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Protested letter protest the detention and trial of four young Catholic Diocese of Vinh, Nghe An. Group of Father Nguyen Kim Dien 21-05-2012


            THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Dear fellow brothers and sisters of Vietnam and the Catholic faithful. Please help spread. We sincerely thank you.
Group Rev. Nguyen Kim Dien, VN.

 Protested letter protest the detention and trial of four young Catholic Diocese of Vinh, Nghe An.
 Group of Father Nguyen Kim Dien



- Our fellow Vietnam and abroad.

- Our brothers and sisters sincere goodwill.

- Our Relatives four young family coming on trial

            As news of the international media and domestic, on next 24-05-2012, the Catholic students, members of the Diocese of Vinh and members of the Communications Team (The) Christ is Anthony Van Duong Beans , Peter Tran Huu Duc, Anthony Chu Manh Son (arrested from May 8-2011) and Jean Baptiste Hoang Phong (arrested from May 12-2011) will be pulled up to Communist court in Nghe An province, on charges of alleged "propaganda against the state" under Article 88 of the Criminal Law Communism, and faced with the sentence from 3 to 15 years.

            Before the event, with numerous individual unions of Catholics or non-Catholic, domestic and overseas, has been in communion with the defendants by prayer, speaking, advocacy, group support ... Father Nguyen Kim Dien us:

            1 - condemn the police arrested the suspects a mysterious way, type of kidnap, even deprived of property and not notify family members, completely at variance with the provisions of the Law on Organization Criminal Procedure (Articles 80, 84, 85), of the Constitution (Article 71) and of the International Declaration on Civil and Political Rights (Article 9).

            2 - condemn the police and procuracy, in the process of detention, the accused has not been linked to a lawyer (Article 59 of the Law TTHS) and with family (D. 89 TTHS Law). Even closer to trial, the indictment is not given to family and lawyers (read only at the Procuracy), nor send notice and relatives invited to attend the hearing. (The tinVRNs on 18-05-2012).

            3 - condemn the police attributed them to violate Article 88 of the Penal Code without evidence collected only through the testimony recorded in the detention center. (News VRNs dated 18-05-2012). This evidence can not be charged in court. Also, whether the youth has admitted to "leaflets demanding multi-party pluralism, against the ways of the Communist Party of Vietnam and denied National Assembly elections XIII" (according to lawyers Le Dang Tung told the BBC on 18-05-2012), it can not be considered crimes under Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Vietnam has applied to participate on 24-9 - in 1982. Because pluralistic multi-party political regime is civilized progress; the Communist party line is the source of how painful crisis, disastrous for the country and nation; the National Assembly elections only the trick is "People vote the party."

            4 - Powerful statement that the students are going to court (along with 13 youth remaining in detention) are good citizens, who participate in social activities (protection of life and care the orphan), participated in patriotic activities (anti-Chinese demonstrations months 6-8/2011, blogging the views expressed democracy). They also are fervent Catholics, that faith with courage and honesty.

            5 - Powerful statement that this court case and an act of repression of the Communist government of Vietnam for the Diocese of Vinh is the Catholic community has traditionally indomitable, courageous individual religious freedom teachers, as well as for Vietnam Redemptorist religious community is a straightforward way of cheering for the values ​​of human rights and democracy.

            6 - Earnestly call all fellow Vietnam, all the Christians in Vietnam, all governments and the international human rights agencies continue to demand freedom and justice for students about to be taken to court and for 13 young students remaining (in which a layman at Thanh Hoa and a Protestant). We can not let the party and the Communist government of Vietnam continues to scorn human rights abuses to justice, oppress the people, contempt for public opinion.

            May God is the Master of history and the Supreme Judge grace of conversion for those who are violating human rights and gives grace to those who help promote human rights in Vietnam.

            Making in Vietnam on May 21, 2012 05

            Representatives from Father Nguyen Kim Dien

- Father Stephen Chan Tin, Redemptorists in Saigon

- Father Pierre Nguyen Huu Giai, the Archdiocese of Hue.

- Father Peter Phan Van Loi, Bac Ninh diocese

            with the communion of Father Nguyen Van Ly Tadeo, imprisoned in South Vietnam.

Rev. Nguyen Kim Dien Group,protested letter protest detention and trial of four diocesan student Vinh (21-05-2012). Doc
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