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Enforcement illegal land at Van Giang and Vu Ban. A new Tien Lang?



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The communist government of Vietnam continues to use large force, including armed police and military repression using force farmers to take over their land assets rudely despite the law and human morality got to the stage very serious need to be condemned. Images and video clips of past shows the true picture heartache when thousands of police with batons, electric batons, and guns in hand attack directed at farmers who are honest without inch iron in their hands. Besides those pictures, dozens of police surrounded a person and then pouring beatings with batons that struck the people rudely. When viewing the video clip we come no one escape the horror and pity for the innocent victims. 

We all wonder that, in the eyes of the current government farmers Virtue which was innocent citizens of the Vietnam country or not, or in the eyes of the authorities now they have become enemies of the country, crimes of society need to be eliminated from society in a mercilessly? cases result from coercive land illegally in Tien Lang district, Hai Phong there and still not resolved the situation today in the wrongful enforcement of land from the government to continue. After Tien Lang case to the enforcement of land in Van Giang district, Hung Yen and now hundreds of farmers in three communes include Lien Minh, Lien Bao and Kim Thai of Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province suffered its continued buckling waves roughly the same attack while they tried to protect their little properties and land.

What led to the communist government of Vietnam continues to be despised public action, regardless of law and human morality? government leaders at all levels may be not not draw any lesson after the enforcement of land laws had left the country in shock Tien Lang district, Hai Phong? and even the highest leaders of the government may agree with the serious wrongdoing from their subordinates? especially with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, who had strong claims about the law violation of mass forcible land from the government leaders and Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city, but now Here in the land of coercion similar misconduct in Van Giang and Vu Ban to keep silence confusing. In Vietnam, justice and the law still exist? and innocent people will have to do to defend myself before the onset of violence, brutality and inhumanity of the communist government in Vietnam? 


Nearly 2800 people sign a statement of enforcement cases in Van Giang 

Nông dân Văn Giang phản đối dự án Ecopark 20/04/2012 (REUTERS)

Farmers oppose Van Giang Ecopark
project 20.04.2012 (REUTERS) 

On 04/05/2012 the past, the board website Bauxite Vietnam has released its Statement on enforcement cases cleared land by force in Van Giang district, Hung Yen, has provoked an opinion and abroad. This Statement requires the Authority of Vietnam to express their views on the use of violence to clear land in Van Giang. 

After the first signatures of many intellectuals known in Vietnam, to date, ie after 4 days, according to the latest list published Bauxite Vietnam now has nearly 2,800 people (the identified as 2788) to sign this statement, in which there are many farmers in Van Giang, many Vietnamese as well as abroad. 

The above statement is reiterated in the Van Giang, to support a private business project, the government has mobilized thousands of police, armed police crackdown powerful protest clearance of goods hundred farmers. 

The statement requires the highest power organ of Vietnam formally express their views on the use of violence to clear land in Van Giang on 24.04.2012, as well as those that are clearly public responsibility for enforcement on clearance. 

They also required to review the entire project Ecopark and requires all levels of government and business Ecopark apology, compensation for people who are beaten, abused in enforcement cases, compensation for loss of agricultural households People cleared land. If Ecopark not perform the above requirements, a statement urging people to boycott this project. 

The statement asked the government does not used security forces to coerce land "support" the project does not really serve the interests of national security and defense, as well as quickly fix Law Land, in the direction of putting the interests of the people and the nation's highest. 

In a letter to the Bauxite Vietnam, was published on 6/5, a civil engineer, is subject initials TVH, participated in the project construction Ecopark, said he was off work from March last due to "understand the suffering that the people of Van Giang, Hung Yen to suffer" and especially his grievances before the people of Van Giang land clearance compensation for the price too low, only 43 thousand / m², while the present price is 50-70 million / m², not including the profit associated with this land. 



Nu Vuong Cong Ly 

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Narrative in place: Nam Dinh authorities determined to rob land of farmers in Vu Ban - Beaten brutally 

8/05/12 5:05 PM Tường thuật tại chỗ: Nhà cầm quyền Nam Định quyết tâm cướp nốt đất nông dân tại Vụ Bản – Đánh người man rợ

The latest news said tonight and tomorrow morning, authorities Nam 
Will make use of police and armed forces to seize land remaining rest of the three farmers Lien Minh, Lien Bao and Kim Thai Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province. 

