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Vietnam's communist government continues to violate freedom of religion



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Control, prevent and limit the activities of religion in Vietnam has been a deep concern from international human rights organizations and many countries around the world. Hanoi authorities for so long always considered the religion is not recognized by State as dangerous elements need to be removed from society. The harassment of Buddhist temples, where the legacy of the Vietnam Buddhist Church Unified is now the most powerful evidence. Vietnam's communist government tried to prevent the one hand, and harassment of monks, nuns and Buddhists do not allow gatherings at the temple on major holidays, on the other hand they sought propaganda Religion carved all activities. In addition to sanctioning administrative acts, the government also compromise with the gang thugs threatening anyone who resisted orders by many different forms.

Violations of religious freedom in Vietnam in recent years has caused a significant increase not only pressing but also in the public spotlight from many countries around the world for Democracy as well as to receive series of heavy criticism from international human rights organizations. Especially the recent recommendations of the Committee for International Religious Freedom United States (USCIRF) and Congressman as well as U.S. demands MPs put Vietnam back on the CPC list of countries that commit acts of repression Self by religion seriously and continuity. Vietnam's communist government denies the above allegations and sought to mislead public opinion at home and abroad as well as for the international community. However, despite trying to get anywhere again, and they still can not always cover up the sins of their behavior before the boom Global internet information current.

The proposal put Vietnam back on the CPC list is a legitimate request and in accordance with the situation of religious freedom violations in Vietnam at present and in recent years, as well as meet the aspirations of the people Vietnam and abroad. Freedom of Religion is a most sacred rights of man not only for the people of Vietnam but also for everyone who lives anywhere in the world. Vietnam's communist government may be harassed in any way to people, can even threaten the lives of many people. However, one indisputable fact is that the inviolability of religious belief of the people. In the past, and now has eloquently demonstrated over many generations that people can trade rights of religious freedom by their lives. This is an obvious offensive to every government in the communist countries and dictatorships in the world.


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UBCV blocked celebrated Vesak
Y Lan, RFA correspondent

Day 5.5 is the full moon day of the fourth month, day Lord Buddha was born. All the Buddhists and the Buddhist countries of the world will celebrate Vesak celebration solemnly.

With the words Globe Buddhist
Church of Vietnam at the stage 
uniformly at Quoc An Pagoda.

But the temples in Vietnam under the Vietnam Buddhist Church Unity (UBCV) is difficult. Because according to Buddhist Information Bureau said the International temples in Hue, Da Nang, Phu Yen, Binh Thuan, etc ... have been invited local authorities to work, banned organizations.

Particularly Giac Minh City in Da Nang, several years has banned organizations such as the Tet holiday, Vesak, Vu Lan. This year all the way to the temple were frozen. Camera located in urban group recorded opposite the entrance anyone venture to the temple, with dozens of guard.

Not according to state guidelines, not the ritual

Most Venerable Thich Thanh Quang, Abbot Giac Minh, who is the chief representative board UBCV Quang Nam - Da Nang cum Secretary Institute of Chemistry Director, said:

"Evening News on 28/4/2012 lunar 8.4, People's Committee of Binh Thien, Da Nang city has sent invitations all monks in the temple to temple-based front office people meet on the movement of Homeland Security Join. We have appointed Master Dong Lai to attend the meeting. Initially they passed National Security status.

Then there's a person stand up and say this Giac Minh City do not follow the policy of the State and the Vietnam Buddhist Church Unified, so the police authorities as well as non believers there to burn incense, ceremony Buddha or with his grandparents. If our people are afraid for him (the Venerable Thich Quang Thanh) will propagate. So therefore the State police administration as well as non believers into. It is the words of the Venerable Thich Dong Lai recounts.

Then there's a person stand up and say this Giac Minh City do not follow the policy of the State and the Vietnam Buddhist Church Unified, so the police authorities as well as non believers there to burn incense, ceremony Buddha or with his grandparents.
Thich Quang Thanh

That is something that governments and local police have applied the method of 'taking people suffering factor'.

