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Amnesty International has released its 2012 report reviews the status of national human rights abuses around the world.




Vietnam, countries were ranked in one of the worst human rights situation in the region of South East Asian countries. According to the report 2012 annual report of Amnesty International (Amnesty) Human rights status of the countries in the world, the human rights situation in Vietnam worse than last year. Human Rights Violations most serious of the communist government of Vietnam is a harsh crackdown on Religion and freedom of speech by an increase in campaigns of harassment, repression, arrests and wrongful imprisonment of the real dissident, religious activists, including priests, monks, students young Catholic students, the Bloggers, Journalists, Writers .... and most recently the cases of violation serious human rights related to property, land disputes between authorities with religious and between authorities with people.

Amnesty International also emphasized to the authorities demanding Hanoi stop the abuse of power and citing security reasons vaguely through the application of the terms of  unreasonable criminal law to convict people when they express their opinions and their views peacefully that is the thing about 79 (conspiracy to overthrow the government) or Article 258 (abusing democratic freedoms with violations of state benefits) or that some are more common today as Article 88 (propaganda anti-regime ) .... In addition, Vietnam's communist government also tightened control Newspaper, media and communications limited, especially with the media format is said to be the left margin information, the media agency as radio overseas RFA, BBC, VOA ....

Besides, Vietnam's communist government recently special attention to the components Blogger, through monitoring and surveillance of their personal website. In the eyes of the authorities, bloggers today are elements dangerous to the regime appears to spread ideas against the government offensive, Human Rights Watch, Freedom and Democracy demanded, demanding multi-party pluralism. Typically .... the arrest and imprisonment of dozens of bloggers in the last year and issued a new decree on the use and management of Internet controversy in which the government forced people to use services Internet service to their real names and require companies providing online services abroad as Google, Facebook .... must have representative and put the server in Viet Nam. This form of control over any information to any person using internet services to help government detect and punish those who have thought disagreed with the government.

In recent years, although having the criticism and condemnation to communist government of Vietnam for human rights violations from the International Human Rights Organization and many countries around the world for Democracy. However, due to various reasons and different concepts as well as from private interests should be given to countries such as recommended measures and sanctions can not be strong enough to force the Hanoi authorities must comply and full implementation of their international commitments on human rights. International Community including the United States and countries of the European Communities, in addition to associated articles about human rights with a commitment to support humanitarian and development assistance for Vietnam also needs to promote and further strengthen the sanctions, punitive practices and more effective. Focus point of resistance and the rise of people in the country is the only thing and finally after the international diplomatic measures for the democratization of the country and human rights are respected.


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The human rights situation in the world in 2011
Hoa Ai, RFA reporter
Amnesty International has released its 2012 report reviews the status of national human rights abuses around the world.

AFP photo
Head of Amnesty International
in the United States

Some positive developments

The report's 400 pages in 2012 Amnesty International stating the human rights situation of 155 countries in the world was announced on 23/05. In this report shows the status of human rights violations of the Vietnam government worse than the previous year.

Some changes are positive for the human rights situation in the past year has been the decision of the Burmese civil authorities to release 650 political prisoners and allow the opposition party of Aung San Suu Kyi as candidates. This is considered a positive result in the process of democracy in this country. Besides the movement of people in the Middle East, North Africa on free speech, democracy is a positive change drastically.

However, dark patches in the 2012 report of Amnesty International sets forth the leaders in the Asia-Pacific region has not met the challenges of democratic trends in the world today. Specifically listed in the report include conflict in Afghanistan and Thailand, discrimination of ethnic minorities in China, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan. Justice for those detained in the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia has not yet been clarified, investigating the armed conflict in Sri Lanka previously has not met the requirements ....

China uses all security forces to suppress dissent. North Korea is not showing signs of improving the situation of human rights violations seriously.

Human rights worsened VN

   In Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a country with the human rights situation was the worst violations.

Rupert Abbott, Special Rapporteur Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam by Amnesty International raised after his review of recently published reports:
"Vietnam is a country of human rights violations worst in Southeast Asia today. Amnesty International does not use comparisons but the government of Vietnam should be cautious with this comment in the international arena. I hope that people will make the change leaders and Vietnam will also have to respect human rights in their countries. "

Rupert Abbott said Vietnam has many political prisoners known as prisoners of conscience. So Amnesty International to confirm the problem can not ignore human rights in Vietnam, but instead to call for world attention and pressure until Vietnam respect human rights, release all prisoners of conscience, treating people kindly. Basically this serves the interests of the people that the government of Vietnam needs to perform.

In reporting on the human rights situation in Vietnam in 2012, Amnesty International continues to clearly state the harsh suppression of dissent, those who fight peacefully, serious restrictions on free speech, freedom of religion. The typical case is referred to as Cu Huy Ha Vu lawyer, writer Tran Khai Thanh Thuy, Father Nguyen Van Ly and lawyers Nguyen Van Dai, Nguyen Hoang Hai News journalist blogger "Dieu Cay", the victims Montagnards, members of the Hoa Hao Buddhist Church, Nguyen Van Lia and Tran Hoai An, the Falun Gong, many petitioners in the litigation and enforcement of land and those who called for reform or object on land and environmental labor rights ... are arrested and imprisoned.

As reported by the media that 23 people were sentenced to death but the actual number is believed to be higher. Amnesty International criticized the government of Vietnam using vague provisions of the Criminal Code in 1999, especially Article 79 is "conspiracy to overthrow the government" and 88 "propaganda against the countries "captivity to arrest people once they voiced requires fundamental freedoms such as freedom of speech, free press, freedom of association, freedom of expression.

   The report also highlighted the Hanoi government tried to stop people using the internet, freedom of information in many different forms. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter was closed and the right to request the internet café provides police information to access the banned websites.

Rupert Abbott Special Rapporteur for the report in 2012 that showed that in the past year in the Middle East, North Africa is a huge change. The people in that fight by speaking out and take action to require their own power base and they were very successful. Mr. Rupert for the Vietnam government should consider a smart way to see these developments in the world. He said:

"At the House Committee Tom Lantos Human Rights, in the hearing on human rights in Vietnam in DC, the situation is growing worse. This is a very serious problem affecting the prestige of Vietnam in the world. Vietnam wants better relations with the United States and Europe in the commercial traffic as well as thanks to this relationship than ever before to balance the danger of encroachment by the Chinese territory of Vietnam, so , to strengthen relations with the United States and Europe, Vietnam needs to be smarter than to stop, and to improve respect for human rights. Therefore, we request that Vietnam must meet this requirement. "

Amnesty International calls on world countries when trade negotiations with Vietnam should take human rights issues on the agenda. If the government of Vietnam would like to have more rights than as a member of the international community, the national leaders to respect human rights, respect for religious freedom and free speech.

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