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Committee for Justice & Peace: Commenting on the situation in Vietnam


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Given the country a situation worsening, especially rampant corruption in the leadership of Vietnam's communist government led to the violation of human rights has become increasingly serious people to bring poverty extreme poverty, homeless, no job, no assets, no freedom, democracy, no human rights and even sometimes even the right to life and personal safety is no longer. All the above corollary is on creating a turmoil of Vietnam in all aspects including political instability, economic instability and ultimately lead to social instability with a series of cases dispute between the religious with authorities, between authorities and people and even underground conflicts between the party leaders and the communist government of Vietnam.

In the past, current and even future, people and the country of Vietnam has been covered by dark clouds and dark. Fate of the country and people of Vietnam will go to where if without changing radically and timely about the way of govern and ruly from the country's leadership of the party and government as today. Only the  choice for the leaders of the party and government that is democratic path. A government, a regime of pluralism and multi-party with fair- elections will help to clean the machinery of government and change the current situation similar to what people in country as Burma, are doing and good achieved, encouraging results today.

The country of Vietnam, with the advantages available given by the Creator as people are intelligent, hardworking, about nature with the mild climate and abundant natural resources and is a lucky country for not being many natural disasters such as droughts, epidemics, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes .. v .. v ... compared to other countries in the world and the region, Vietnam is a country that to be incentive more by natural. On the other hand, was not affected, dependent, or have to suffer the painful consequences such as war or civil war ... But with the incentives that Nature has to offer plus the many tried and effort from the people, country and people of Vietnam are not only not escape poverty, suffering that left even worse than what we thought compared to other countries in the region and other countries the world.

Why? questions and answers for this is belong to the party and state leadership. One undeniable fact and of course, the responsibility lies with the leaders and heads of the highest in the apparatus of government is undeniable. However, with proper awareness and responsibility on their part and then to truly correct a depending on their conscience to the country. We take a look and draw the experience, the method and the valuable lessons from the struggle for Democracy and Human Rights as the people in friend countries did in Burma, Tunisia, Libya .... . And if the leaders of party and government has not awaken yet, not put the rights and interests of the nation above their private interests, the responsibility of the people is helping them to understand this. And the last thing we want to mention is: the people, we must stand ourselves up to require democracy and human rights for us, for our country. Be courageous step in and act like what the people in our friend countries have done as in Tunisia, in Libya .... if the leaders party and the government still did not wake up and continue to keep their powerful greedy.


Committee for Justice & Peace: Commenting on the situation in Vietnam
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   VRNs (05/20/2012) - UBCL & HB - Commenting on a situation in Vietnam today were first published VRNs the past Holy Week, but then, say the authors, the observation is not completed yet , only in draft form, for comments and the author's request, we have pulled all down. Now the outlook has been completed and was officially announced on the website of the Committee for Justice and Peace, under the Vietnam Episcopal Council, dated 15.05.2012.
VRNs pleased to introduce this full text to your outlook.

The policy innovation has helped Vietnam integrate into the general flow of humanity and the country from a poor economy to one of the countries with the highest economic growth in Asia. Integration process is reflected through the Vietnam becomes member of ASEAN, APEC, WTO accession. Vietnam has established diplomatic relations with many countries involved in many international organizations and attract more investment by foreign corporations. Society is becoming more dynamic, creative and generally seem richer. But the situation has found that Vietnam economy is disorientation, lack of sustainability and human, because economic reform without political reform in parallel, as well as economic growth is not connected with the development social and integral human development.
Mailing post-2010 Congress of the People of God invites all members of the Catholic Church in Vietnam trying to identify and define "Vietnam Social status in the light of faith." It is in that perspective, the Committee on Justice and Peace Vietnam Episcopal Council wishes to express a few awake, thinking and perceptions about the country situation, just as citizens, just as Christians.

A. Vietnam economy
After nearly two decades achieved a high economic growth, Vietnam has left the group of low-income countries, but the situation in recent years shows that Vietnam's economy is revealed serious risk, work directly affect people's lives and the future of the country. Best show that weak economic management, the corporate state losses, bankrupt business as much profit as big banks, inflation, widen gap between rich and poor, quality of life majority of the population decline, many falling back into poverty before ... Does the current economic model is to enrich special interest groups rather than the entire people?
Oriented economy taken as the leading state created monopolies and abuse of power, distorting the operation needs of the market economy. State enterprises contribute less to economic growth but receive many special privileges, causing injustice and hampers the development of the private sector. External debt and trade deficit has been growing that the economy is weak and dependent. Inflation also increases poverty, makes it more difficult for people's lives and businesses. Strikes continue to rise demonstrates the interests of workers are not adequately protected. Some policies are not popular but where the State is conducted as bauxite exploitation projects Highland or nuclear power plants in the province.

