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Thai Ha Church and community of Vinh pray for four young Catholics


            THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE


The trial of four youths young Catholic Diocese of Vinh in Nghe An on next 05 May following the alleged crime leaflets and propaganda against the regime is widespread interest from foreign and domestic public opinion . Especially with fellow parishioners nationwide. The deep interest of the lay community for young Catholic activists are shown in clearly for past several days through the Mass, the prayer of seepage flowing with love. Heartfelt prayers, the Psalms are songs resound to the heart mingles with heart sharing from the congregation in full solemn moment was really touch the hearts of people.

We, all geared faithful hearts to young Catholics, the Church's beloved, the passionate son of the country of Vietnam has devoted his energy for serving others, for social service, for human service and for loved country of Vietnam who are being Vietnam's communist government persecuted by the harassment, with the arrests and detention. Life and the freedom of these young Catholic youth only be calculated by hour and by day. We'll offer prayers for their peace, pray for truth and justice are left to the judge, who remains little conscience to know listening and should have with respect fair ruling in a state that the truth, the justice and human rights are being Vietnam's communist government trample mercilessly way.


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Vinh community in Hanoi: look about the brothers, the victims who prepare to court on 05.24.2012
23/05/12 12:03 AM

Cộng đoàn Vinh tại Hà Nội: Hướng về những anh em nạn nhân chuẩn bị ra tòa ngày 24/5/2012   Evening 22/05/2012, in Hanoi, Vinh in Ha Noi community continue celebrating Mass to pray for the victims in the Diocese of Vinh is preparing to step out so-called: People's Court "in the City Vinh, Nghe An on 24/5/2012. This is the second time in Hanoi, Vinh community about the direction our brothers and sisters were arrested in a sneaky and hidden unfairly convicted recently in Nghe An.

Seemed so unfairly shield his brothers and our prayers, hearts of brothers and sisters in Hanoi Vinh community and want prayer of the faithful everywhere have made the heavens and the earth is shaken. Tonight, it rained intense rains lasting from dusk to day and not children, but brothers and sisters gathered community complete with all the sympathy and feeling the pain and suffering injustice of the shield students were arrested on charges of secretly be closed with very unreasonable and violent.

Brothers in the community outside Vinh, in the Mass there is the presence of many parishioners, students of the diocese such as Bui Chu, Hanoi. Especially with the presence of non-Catholic friends together to fellowship with brothers and sisters in the same Mass and light candles to pray for you as Dr. Pham Hong Son, Veteran Trong Khang, painter Thach Spirit ...

Mass was concelebrated the Redemptorist priests have offered prayers and earnest sentiments of the community and interested persons to God with a strange desire to have a fair trial, make protect the rights of citizens in Vietnam country at present. Sermon of the priest Joseph Dinh Tien Duc raised model witness to the truth of Pope John Paul II, who has contributed to Communism on the location of the trash of history and mission every Catholic is to bear witness to the truth, for justice and peace.

During Mass, a candlelight prayer meeting was conducted very solemn and touching. The young people were rising candles as their hearts towards God, please vote for you, offering to Mary, the bar of the petitioners dead earnest pleas for the victims, for the country.

Some pictures of the Mass and candlelight prayer of the congregation at 05/22/2012 Vinh in Hanoi:

Ngày 22/5/2012
J.B Nguyễn Hữu Vinh

Thai Ha parish Mass, light candles to pray for the young Catholics prepare to court

5/20/12 7:18 PM

Giáo xứ Thái Hà dâng Thánh lễ, thắp nến cầu nguyện cho các thanh niên Công giáo chuẩn bị ra tòa   Previous information on the case about to be brought to trial in Vinh City, Nghe An province against four young Catholic students were arrested unfairly hidden and illicit last time, tonight at Thai Ha parish gathered around more than 4,000 parishioners celebrated Mass and light candles to pray for the students, young Catholic Diocese of Vinh. It is the young Tran Huu Duc Manh Chu Son, Hoang Phong, Dau Van Duong.

Holy communion prayer has shown a consistent voice of the original communion Bishop Paul Cao Dinh Sailing: "The Thai Ha Vinh also the work of Gp, the GP is also the Thai Vinh Ha" . During the concelebrated Mass, the priest has made clear the commitment of the young, the absurd and ridiculous in the legal system in Vietnam, freedom, human rights has been made of how there. The priests also urged people to pray for the students, Catholic youth were arrested the last time being in jail, pay for the commitment to speak the truth, make the commandment of God is living in the truth because society. At the same time, the call to prayer for national leaders, law enforcement who know mental wise use of illegal behavior as well as ensuring the basic rights of man were provisions of international conventions which Vietnam has solemnly pledged.

Thousands of hearts were deeply touched to hear the young people were committed to the truth, for the expression of fundamental human rights listed on the Constitution and laws, but has not done in practice in Vietnam. The arrests of young Catholics recently, as a public test for the laity, clergy in the whole Church spiritual communion which is an identity of the Catholic Church.

Mass ended with the words Peace distilled wine "please use me as God's instruments of peace" and thousands of candles burning brightly on the hands, eyes and heart of each person towards the Mother of Perpetual Help pray for the young Catholic wisdom, bold witness to justice and truth. Prayer will not forget pray for the leaders of the country, officials involved in the incident of the dead youth was unfairly done correctly discerning the voice of conscience and justice, truth requires them .

Please towards the Catholic youth and those who step on the path of the Cross: The Way Truth, Justice, Peace.

Some pictures candlelight vigil to pray for the young Catholics at Thai Ha night 05/20/2012:

Ngày 20/5/2012
  • J.B Nguyễn Hữu Vinh

Community in Hanoi, Vinh celebrated Mass and Marian offered flowers, prayed for 4 students arrested

5/20/12 5:08 PM

 In the spirit of communion with the petitioners were arrested students in the Diocese who prepare to court on 05.24.2012, on 05/18/2012, in Hanoi, Vinh community in Hanoi has celebrated Mass to pray for the students of the said Tran Huu Duc, Chu Manh Son, Hoang Phong, Dau Van Duong. Mass was concelebrated John Luu Ngoc Quynh priest presided at the Thai Ha Church in Hanoi.

Masses of people have gathered a numerous and fervent prayer was taken up from the youth, pray for the courage of his brothers committed to truth, justice and justice needs to be in his presence, them to court on 24/05/2012 at Vinh City, Nghe An province.

After Mass, the congregation has offered to Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help the basket of fresh flowers, candles and hope private affection, real demand for the country peace, for the students you are strong and many grace on the path of justice and witness to the truth.

Some pictures of the Mass to pray for the Catholic students of GP Vinh court prepared to testify to the truth and Justice:

Ngày 19/5/2012
  • J.B Nguyễn Hữu Vinh
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