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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 146 (01-05-2012)


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Dear to You, Our Supporters, Our Readers semi-monthly magazine Free Speech No. 146, issued on 01-05-2012, the semicircular editorial. Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in country for dear compatriots.
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                    Servant of anyone?
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of                Speech 146 (01-05-2012)

            The mind slave, servant hearted no stranger to the Communists. In theory, the Communist Party created the policy for its members a new, next to which innate human nature where all human beings. The novel was called "Party nature" which required over the place unconditionally. This program was exposed in a book "Nine Commentaries" (Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party). "What is required first and most important of all members of the Communist Party and the Communist party who were to dominate is to obey unconditionally. In China, most people are aware of the dual personalities of CCP members. In private settings, they are normal people with feelings of happiness, anger, sadness and joy. They have their advantages and weaknesses of man. They may be parents, husband and wife or friend. But put on nature and human emotions as the party, which according to the demands of the Communist Party, is something beyond humanity. Thus, humanity becomes relative and can change, while Party nature becomes absolute, can not doubt or challenge. During the Cultural Revolution, father and son act together, the couple fought, teachers reflect together, mother and daughter elements as enemies ... is too common story. Party has promoted the disputes and hatred in such cases ... Power of the party on personal computer as a result of the public school indoctrination course of the CCP. This type of training beginning in preschool and in kindergarten, where the answers are rewarded for correct according to the party rather than by common sense or humanity of a child. Students receive political education when they are in elementary school, high school and college all the way, and we must learn the answer to the party for standards compliance, otherwise not travel exams and graduation. A Party member is consistent with the Party line when speaking publicly, even in his private feelings, how ".
            The foregoing about China and Chinese Communist Party saw exactly the Communist Party of Vietnam and Vietnam. The beginning triggering  and typical examples for the party (ie slave consciousness) is Ho Chi Minh. He himself has said: "Who then can be wrong but the comrades Stalin and Mao-two names of butchers of humanity-they can not go wrong." Stalin orders and dabbled Mao, Ho Chi Minh City has implemented the land reform directly and indirectly killed half a million people by blood, even shot his benefactor's revolutionary and Ms. Nguyen Thi Year (by order of the Chinese comrades advisor). Next to imitate Mao launched the movement "Bach family illustrations, pressing flowers neatly reporter" (1956) which set up the movement "Hundred Flowers Campaign" to purge the intellectuals in the Humanities Product Age (1958). Truong Chinh also imitate his parents that struggle. To Huu also called "Kill, kill again, restless hands" to "Chairman Mao worship, church Sit-ta-lin eternal"! In the event of "landslide" thing, the party pushed, forced tens of thousands of Vietnamese people denounced each other, abuse each other, betray each other (even family) to make so-called " Revolution moral  "....
            The kind of  "moral revolution" created where party members mind slave, servant hearted, blindly obey orders from his superiors how speculation harm to relatives, the people, his country-still raging . The thing is-as-superior saw him there as a senior Communist Party (in particular communist of China), with the upper members of the party, sometimes a "group rights", the white capitalist or capitalist that red ... Not like that, why Ho Chi Minh and Pham Van Dong was quickly recognized the 1958 diplomatic waters 12 nautical miles of China's two island countries including Vietnam? Why Politburo silent when public vessel Paracels and the Spratlys in 1974, 1988, was recently imprisoned citizens opposed the invasion and North commemorate the soldiers who had forbidden island Antlers Ma? Unlike that why Do Muoi and Nguyen Van Linh had apologized to kowtow, bow up allegiance to Jiang Zemin and Li Peng in Chengdu in 1990 to "open for a period of dangerous North" (words of foreign Minister Nguyen Co Thach), in which China manipulates VN politics until now. Why Nong Duc Manh and Nguyen Tan Dung as early as 2001 had agreed to China (which has the company lot of money) in the Central Highlands bauxite mining, my uniform is available, suspended sludge bomb on the South set, despite numerous tips, recommendations, even that letter of many generals, experts, personnel and civilians who? Not like that, why Nguyen Tan Dung and his accomplices, from 2004 researched nuclear power project in Ninh Thuan and determination to do this year, thanks to nuclear power and Russian technical experts and Japan despite reactor explosion incident in the two countries, despite the conditions extremely unfavorable (financial, professional competence, integrity and conscientious sense of duty) the VN, despite petition warning of many scientists and recognize the dedication of many citizens rejected in society? Clearly, object to the Hanoi leadership and obey not serve the people as the slogan "VCP is the people, for the people" and "servant staff people" is always out the propaganda.
