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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 147 (15-05-2012)


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Dear You, Our Supporters, Our Readers
- Semi-monthly magazine Free Speech No. 147, issued on 15-05-2012,
- Declaration of the Group of Father Nguyen Kim Dien on subject: farmers deprived of land privatization
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the country for dear compatriots.
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  Declaration on the issue of farmers deprived of land privatization in Vietnam
 Group of Father Nguyen Kim Dien



- Our domestic and overseas compatriots.
- Our farmers in Vietnam.
- Our brothers and sisters-Vietnamese Catholics.
            Cc posts
- You and Your democratic government human rights organizations.
- Your sincere goodwill in the world.
            Summer of 2011 in Vietnam was heating up with the protests of patriotic citizens to protest against foreign oppression fishermen and invaded our territorial waters. The hot summer of 2012 with the protests of the farmers to resist land expropriation Rivals in, rob all living next to their end. The shock of this event forces us to look at the ownership issues of land and the peasantry status in modern Vietnam.
            I-As the person assigned to the mission statement of fact, reason and advocate for love, Father Nguyen Kim Dien group we concluded that:

            1 - fellow farmers are an essential component of the country (70 to 80% of the population). In the past, from the sale of the century, the Communist Party to hear the words "the revolutionaries to farmers having land", most of them have voluntarily contribute efforts and sacrifices in the hope. However, when the party held by the government, farmers have been badly betrayed by the Land Reform covered in blood and tears, which has killed tens of thousands of skilled farmers, and through the cooperation of the capital of Agriculture only bring poverty for farmers and making them more dependent state.

            2 - When the government-in 1992 (as of 17-18) and the Land Law 1993 (Article 1) - arbitrary claim "Land is the property of the people, by the uniform State management", then to the Land Law 2003 (Article 1), the blatantly declared, "State ownership represents all the people on land," the entire population in general and farmers in particular to have received a death sentence, that is totally deprived of basic human rights is a world civilization recognized private ownership of land where they live and practice. Through wild and advocated this scam, the Vietnam Communist leaders want to take all the country's resources into the hands of party control surface for easy people and strengthen their own power.

            3 - Since then, based on Article 27 of the 1993 Land Law stipulates: "Where necessary, the State recovers land being used by land users to use for purposes of national defense and security interests national public interest ... ", is based on Article 39 of the 2003 Land Law, the definition of" national interest "mainly" project investment needs in accordance with land use planning , land-use planning agencies competent to approve, "the central government or local many times collusion with the" interest groups "(companies, giants, green capitalism, red capitalism ...) ambiguity "national interest" with "extended benefits" to drive millions of farmers off the farm where they from the life, virtually divided subdivision trade with each other, speculative real estate, selling or for companies hiring firms, construction works only business nature of self-interest (the Thu Thiem urban area, My Phuoc in the South and Le Trong Tan, Ecopark in the north are the examples) ...

            4 - Acts that ward off and deprivation made countless terrible injustice heaven: a cheap-no compensation at market prices or negotiated prices, making farmers can not rebuild their homes and re- previous occupation or move to new occupations, into a zombie; b-made land promised by false labor, administrative violence (threatened expulsion, dismissal, no confirmation from ...), with both weapons of violence (using police, army, civil defense, thugs attack civilians, plowed under crops, scoured graves, prohibit shooting, assaulting journalists, arrested those who resisted torture ...) c-"clearance" completed the ruling apparatus (Communist Party, government, courts, police, front) using the example game, slander or treatment and the media fill tool re im cover or licking silent. Typically, the sky is the case and seal (Da Nang), Dak Ngo (Dak Nong), Tien Lang (Haiphong), Van Giang (Hung Yen), Ban (Nam Dinh) ...

            5 - Before the policy arbitrarily deprived of livelihoods of the civilian population, before the concept regarded the people as servants, then you customize our boss, to see people's attitude as an enemy to destroy if you dare to suppress object as seen above, thousands of thousands of farmers have got up in time to protect the rights and dignity of life. Though sometimes, and sometimes where they had more or less violent behavior, but it is completely natural response and legitimacy of who were herded into a dead end by robbers impersonate "the government of the people, by and for the people ". Because even the right to use, farmers always stick with their land is under cultivation, the land because he did not have to have been delivered to them from public funds as the official groundbreaking privileged, but they had bought with money, had to sweat to create by tears, or have been inherited from the merits of their ancestors.

