

The public confrontation between the armed forces dubbed "People's Police" with a community of people against the government not only conflict of interests with an interest group, has seriously undermine the unity of the people nation's most valuable capital is a small and weak countries in the long struggle to reclaim and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity before a big enemy and evil?

2 / The highest organ of power the people who published, the local government unit and central responsibility for policy implementation and enforcement services on release.

3 / Review of the entire project Ecopark to correct inappropriate and illegal status of priority projects in the real interests of the state and farmers whose land is recovered.

4/Ask all levels of government and business Ecopark quickly overcome the consequences of enforcement cases:

. Publicly apologize and pay compensation to people being beaten, abused in enforcement cases.

. Offering mass to make apologies to soul had been digging, dry white bones; apologize to the descendants of the deceased, would restore the graves of their ancestors.

. Compensation of farmers cleared land in the forms of coercion by accepting them.

5 / is strictly forbidden to use force to ensure security of the state to coerce land "support" for the private sector.

6 / Quickly Track Land Law and amend the laws relating to the clearance in the direction of putting the interests of the people whose land and real benefits to the nation's highest, absolutely not for the special group rights laws to steal people's land for cheap.

With dedication to protect the interests of national, ethnic, primarily the interests of working people, with good will to build a real state of law, of the people, by the people, for the people, we emergency appeals for those with the highest responsibility of the State of Vietnam strictly meet the above requirements. With good will to build a true market economy, human health and for Vietnam sustainable development, we urge investors to domestic and international respect for the legitimate interests of people, not conspiring with corruption in the government to seek gains, inhuman, immoral, and it will harm the long-term benefits of the position.

Hanoi, the International Labour 05/01/2012

Bauxite Vietnam

1. Nguyen Hue Chi

2. Pham Toan

3. Prof. Nguyen The Hung, UD

4. The writer Hoang Hung

5. PGSTS Hoang Dung, Pedagogical University of Ho Chi Minh City

6. Dr. Phan Hoang Oanh, Pedagogical University of Ho Chi Minh City

7. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Nguyen

8. Film director, freelance journalist Song Chi, the city Kristiansand, Norway.

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  1. If you continue to oppress the people and put them on the road with no escape is in Vietnam
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