Two. Land Law
Current land laws, just go against nature, has no respect for International Declaration of Human Rights. It is the cause of about 80% of claims in the country. The complaint has come from individual complaints to the class action; from single complaint from the meeting in protest and now the weapons used against land acquisition.
Land Law rules the land owned by the people, but because the State did manage to millions of people feel there is loss of land and freedom to act on the "ancestral land". In fact, the entire people's ownership is not the method best land management, and the State owned incurred privilege the interests of governments at all levels in planning and land acquisition for projects, to strip away people's basic rights.
More pressing problems in land acquisition as compensation. Want to resolve compensation disputes between people and land acquisition authorities or investors, they do to people whose land is recovered compensation parity with their property is requisitioned and their lives to par or better than prior to requisition. As land prices have quadrupled after the planning, so the land should be withdrawn share price this disparity in many different ways. It is necessary to urgently amend the Land Law for people to own land and minimize land acquisition rights of the authorities.

3. The social environment
Vietnam is social reveal many very worrying phenomenon. Remain the two most prominent vices were the Vietnam Episcopal Council warned in 2008, it is cheating and violence. They not only show where the street, the market and the mass media, but also into the workplace and school. The public is outraged strange phenomenon is in some places, public authorities use violence to solve the illegal civil complaint.
Besides these evils are already affecting society in Vietnam, today, many people tend to live anxiety because of it, shooting shock, respect for money, indifference to the suffering of fellow human beings ... This phenomenon demonstrates the situation lack of moral values ​​as the standard platform for social life, so some people have warned of a social or non-standard deviations.
Corruption has been considered a national catastrophe, increasingly sophisticated and more serious, but so far do not match a case be brought to trial to deter, would reduce the confidence of local people public authorities.
The lawsuit, mainly related to land, including land of religion, continued increasingly complex and severe, causing insecurity and social tensions. The case in Tien Lang, Hai Phong and Van Giang, Hung Yen, strongly touched on all those who have devoted Vietnam, forcing the State to look at how to solve the problem, which is essential to modify Law on a limited land fill, land use and duration compensation ... if not come to recognize the legitimate private property of citizens.
The other is the urgent need to change the working style authoritarianism, lack of transparency and lack of staff expertise. Manifested most clearly in the State's imposition of opinion and way of life in society, that the discrimination in public policy between individuals working for the State with the entrepreneurs and workers freedom, between urban residents and migrants from other provinces.

4. Field of law
Constitution and laws of each country reflect the particular characteristics and traditional culture of his people, but not so that despite the international legal standards. Vietnam has a huge legal system, but is not effective from the legislative to the executive, because of lack of openness, transparency, and especially the lack of judicial independence.
The application of strict law and not arbitrary, especially at the local level, led to the wrongfully convicted people, and sometimes pushed to the wall. Criminal Code stipulates the procedures for arrest; so that in some cases, still have the wrong people arrested with the provisions of that law, as well as with the declarations and conventions Vietnam has international participation.
The detention without trial are covered under the term "institution into" a term and applies to those who express dissent is a form of violation of human rights . Form of "education" is actually a measure that the French use in our country, then be repeated by resolutions dated 06/20/1961 49/NQ-TVQH of the National Assembly Standing Committee and has a legal basis for focusing improvement of civil servants and military personnel old Southern government. After this there is a nice change of this measure when the Ordinance on Handling of Administrative Violations issued in 1989 do not use it anymore. But with Ordinance 1995, it was re-established under the present name and serial Ordinance 2002. Hopefully in time to the issue of handling administrative violations, the type of "education" would be abolished.
Endemic in management and executive levels of government only when Vietnam is resolved to build a truly legitimate state and form a dynamic civil society. Despite the current difficulties, this is an irreversible trend.

5. Border, island and national sovereignty
In the final decade of the twentieth century, the South China Sea were a few times churn. But in recent years, tension has risen to dangerous levels. Chinese authorities use a hand flowery words, the message is very mellow, but on the other hand, the actions of their sovereignty over the South China Sea more clearly reflect policy Dahan.
Meanwhile, the Vietnam, the State's response is simply too weak a pretext for encroaching forces hostile to. More puzzling is the heavy-handed government crackdown on organizations and individuals opposed patriotic blatant act of aggression. Equivocal attitude, lack of consistent leadership in the delimitation of territorial issues in border areas and protection of sovereignty in the South China Sea is causing discontent in public opinion. Many of the artists and intellectuals have devoted warned about the risk of national security due to a number of projects for foreign and bauxite mining lease land or forests. On the other hand, the information on this area is incomplete, slow and lack of publicity. What has happened is immediate "unskilled" foreign massively into Vietnam to implement the above projects are destabilizing to society now and in the long run.