            II-With his remarks, we stated:

            1 - Communist Party Politburo of Vietnam and the local authorities as at Dak Nong + Dak Ngo, Da Nang + Con Dau, Hai Phong + Tien Lang district, Hung Yen + Van Giang, Nam Dinh + Vu Ban, Ha Dong + Duong Noi (and many others too numerous to all) have strongly condemned the party advocated land expropriation, because the act deprived of a livelihood and suppress the farmers themselves, because the book and security forces to use force civilians, because the policy lies and deceives the people by the public opinion of his mouth or by staging communication tool.

            2 - National Assembly of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, during the constitutional amendment is carried, to remove articles 17 and 18 as well as radically revised Land Law 2003, to all the people returned to private ownership of land which are ancient, so that people actually owned and the land on which their whole lives and career, especially because of turmoil and social conflicts will risk going to happen when the 20-year lease term shrines that the 1993 Land Law was arbitrarily imposed.

            3 - The Socialist Republic of Vietnam to release immediately and unconditionally to the petitioners claim has been jailed for life on land, farms for protecting their homes, such as 7 petitioners at Ben Tre were executed dated 30-5-2011, 11 petitioners at Luc Ngan, Bac Giang were executed on 08-03-2012, 4 family members said Doan Van Vuong at Tien Lang in prison on 05-01-2012 and awaiting trial because of being falsely accused of "murder and against the duty", as the farmers in Vu Ban, Van Giang are being detained.

            4 - The Socialist Republic of Vietnam to stop harassing life, restrictions on practice or return to the freedom of each citizen to defend as journalists, petitioners Le Thanh Tung, Ta Phong Tan ... the lawyer Le Tran Law, Le Thi Cong Nhan Huynh Van Dong, Cu Huy Ha Vu ..., to stop disrupting the work of religious activists who has protected individuals, communities or the loss of land and houses.

            5 - Procuracy, State Inspectorate, the Fatherland Front, Vietnam Farmers Association, the local court to re-review and reasonable settlement of the complaint status of millions of landless farmers lost three regions housing land, farmers, urban population and to lay their lines. Do not kick up and back, push up push down, making people's lives miserable, miserable, desperate.

            6 - police, military and support forces, capital and people that feed the people, to stop become the blind violence tool for the blind "giants", the "interest groups", the "red capitalists" to oppress and deprive the people. At first, must make an apology and compensation for victims of oppression they have in the coercion land cases.

            7 - please fellow peasants unite together widely and tightly, with the support of all classes of people (the religious leaders, intellectuals of patriots, media professionals, the generous benefactor ...) to make a large force down the street or down the right to claim ownership of the land or to protect the livelihoods necessary and justified in the spirit of nonviolence.

            8 - The five European governments and international organizations, please always add the right conditions for private ownership of land, rights of people living in projects in Vietnam in aid economic development, from construction of infrastructure to develop the areas of welfare, cultural buildings, factories and enterprises.

            9 - The individuals and groups inside and outside the country, the Vietnamese and foreigners, please boycott simultaneous projects or urban luxury high-end resort built on injustice and violence types Player Thiem (Saigon), Hoa Xuan (Con Dau) or Ecopark (Van Giang) ...

            On this occasion, Father Nguyen Kim Dien group we welcome online Bauxite intellectuals in Vietnam has mobilized thousands of people protested the forcible clearance of Van Giang land by force. We also welcome and support people of Van Giang has tried to recapture their land from the hand of the robbers.

            Finally, we pray God to all the people of Vietnam, especially the farmers, soon be returned to private ownership of land is one of the conditions making for dignity and human freedom, as should be justice and peace to society, to create development and prosperity for the country, through extensive efforts to unite the struggle and perseverance of the citizens through Vietnam and Vietnamese origin for all human rights and human rights the other in Vietnam.

