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Anniversary Vietnam Human Rights Day at the 18th in U.S. Congress


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Human Rights Day celebrations for the 18th Vietnam this year at a time when human rights situation in Vietnam the worst in the history of human rights. Shortly after the outbreak of the revolution "Arab Spring" in some countries in the Middle East and North Africa uprising by the people for freedom and democracy from the hands of brutal dictatorship inhumane. Before the evolution of that history, and fearing that influence spread wide revolution from above may form a revolution named "Jasmine" similar outbreak in Vietnam, communist government of Vietnam has increased the fierce persecution against any dissent in the country even as they struggle with the method of nonviolence and peace.

Dozens of bloggers, journalists, writers and activists of the young Catholic Redemptorists, Vinh diocese had been severely harassed and then arrested and imprisoned, but not conducted according to the order of legislation. Some of Catholic activists had been kidnapped a mysterious way by VN authorities. Many religious activities have been government control, restrictions and encumbrances. Series of the use of thugs to attack the priest, monk rudely and in parishes such as Thai Ha parish in Hanoi, My Loc parish, My Du of the Diocese of Vinh and serious especially is mine attack on the Con Cuong missionary Diocese of Vinh. The most shameful part of the function of a head of communist state, prime minister Pham Van Dong  in 1958 has quietly donated Paracel Islands of Vietnam to communist China.

The second insult instead unite against the aggressor, the Hanoi government turned to suppress people who took to the streets to express patriotism against the invasion of enemy islands spread Chinese. The third shameful  and heartbreaking is government forces using large up to thousands of people including police and military armament, guns, batons, electric batons and dogs attack people with purpose seize their homes, land and property rudely and immoral. Wails of the people fly up to the sky.  Land assets and even their lives threatened. The communist government of Vietnam is also a people's government again? and the regime will remain for how long is quite depends on the views and actions of party leaders and government who will accept to follow the path of Freedom and Democracy as Burma countries and are doing or not.


 Thursday, May 10, 2012
Anniversary Vietnam Human Rights Day at the 18th in U.S. Congress
Tra Mi - VOA

Dân biểu Jim Moran phát biểu tại Ngày Nhân quyền cho Việt Nam, 10/5/2012

Photo: VOA - Ha Vu
Congressman Jim Moran spoke at the Vietnam
Human Rights Day, 10/05/2012

The ceremony was held at the U.S. Capitol from 10:30 am to 2 pm on 10/5 (Washington, DC time) call the attention of international public opinion on the situation of human rights is to grant in Vietnam, and marked 18 years on General SJ-168 Resolution of Congress and Public Law No. 103-258 of former President Bill Clinton in 1994 appointed May 11 as the annual Human Rights Day Vietnam.

Representatives of the organizing committee, Dr. Nguyen Quoc Quan, Vietnamese Language for the VOA said:

"The main problem this year we emphasized that the human rights situation in Vietnam has not improved but worse. We demand the U.S. government to develop relations not to sacrifice human rights in Vietnam and demanded release of all political prisoners is ignored by Vietnam's communist detained an illegal way. Third, we mobilize international opinion. The congressmen, U.S. senators, the U.S. State Department, and other international human rights organizations were present at the ceremony for Human Rights Today, we take advantage of this opportunity to mobilize public support for the fighting for human rights in Vietnam. "

Speakers and audience at the ceremony celebrating Human Rights in Vietnam, including representatives of associations, organizations of Vietnamese in America, executive-legislative world the United States, representatives of international human rights organizations, communities you represent, and represent some of the media.

A speaker among U.S. law enforcement said Daniel Baer, ​​Deputy Assistant Secretary in charge of democracy, human rights, and labor. Mr. Baer said:

"The embassy and U.S. consulate in Vietnam will continue to note the human rights situation in Vietnam and find every opportunity to cooperate with human rights activist in the Vietnamese American community to bring progress on human rights and reform for the people of Vietnam. Came together, I believe we can change the human rights situation in Vietnam. "

Among the speakers spoke of the U.S. legislative branch at the ceremony, the presentation of Ms. Loretta Sanchez, one of the U.S. congressmen are interested in human rights situation in Vietnam, is encouraging audience warm. Ms. Sanchez said:

"It is shameful to see Vietnamese who was imprisoned because of vague laws on national security, such as Article 79 or 88. That's why I think Congress should have a resolution for Hanoi to see that they need to remove the statute from the Constitution because the people of Vietnam need to be said and should have the freedoms Rights. "

Ms. Sanchez also called on the Vietnamese American voters mobilize their elected representatives to push for legislation on human rights through Vietnam.

As expected, after the ceremony, right on Human Rights in Vietnam 11/5 will be the campaign for human rights in Vietnam in the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, and at the State Department.


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