6. Ecological environment
As predicted by the specialized agencies, Vietnam is one of the four countries will suffer grim consequences of climate change. In part by the effects of global climate change, but another part due to our lack of interest in ecological and environmental sustainability in development.
Most worrying thing is that we rush clumsy and resource extraction. In recent years the State has for foreign investment projects at risk of environmental damage, changing ecosystems and climate change: bauxite mining in Central Highlands, many forest lease upstream of the 18 provinces from north to south, many provinces have been delineated and coastline for foreign companies hired to build a hotel, up the beach or other projects, without regard to the ecological environment.

7. Role of Intellectuals
Nearly 1,000 years ago, along with the establishment of Imperial Academy, our ancestors were acutely aware that: "Now is the nation's gas resources, raw gas is so prevalent that a strong country flourishing, the raw gas failure weak that vile "(Beer Van Mieu). This remains true and especially true for gray matter era, the era of knowledge economy today.
I walked out of the phenomenon has exploded the number of doctors but also conspicuous quality, Vietnam has many talented real, the real intellectual property and confidential to the country and the people. Only regret that their role has not been taken seriously, sometimes even to be marginalized or discriminated against, which causes, in many cases, is only due to differences of opinion evaluating social reality or the future vision of our People. Should the state budget gaps and expand enough to attract top talent, nor reformed to suit the demands of modern society? Ever the role of civil society is recognized and actually have the opportunity to actively contribute to nation building?

8. Education and Health
The Future of Ethnic depends largely on education. It is undeniable that national education has produced a number of talents and contribute to national development. But overall, the past few decades, our education has too many shortcomings for the content, methods of teaching and learning ... Vietnam has made great strides "education reform" but did not go to the sudden breaking substance. Why? Must hurt to say that because we lack an educational philosophy brought fundamental and long-term strategy.
Catastrophic results of the above reality is what we are seeing the immediate future: Increasing the terrible evils in our schools, crime age students and more, cheating in examinations became normal , fake degrees or more dangerous, so that degree false knowledge. The result is bitter-risk country lags behind in many ways.
By applying new technologies, health care in recent years Vietnam has made some achievements in health care and preventive medicine. Medical staff are increasingly educated and more highly specialized. But as a result of the above education, as well as a tendency to focus on physical health and lack of health-oriented, comprehensive health care system is so bogged down. Besides the severe overcrowding at the Central Hospital and the hospital charges increased substantially affecting the poor, opinion says much about apathy, harassment, lack of accountability and ethical quality of health workers ...
State calls "socialized" education and health, should create ideal conditions for the religions in the country are directly involved in these two areas.

9. The field of religion
In recent years, the government has created the perfect opportunity for religious activity, most religious institutions destroyed during the war have been restored, many new facilities have been built . However, legal provisions relating to religion are still inadequate and not meeting the aspirations of the faithful, particularly the specific legal status of religious organizations. The key point is that religion has been perceived, but no legal status, should not be executed and protection of their constitutional rights, such as social organizations and other professional.
Currently, the State intends to issue a decree "Specific provisions and measures for the implementation of some articles of the Ordinance religious beliefs", replacing Decree No. 22/2005/ND - 01-03 CP -2005. It's a welcome if this text was drafted in the spirit of innovation, the market really needs to create favorable conditions for religious believers are free to work and contribute to the service of the people and national defense . But some people are disturbed lest this text is a step backwards, compared to the above Decree. Fundamental question is ever the religious citizens are treated equally with other citizens, under the Constitution and Civil Code, without an Ordinance on Belief religion?

These remarks above comes from the Christian faith and civic responsibility with a desire to contribute my small part to the country to build a sustainable development, democracy and compassion. In this regard, the words of Pope Benedict XVI, on 27-06-2009, with the bishops of Vietnam is still the basic orientation of the Committee for Justice and Peace: "The Church does not want to replace government, but only hope that the dialogue in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation, can the Church do her part in the life of the country, to serve all people. "
May 15, 2012,
anniversary of Rerum Novarum Messages 121 years (Tan A)


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