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SEAPA accused Vietnam stepped up its harassment of journalists and bloggers


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After the announcement of annual report on the Worldwide Press Freedom 2012 Freedom House Organization in the United States, in which Vietnam was ranked near the bottom rank of the country table is absolutely no Press freedom even with other countries such as China, North Korea, Burma, Laos and Cambodia .. v .. v ... Recently, Vietnam has continued to receive a report more about the situation of Freedom Newspaper in the past year from Union Organization Press Southeast Asia. According to this, the government of Vietnam is one of the countries which control media world's most rigorous. According received also from the Non-government Organizations and international human rights organizations, the communist government of Vietnam over the years especially during 2011 has applied heavy sanctions for with reporters, journalists dared to protest against censorship by the state.

In addition to the severe sanctions, including measures such as harassment, arrests, beatings and imprisonment, even their loved ones and always have been implicated in a disturbed mental state. In addition to the government of Vietnam has always exhorted cheer Freedom of the Press, and always they are a good country, good government, always interested in people's interests and respect for all freedoms the human. But in fact, Vietnam's communist government to behave contrary to what they say. We may be not forget the terrible events of corruption of Mr. Le đuc Thuy former Governor of State Bank of Vietnam in Polymer print money with the help of a military intelligence officer Colonel Luong Duc Anh. Also because confidence in the exhortations from the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung that journalists must take the lead in fighting corruption after which two journalists of Thanh Nien and Tuoi Tre is Nguyen Viet  Chien and Nguyen Van Hai were detained unfairly.

Now, not only the people of Vietnam in country and abroad have extensive knowledge on the so-called respect for human rights from statements by the party leaders and the communist government of Vietnam that the regional countries as well as International communities are also correct and clear understanding of what has been happening in Vietnam and the annual reports are published from international organizations such as Freedom House Organization and The Federation of Newspaper Southeast Asian Journal recently that the specific evidence and most eloquent. Vietnam as a member of the United Nations and also the country had participated in and signed the Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on Civil and Political Rights by the United Nations is not can continue with human rights violations. It is time for the Human Rights Organizations, the regional countries and national democracy in the world should have the measures, the specific action, practical and more powerful to force the authorities to Hanoi respect and implement fully their international commitments on human rights.


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 Friday, May 4, 2012

SEAPA accused Vietnam stepped up its harassment of journalists and bloggers

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Figure: Songrit Pongern

The report of the Press Union of Southeast Asia (SEAPA) on the situation of press freedom last year in Southeast Asia announced on 3/5 says that Vietnam is one of the national media intense control in the world.

As reported by non-governmental organizations, non-profit, professional campaign for press freedom in Southeast Asia, during 2011, the government of Vietnam has adopted the heavy-handed sanctions for journalists who resisted the government censors, nor tolerate free speech criticizing the state or through the media, especially the criticism of one-party rule or condition involved corruption of senior officials.

She Kulachada Chaitipat, field officer of the organization SEAPA campaign, told VOA Vietnamese Language:

"Freedom of expression and press freedom in Vietnam in the past year no improvements on the contrary growing worse, as shown by the record number of bloggers, journalists, and activists human rights was arrested and prosecuted under the laws of national security. We believe that one of the problems to be solved to improve the situation is to review Vietnam's laws to protect freedom of expression and speech of its citizens. "

Still according to the report of SEAPA, though open to foreign investment and national economic integration with the world economy, world communism in Vietnam, authorities remain concerned about the effects, ideas from the West , especially as the democratic movement from Spring revolution in the Arab Middle East in 2011. That is why Hanoi has taken measures to tighten control of the internet, in this number of attacks by hackers on the website critical to the government, according to records of the Press Union of Southeast Asia .

SEAPA statistics over the past year, have at least 22 bloggers, journalists and media workers jailed in Vietnam.

Protection of human rights organizations in South East Asia based in Bangkok predicts Vietnam will continue to strengthen the freedom of internet repression of the people because the online forum is to expose what the press mainstream of the state not mentioned.

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