Our temple find that the government is very strict and harsh to the temple and use policies to date format elements for Giac Minh.

If speaking to the spirit of the Buddhist ceremony, it was the whole ceremony on all Buddhists are internationally accepted German From the birth of the fun side to relieve suffering for the population born.

Despite the ban, though, whatever they have, we're holding. Although also a Buddha's birthday. We have certified the stage in the Main Hall to remember the thanks of the Teacher, and vow to follow his feet to present a monk by Guru. "

In Hue temples set the stage position, the globe with the words Vietnam Buddhist Church Unified, which is explained as the presence of the Church over 80 countries world as well as in Vietnam. This event is not local authorities allow, say UBCV not illegal state recognition.

During the past week, the People's Committee and other provincial departments were requested to take the temple to remove the stage, the same words UBCV globe. If not serving the state will take measures to handle. Police also once home to artists signed to design the Church globes, deter, catch them refused to sign the record does not perform the temple.

Usually only about


In 2010, police banned Buddhists
on Vesak religious ceremonies,
though Quang Thich Thanh decided 
to proceed with celebration and reading
 of the Great Buddha's Birthday Message
 Thich Quang Do. Photo courtesy of PTTPGQT.

Asked details of the event, Venerable Thich Thien Hanh. UBCV Chief Representative Committee of Thua Thien - Hue said:
"Yes, Mdm Y Lan, I expected as Buddha's birthday this year great for celebrations, to commemorate 37 years of the Vietnam Buddhist Church Unified been outlawed religious activity in the Republic of Socialist of Vietnam.

A few years ago just as the ceremony at Quoc An Pagoda and the stage only. Other places do not have, (the stage at this year's) at Quang Long Temple of the Most Venerable Thich Nhu Dat, he is the Deputy Director-cum deputy General Director, General Services Increase the UBCV. Secondly, at Bao Quang Temple of Mindfulness Thich Chon Niem, DG Lay of the UBCV, then at Phuoc Thanh and Phuoc Hai of Venerable Thich Chi Thang, General Services for Construction of the UBCV. In addition, also has the temple Kim Quang, then also as Venerable Thich Chon Phuong of Tho Duc temple, he is also the representative members of the UBCV in Thua Thien Hue.

The decision to do so, while we have to contact the artist designed the Globe that they have accepted it, then at the religious police or officials so they know they look to that the very intimidating. 

Required as balls are not so, if no hearing will be punished. Take all the departments enough that the ward People's Committee, Fatherland Front Committee, and the police, then again that and... go very large. They are to a large force of monks in the temple have to remove the name Vietnam Buddhist Church Unified, if not done so, then we will take measures to handle.

It was common only. And we also disregard gone. Since Vietnam Buddhist Church Unified everyone knows that they refused to obey.
Thich Thien Hanh

When we know so little that day, we convened a meeting at temple Quoc An to discuss his objections, the Master has given three measures as follows:

First, we oppose distorted allegations, slander of Vietnam Communist Party to Vietnam Buddhist Church Unity in Buddha's birthday season. We are a religion of the people of Vietnam have a long tradition of living on two thousand years of history tradition.

Second, in the case State ruling Communist Vietnam is determined to use violence to destroy Buddhist Vesak celebration in the calendar for 2556, the increase in the temple that they must notify the UBCV Thua Thien said.

The third, right in front of the stage robes, situated resistance, prayer, absolutely not violent. This is an act of religious discrimination, to violate the sacred trust of Buddhist monks, and people of Vietnam.

In Thua Thien - Hue, but they also do it in Quang Nam - Da Nang they are also difficult, other provinces they are also difficult. It was common only. And we also disregard gone. Since Vietnam Buddhist Church Unified everyone knows that they refused to obey. Do not stroke their implications. Do not make the wrong hands for the Communist Party. "

Y Lan, Radio Free Asia correspondent from Paris.

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