            Declaration in Vietnam on May 15, 2012 05
            Representatives from Father Nguyen Kim Dien
- Father Stephen Chan Tin, Redemptorists in Saigon
- Father Pierre Nguyen Huu Giai, the Archdiocese of Hue.
- Father Peter Phan Van Loi, Bac Ninh diocese
            with the communion of Father Nguyen Van Ly Tadeo, imprisoned in Nam Ha.

Continue to bully, gagged, pickpockets, tighten stomach of people!
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 147 (15-05-2012)

            Burdened by a past full of crimes against the people and country, were misleading because of mistakes by fanaticism into a doctrine that all mankind has spit, been weakened because of economic failure , financial, cultural, both because cowardice before the communist China and now because of the opposition of all classes of people, the communist regime in Vietnam is seen approaching its demise. Driven by survival instincts, but not wise to pay all right for people following the example of Burma, whereas it is still blind in the brain as they read the Communist state property, cheating and violence, Ba Dinh- Hanoi Group continues to bully, gagged, pickpocket and tighten the stomach of people.

            1 - To bully: It is thought the party will take advantage of the opportunity to amend the Constitution to make a breakthrough regarding Article 4 and about three powers, as the people and public figures who have long demanded. But the 5th Party Central Committee conference just opening on May 7th to discuss important topics, including the amendment of the Constitution-has made everyone frustrated. From the beginning, Communist General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong  has directed the central commissary is just edit and add to the constitution in 1992 "but the real issue is necessary, the reality proved to be true". But the real issue is necessary, be the first real evidence of this right, the head of his bigotry, is still "have further confirmed the nature of political institutions," he explains that Vietnam was " state socialist rule of law by the people, by the people and for the people "and that" the people to exercise state power under the leadership of the Party ", then it is still" state power is through best "and" there will be no separation of powers "that only" coordination assignment. "

            "The reality proved to be true" means the division of powers structure weird was a party long dominated no rival, has helped the country's political governance as an autocratic tyrant collective, has helped the Central Committee members (who headed the ministries, provinces, the vital organ) acting as local lords, the son of God who storming comfortably in the area that they managed. Members that do not use the stupid Congress consolidation servitors again to the throne of the Politburo? Separation of powers to Parliament to make laws according to people? to the trial court must follow the law of justice? for the government to serve the people as public servants? to all police and military not continue to be "shield and sword to protect the party and the regime?

            2 - Covered Mouth: The party was determined to stand up to the first people to squat on the law, but bad for the party is the information technology of modern times who had broken wall pieces hushed up by the party long time. "Listen to the party, said the station", "the party is the standard of justice and truth" has become a spectacle to the people from the people's computers, a global network, a mobile phone. .. Mistakes are increasingly exposed, increasing the party's crimes were denounced, the sages and heroes of the party to expose increasingly displaying all the ignoble, are fake, part time, disabled evil, but most notably in Ho Chi Minh City (Two former senior party members are Huynh Nhat Hai and Huynh Nhat Tan have recently confirmed this). Even so, the party still does not disappoint, still seeks to control all information screening, have driven guide said. Therefore, the Information and Communications is trying to build a new regulation to enhance the management damaged the use and exploitation of the Internet, which is expected to capture the user to disclose personal information, as well as require the foreign service provider to share customer information with management department of the State, of the party. These are two of the last point of a draft entitled "Decree on management, provision and use of internet services and information content on the network" Four T being the editor, to replace Decree 97 -CP has been issued since 2008. Specifically, the bloggers will be required to register under real names and real addresses. The site contains blogs that are forced to report any activity "illegal" does. The internet foreign corporations, led by Facebook and Google, to cooperate with the authorities in Hanoi. Besides, the party continued deterrence role by suppressing the court sentenced blogger as stubbornly Club group Free Journalists, games silence witnesses and victims as in his hearing appeals Trinh Xuan Tung (suspense), as the lawless measures for farmers were arrested after raids in Van Giang, Hung Yen.