From last night, the kind of police, mobile police and thugs forces have been dispatched to rural areas in three communes. Queen of Justice, warned readers to information on the preparation of land confiscation in this phase. 

We will update the situation occurred at the scene to monitor your reading, communion and spiritual support her children here, to condemn the behavior policy and pillaging of the Hanoi government in Nam Dinh. 

As a drunken pillaging blood, after the Doan Van Vuon in Hai Phong authorities used hundreds of soldiers, police and thugs with weapons, armed robbery of land by farmers dikes and seaward encroachment Doan Van Vuon formed with the sea despite the legal measures and moral (statement of Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister) the Hanoi government recently established a new crime for our people in Van Giang, thousands of police from Ministry of Public Security, Hung Yen province to districts with various armament, beaten mercilessly plundered the people to their ancestral land left. 

Amid raging thirst to satisfy the crime, Communist authorities continued to prepare the bloody hands to the people into a new crime in Vu Ban, Nam Dinh province. 

05.06.2012 From the afternoon, farmers here have been very anxious to know the authorities are prepared to put them together the way of survival by taking note of the few remaining land. Here, people have tasted enough of the smell of terrorism, prevent, beatings, threats and many different forms to make their land grabs, the properties of the farmers. 

In late 2010, the government has used the military, public security plan with the village enclosure, land confiscation terror of the people, beat people and seriously wounded by terrorists who are mentally honestly work but are involved to farmers who have land that have been not yet stolen by government. 

According to information received, in the early hours of tomorrow night, 9-5-2012 under the resolution of the meeting at Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province on the coercion of the peasant land of Lien Minh communes . This is the land area in the Bao Minh overall industrial projects.

Reportedly, Bao Minh industrial as an investor by VN textiles Group , this project occupies 160 hectares of farmland 3 communes Lien Minh, Lien Bao, Kim Thai. The compensation was held here under the management of guys with machine guns, farmers did not accept the job despite the government's legal here. So the situation was very tense. 

Map regional Communist authorities are preparing to steal people's land 

From last night until now, farmers have a tent camp, took mourning on for land holdings. 

Hooligans, the authorities this afternoon charged with focusing terrorist civilians 

On 09.03.2012 00:13: Farmers towards the highway, holding banners, burning to cry for help:

The midnight black flame in Vu Ban as true for both heaven and earth to know, as if written up, screaming up blue sky to suppress crime, looting civilians by communist authorities. 

Current between the field huts, about 200 farmers are determined to keep the land. For them, land is life. 

3h28: On the field still to chillingly silent, signaling a stressful day ahead. No. of farmers at this question can afford to tomorrow against steel, guns and hunting dogs or not? 

The question is at the front. 

On 9/5/2012 4:00: From Commune People's Committee, the police force and army land confiscation began carrying out the iron fence to block people. The suffering of farmers began in Vu Ban. 

This time, not see the deployment of military force as Nam Dinh authorities did with the people here more than a year ago. At that time Union soldiers that had been taken to the village, blocking the streets, blocking path of people to keep the land. Military forces were dispatched to the countryside many famous officers, soldiers from this contribution to the struggle to prove to people here that phishing attacks Fingers "For the people that for service "or" loyal to the fatherland, the people "was coming to the lower screen should not hide. 

Invite your readers to admire the picture "Army to the people as fish with cutting boards" that Queen of Justice announced at that time: 

Video: Vu Ban farmers on 05/08/2012 evening to keep their land before the Communist tyranny robbed of their preparation: 

4:30: Five police trucks from Vu Ban District and from the communes are moving to field of Lien Minh, Lien Bao and Kim Thai Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province. May be act on day rob was launched. 

5:40: Some thugs were sent to disrupt the farmers, some of them are being mobilized to the point of coercion. 
Trucks carrying police went to the scene of the iron fence. 

Car of the Culture House has been used to transport the ground troops who  robbed land of farmers 

The car culture in Nam Dinh province were mobilized to carry land robbers of the people 

5h44: Two thugs were sent into a fight with farmers, unload their tents to create a pretext for police to crack down were evicted by people. 

