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Report directly to trial, four young Catholics GP Vinh People's Court in Nghe An Province




The four sentenced to prison for young Catholic Diocese of Vinh in Nghe An unjustly again has exposed the nature of evil and immorality of the communist government of Vietnam. Thereby we also clearly see a thing that party leaders and the communist government of Vietnam dated one become fear and weak in their eyes when the two words "reactionary" appears everywhere, from a teacher, a schoolboy, a layman, a civil servant, a farmer .... and now even himself a communist party members, leaders, government officials still in office or retired but if there is no attitude or viewpoint similar to the current government can be seen as reactionary elements, government countervailing.

The international human rights organizations and many democratic countries around the world for long have criticized and condemned the Hanoi authorities citing national security and apply the terms of ambiguity in the law as Article 79 (conspiracy to overthrow the government) Article 88 (propaganda against the regime) or Article 258 (abuse Liberal Democrats are violations of state benefits) ... especially the increased persecution recent domestic for peaceful dissent of the people. Because of the fear of an uprising broke out in Vietnam similar to the spring revolution has occurred in the Arab countries of the Middle East and North Africa, the communist government of Vietnam has strong hands squeeze, punished and blocked freedom of speech in all forms including political expression through the Internet and Press media restrictions.

Human rights situation in Vietnam, which was worse in recent years increasingly become far worse. Although joined and became a non-permanent members of the Security Council United Nations, as well as formally ratified the Convention on Civil and Political Rights since 1982, but the Vietnamese communist government Nam has always violate human rights and take action contrary to what they have committed human rights. Hanoi government before the international community still claims about respect for human rights in Vietnam confirmed that no political prisoners or government never imprisoned anyone who expressed their right to free speech . But in fact there are hundreds, thousands of political prisoners being held in Vietnam and those who expressed their views peacefully has been jailed in recent years such as; Father Nguyen Van Ly Dr. Lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu, Blogger Dieu Cay, Blogger Anh Ba Sai Gon, journalist Ta Phong Tan, 17 young Catholics ...... and many others are still being jailed for the right to freedom of expression peacefully.


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Report directly to trial, four young Catholics GP Vinh People's Court in Nghe An Province
24/05/12 1:01 AM

Ladies and gentlemen
After several months detention arrests in the form of terrorist Communist authorities in Nghe An, today 5/24/2012, Nghe An authorities brought four young Catholic students a so-called trial .

Queen of Justice will report directly to hearing from Vinh City, Nghe An province.

From early morning, before the People's Court Nghe An Province has hundreds of the faithful flocked to the trial. However, around the port People's Court in Nghe An Province dense police forces, the police. The pain and injustice of the dead youth, the Catholic students, parishioners and those interested in justice, truth has defied the blockade came to trial.

7h50: We have about 500 parishioners gather in front of court gate Nghe An Province People and more than 100 police.

The trial began when a family has no inside. When the house was on the Court began a long time. Video: Scene outside the building (CDVHN video source)

8:00: A police truck to maneuver be chasing the family.

Dogs to be mobilized to deal with the court's "Disclosure".

Parishioners more to the east than before People's Court of Nghe An province.

Police have mobilized large numbers to suppress parishioners, robbery with banners and slogans, steal the camera.

The trial is taking place.

8 35: Father Hoang Si Direction Anton, County Bridge ram and parish pastoral arrived court gate. Students, young people gathered in front court to prayer.

Lay not on the court, knelt down on the pavement prayer, the sound of all the wine business long street, passersby really amazed hearing this scene.

The parish of Thai Ha parishioners to communion with the victims with the slogan: "It's also the Vinh, Thai Ha":

The victims of persecution in the form of terrorism, incrimination and did not get information from outside. Mr. Chu Van Nghiem, shouted in court: The innocent child, let your courage up, "police the police immediately escorted out before the bewildered eyes of the children victims.

Video: The faithful kneel on the streets of prayer for the victims:

9:00 Before the intense focus of the laity, the government was forced to follow her son into the court yard to reduce the attention of passersby. In the court yard, the faithful and constant prayer chant echoed in the courtroom to take.

In court, lawyers argued fiercely clearly the innocence of children. The lawyer pointed out errors in the proceedings and ask the Court to return the file because of insufficient evidence, they accused.

9.30: Hearing pocket has asked for the victim as follows: Chu Manh Son, Dau Van Duong has been asked for: 42-45 months; Tran Huu Duc 36 to 39 months; Hoang Phong from 26 to 29 months in prison.

This is a blatant trampling upon the law and ethics of the Communist government of Vietnam for young people have a heart for truth, justice, because the country.

10h: The trial is continuing litigation after the oral arguments of the lawyers, now is trying Procuratorate charged them in their arguments. The play this trial to suggest Cu Huy Ha Vu 9 months ago.

10h05: Anton Nguyen Van Nien priest present at the court yard, the presence of the priests was the ardent supporter parishioners. The spirit is the constant and faithful, and in exchange they said: Although the authorities have used all kinds of demons attempt to emulate that terror that forced them to confess, they still believe they completely innocent.

10.30: Building temporary break to deliberate.

In the course of litigation, every litigation lawyer, speaker appearances or minimal interruption can not hear it, reverse the Court or the People's Procuratorate said when the speaker turned to. Numerous parishioners shouted the speaker turned to ask people to hear, but ... the court hearing still be deaf.

A prison truck was blocking the door to the courtroom, to prevent people looked on in court.

Picture Court road in front of Nghe An province at 11 h:

Pictures of the victims in the courtroom of the Hanoi government conglomerate today:

11h43: Despite the wrongful violation of procedural law and defended on the basis of the law of lawyers and law practice, so-called People's Court sentenced Nghe An province is as follows:

Chu Manh Son 36 months in prison, probation 1 year after released from prison, Dau Van Duong 42 months in jail, 18 months probation; Tran Huu Duc 39 months in prison, probation 12 months, 18 months probation Hoang Phong .

This trial has applied a stain of shame on the legal background of Vietnam, Mr. Chu Van Nghiem, father's Chu Manh Son, said: "This is a shameful trial, whether the defendants have pleaded guilty, it also pleaded guilty in the context of coercion, coercion. "

Again, the trial showed the face choppy mess of Communist dictatorship in Vietnam when people act with true love, the desire for justice and progressive country. In contrast to the despicable behavior, implications frail stroke against the enemy nation, before the four expansion Hegemony Beijing was invaded and annexed the long-term conspiracy in this country, pushing our people into bondage.

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