            3 -Pickpockets : Because of poor talent, thwarted by conscience, by greed, Communist Group leaders have put the country into economic crisis and severe financial. The modern corporation, the corporation had been flattering-as-steel punch has really hit his fists to break the national treasury, social reserve, causing massive debt. Into the pocket to find ways, to suit people's pockets to cover losses. And that is why the introduction of Decree No. 95/2011/ND-CP dated 20-10-2011 regarding the dollar and Decree No. 24/2012/ND-CP dated 03-04-2012 related to gold. Decree 95/2001 has the terrible sanctions, an increase of "breach" many times, there are penalties when the draft at 45 million but when issuing official has jumped to 500 million, with the command Prohibitions: USD traded freely with arrest and seizure. Also, according to a reliable sources, since the beginning of last year to now, the government has printed over 120 trillion VND. But in so much money out why did not cause more inflation, did not see it in the circulation of currency? Was because it was dedicated to the world for up to 6 billion dollars of the people in the bank. This means that capital money of the people by the State Bank has been holding "VND assimilate" in monetary Ho, Vietnamese money. State in Vietnam and pump money into the banking system's capital to cash a population under a closed cycle. Bottom line is that people have no dollars and have only Ho money! Unfortunately when happen political upheaval that money will become the tangle of waste paper. People said this trick that the Governor Nguyen Van Binh Bank and Finance Minister Vuong Dinh Hue which only talent lies in the economic use of financial tools to steal people's money.

            Gold is too. Since the transition to a market economy open to foreign investment, invite people sent to state banks, mostly state-owned banks, savings in dollars and gold, with high interest rates, with the promise to send What this retrieve. Recently, allegations against inflation, the government "management" of gold, ban private production and trading of gold, only state agencies and the state bank. Then in the name of national sovereignty, this payment to ban people, dealing with each other in gold (up to 25-05 days after). Gold to sell state companies, and gold losses sent the state bank may return the gold paper (certificate) when to get back! Not smart will come someday, hiding gold, the party claims are illegal and coercive force can be in every home, "and dug out the floor" to find the exhibit

            One should also add a new pocket manner, that is the planet's most monstrous law and unprecedented in history sanctioned for home use in case of wrong purposes! That is used as a place of business houses. And this will be fine from 20 to 30 million. If you want to avoid fines or garage sale shall be common expenses in full to the state officials and local police. This regulation is issued by the Ministry of Construction, where son of the Prime Minister Dung, Nguyen Thanh Nghi is deputy minister . This law is unconstitutional and inhuman, in addition to thrust deep into pockets clean their homes and incomes of people hooked, and wanted to create a psychology which also violates the law, that people always bring guilt and mood of fear mode.

            4 - Tighten stomach: Thanks bizarre legal principles: the state owns all representative land communist decades were wiped unchained millions of acres of farmland "security spinach fields" through all policy called "building eco-tourism, eco-urban zones, industrial zones and export processing zones, high-end recreational golf course, casino" .... The construction was done with the blatantly recovery, compensation cheap, brutal coercion, which typically last one is at Dak Ngo (Dak Nong), Van Giang (Hung Yen), Duong Noi ( Ha Dong), Vu Ban (Nam Dinh) ... In addition, agricultural policies only provide opportunities for food companies to get rich on the blood of human bones to produce seeds. All were deprived of livelihood, livelihood of millions of Vietnamese peasants and townspeople, tighten their stomach more than shrunken. Also, as farmers are being considered as tenant farmers, farm lease only state in 20 years, said Nguyen Minh Can should be like saying, "they considered piece of state land assigned as a temporary borrowed items, before will eventually have to return, so they try to fully tap the exhaust style that piece of land to try to profit most quickly, not to build their own long-term plans, they do not want to invest effort and money to improve the soil, increase soil fertility to increase productivity, increase their harvest, because they are afraid of wasted effort, money that eventually myself and the children did not receive anything when piece of land which is recovered. The psychology is very negative impact on economic, social and cultural development of the country "and will certainly cause for food security, will strengthen your stomach not only farmers but of the whole human People.

            Being China Communist, teacher and brother of Vietnam Communist  showed signs of change in the direction of greater political openness (free service in O Kham village representative election years, secretary for Guangdong province said Monday 09-05: "In the Communist Party and government to serve the people is something wrong need to stamp out"), economic (gradual liberalization for financial markets, reduction of capital controls, for the yuan float more ...), the group leader Ba Dinh still blindly to arbitrary political line and policy of economic obsolescence. They thought like that is going to prolong the survival of their fragile that reinforce shaky throne of them?

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