In addition, dozens of mobile police began to launch crackdown on people. 

5h50: The police car is approaching the tent of the farmers. 

Outside, car traffic police have started drilling the outside, to pursue gliding, blocking traffic on the road has a doubt or want to stop, even when at risk of outbreak, will prohibit traffic on highway this paragraph as they did in 2010. 

5h55: Another fire car move into the field. Add two vehicles with blue license number of the state, two police trucks to the scene. 

6.00am: Currently on the site there are 5 Police cars, two trucks to, a kind of little truck, a car 7 seats, a 4-seater car and a motorcycle. 

6h05: Add two cars blue license number, a fire truck and a car 7 seats blue sea to the response. 

6h06: Add a water cannon fire fighting vehicles increase, about 20-30 people dressed in civil defense came out from Ward People's Committee to Highway 10. These people are wearing soldier hats. 

6h09: Pick the road traffic police pursuit vehicles such as cabs and other motorized vehicles in the enforcement area. Presence of an extra car 7 seats,  including uniformed police take a front row seat on to the scene. 

There are currently approximately 300 people in a position to keep the land. 

6h10: Another 113 police vehicles were mobilized from this province into the field. Among the police have been mobilized there's police woman. 

On two lamp poles nearby, previously had a person which two speakers hook up to. 

6:15: Three policemen wearing helmets with a female police went into the tent area of ​​her children. 

6:20: Speakers threatening people began to ring out, the students looked confused when they go through this area, perhaps they started to witness the power of the communist state to oppress the people. 

6h25: Traffic Police cleaning up closing the road through the area farmers' land confiscation. Screaming trumpet on compensation, on the humanitarian policies of the party and the state ... the slaves began to be expressed. 

6.30: Police 113 vehicles are scurry around threaten people and the people around. A group of about 50 police, civil defense is to convince her children. Speaker still to praise the project land confiscation. 

Farmers began to pull out those in front line response. 

. There was an ambulance, a truck with license number 80b- 5250 is prison van be appointed there . 

Far, there are 9 cars parked at command place of this looting. 

Loudspeaker that DPC Vu Ban today held the draw for the Alliance at the CPC, may be a successor to drag people focus on it to remove hot spots. Farmers have fooled this kid game? 

Farmers are still concentrated in their field to protest despite the screaming speakers. 

6h40: traffic police have blocked all the cars go down from Hanoi through the area of ​​land robbery. 

At present, there are two vans carrying increased 15 cscd add a vehicle to carry 25 troops behind, a second car behind the bus 113 with hand-speaker is going straight to people. 

And now have 10 civil defense who is posing police to oppress the people. 

6h48: Another 100 police men and women walk into the place people in tents. 

Hundreds of police were mobilized, CSCD has a truck carrying a gun to the scene. 

About 50 policemen both men and women walking towards the hall CPC and also about 50 police men and women go into the land area where people are protecting. 

Total number of police present on the scene approximately 250-300 known as the forces are directly visible. 

6h54: Police are breaking the tent and pulled out the flag of farmers. 

All traffic not going through this journey and Highway 10 was blocked on both ends. 

The people now sat down, not moving. 

Land robbers taking advantage not crowd of people , has brought pride to the land to hijack in order to jack up. 

7h06: The land robbers has put farmers out of their land to the other side guarding the highway, to the railway line. 

7h10: With great numbers of police types, farmers can not succumb to this force field of their robbery. 

7:15: People and Public Security, the CSCD is standing still on the road into the village opposite the other side the land is robbed. Its resources are dug and buried with the protection of the police. The command vehicle has withdrawn from the area commander. 

Picture sweep farmers for land confiscation in Vu Ban this morning:

More information: five people were arrested in the district, police arrested 113 carhitting people walk very barbaric. During that 10 people have been hit really hard.

Thanks for all the collaborators were selflessness, sacrifice meaning fortruth-appointed Justice - Peace, not prevent the risk of time to bring to justice the Queen readers the news and vibrant images in time for the crimes of thecommunist government of Vietnam for the people.

Queen of justice

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