            To the gender was called "voting members" sitting in the imposing building called the National Assembly, they almost always foot pedal dignified title of "highest organ of power" and forget their natural function "on behalf of the people , the people "to become" the party said "dark side obey the politburo. They had quickly passed two very shady documents and inequality: the border agreement in 1999 and the Agreement on the Gulf of Tonkin in 2000, despite the objections of many classes of people at that time. To the case of bauxite, when Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said the exploitation of this ore in the Central Highlands is "the policy of the party" on 04-02-2009, the National Assembly Standing Committee also reviews support immediately could they predict risk and the risk of red sludge bomb and penetration of China communist plus grave national weakness. Go on 25-11-2009, dismissed the criticism coming from the voters had "elected" own, VN Congress has approved two projects to build nuclear power plants. AFP said that day bill on nuclear power was 77% of the delegates adopted, although the vast majority of them did not know about the risks or disadvantages of this technique. They just want to know the party is enough!
            But to speak the most diligent servant-at present as the slogan of the people "because of forget themselves for the people" but the party is true to the title of "sword and shield protected mode" by the General Secretary conferred on 02nd April that is the police! Recent decades, since the economic opening, these forces have expressed their dog soul to the party, with senior party members, with local parties, with local authorities through the forum ... Pressure thousands protest strikes of workers, disperse gatherings of thousands of farmers complaints, blocking or harassing dozens of protests against the invasion of the people, beaten or robbed the body the basis of the practice (as the priest Hoa in Kontum, priest Binh in Hanoi ...); by supporting four bullies spread evil, capitalist group of great effort ... to rob the people and property, as in Tien Lang Hai Phong early this year, and in Van Giang, Hung Yen province a week ago, with all the atrocities being already, right with the precepts selfset: "I just know that exist party, exist us."
            According to commentator Ngo Nhan Dung, "a slogan that makes all the police must feel shame shame ... When my first is that it sets a condition exists for itself and each police all police forces adhere to the life of a political party, not an obligation in the name of higher, larger. Each party is just a group of people. Sticking his life in a group that is subject to the wrong hands, as "hunting dogs" for them, rather than serving a general benefit of national, ethnic. The second shameful is a bad thing as  "no loyal, no moral" is undeniable. The police who live in the currency by more than 80 million people to contribute, if not people work, create wealth, pay taxes, then all the parties that they are defending just pointing all those years fingers can not do anything out of wealth, money, to pay them a salary to suppor their wife and children. But they take care to protect these powerful people, no need to wishes of the people, treading on people's misery, adding many other bitter humiliation for the people ... The third shameful is the police who are being held their heads and as they all are a group of people who have no thinking; a Foolish group because only take immediate advantage that no visible connection eternal shame; eyes closed listening to a regime of protection order is no wonder that his own future and their children would how look like. "
            One should also add some other servant class. It is the media's right margin. Take honors "Servant of the truth", they have become "servant of the party" with shameful pride: "The media revolution." Press the revolution should be the moral revolution, must have flattered the leadership articles, rosy policy, policy support, slander reviled citizens were sentenced by the party as "reactionary", or must be quiet softly to the oppressed people protest looting role of party members as the new Ecopark then. One world is that the spiritual leader but party spirit was leading. As a "prophet of God", "messenger of the Tathagata," they deserve for daring to defend the truth and reason, before anyone and more than anyone, as believers and citizens expect waiting in the overwhelming social injustice and dishonesty. But because they want to be happy, fear of being uncovered privacy, or popular success apparently spiritual family festival, the construction of monumental, they were indifferent to the suffering of the people or co-religionist, silent before the crimes of abuse of power, any known risks of the nation and country.
            If the spiritual leader is like that they have been complicit with the greatest crimes of the Communist Party: making all people dulling the mind, soul and sentimental weakness will, that is to become a group I servant, a slave colony, so the party can dominate for long.

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