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Father Phan Van Loi was police of Vietnam harassment and intimidation



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According to information we just received the Father Phan Van Loi executive member Democratic bloc 8406 today 18 May 2012  was police of Vietnam harassment and threatening behavior at His own home in Thua Thien Hue. Father Phan Van Loi is also a member of the Semi- monthly magazine Editorial  Freedom of Speech issued twice a month in Vietnam. In recent years, Freedom of Speech newspapers has many articles and pointed criticism illegal actions and human rights abuses of the communist government of Vietnam. Especially rapid information and honest about the government mobilized large armed  forces including  police and troops to attack people, the coercive appropriation of land, assets of people violently and wrong as in Tien Lang Hai Phong, Van Giang, Hung Yen and Nam Dinh Vu Ban ....

While Vietnam's communist government tried to conceal the wrongdoing and unethical by their directives to the media and the press must remain silent, the Freedom Democratic newspapers more commonly known as the left side newspapers , including individual website, Blogs and media agencies overseas as radio RFA, VOA, BBC and in journals including the Semi-monthly Editorial Freedom of Speech that Father Phan Van Loi is in charge vehemently condemn and denounce all acts of human rights violations and oppression of people  unscrupulous of government in Hanoi in recent time. Perhaps this is the main reason leading to Vietnam's communist government resentment seeks to punish himself Father Loi led to the harassment and intimidation of police officials in Vietnam.

Once arrested and imprisoned Father Nguyen Van Ly who also was a co-founder and managing the Democratic Bloc 8406, Father Phan Van Loi is the point of view to keep continue from the communist government of Vietnam. The party leaders and the government will find ways and not from any tricks to harm those who dared to stand up and reveal all to denounce wrongdoing and immorality of Vietnam's communist government most of for Religious dignitaries including Priests, Graduate, Master, Venerable, Priest ... v .. v ...  typically Father Phan Van Loi was the provincial government Hue harassment and intimidation. Everyone loved Freedom and Democracy most of the Catholics communities of Vietnam consensus link to protect the Priests, Monks, Catholic activists who are struggling and require human rights for the people of Vietnam are facing the risk of harm from the communist government of Vietnam.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Get the news I was threatened by police, Father Nguyen Huu Giai took a 25km trip goes a long way (as the crow flies from An Bang parish to parish Phu Cam), quit his lunch, to go to communion me at home (I was being placed under house arrest). Below is a letter sent to police Thua Thien Hue province by the priest Giai and the picture that I'm looking at him to write.

Please announce and ask you to continue praying for us. We sincerely thank you.

Rev. Peter Phan Van Loi, Hue.

Lm Nguyen Huu Giai-Thu goi cong an (18-05-2012)(2b)


Rev. Phan Van Loi was Thua Thien police the demands 
Submitted by admin on 05.18.12 1:12 pm

     VRNs (05/18/2012) - Texas, USA - Mr. Nguyen Chinh Ket, Executive Board member Bloc 8406 has just broadcast a message as follows:

News from Hue - Today, 18-05-2012, at 9:45 (GMT VN), there are three people in civilian clothes - an old man wearing coffee-colored, two young people dressed in black and white - hands holding a record, to the Father Phan Van Loi, waiting outside the gate was still locked at that time.

When the priest's sister to go shopping, they stopped and asked her to open the gate to meet them at Father Loi, but she does not agree. Listen to noise, the priest comes out. Three other person claiming to be police Thua Thien Hue province said they wanted to discuss with the priest to a few problems.

The priest said: "I did not have time to meet with him. Would, want to meet me, he must have notice and ask to see clearly what is talked about, so that if I agreed and now I will see. And to this sudden is not working properly by a state agency. Moreover, what to say, I was speaking publicly on the network, he read it and understand my stance. Now there is a dialogue with him is just a dialogue with the deaf, because he never wanted to hear the whole truth? Between us together not with a view. If necessary, I will dialogue with the highest level of his on the condition that the goodwill that he wanted to listen to the truth. "

But they themselves insist on.

The priest replied: "It is useless to meet me, I do not talk to you. For long ago I did not want to interact and talk to the police. "

They said: "For years, we found he had statements, articles and action expressing anti-government views."

The priest replied: "I never advocated anarchy, never remove the government policy, because in order to run the country are always needed to have a government. But if the authorities make mistakes, the crime, such as suppression of religion, people's land robbery, beating of the petitioners as happened recently in Van Giang, in the Vu Ban ... conscience forced me to condemn, to expose the mistakes and crimes. "

They said: "If he did not meet us, we will take measures, will write an invitation or summons him to the ward, to the police station."

The priest said: "The story is invited or summoned by you, but to go or not is my right. I say to you that I will not go. In 2001, I received eight summonses that I was not going! "

Before it left, they threatened that there will be measures to handle.

The priest replied: "You come to see people that have an attitude like that ...  you take the handcuffs to catch. And I do not accept to meet you! Because you do not want to hear the whole truth! Those who say the truth, you just knew only threatened them, did not listen! "

The meeting ended at 10:00. Unfortunately, the unexpected encounter, the priest forgot to record and photograph.

Please notice such things happen to people care about the police monitored in Thua Thien would treat Father Phan Van Loi how in the coming days.

 Nguyen Chinh Ket

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