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Vietnam Reform Party members were arrested for 'terrorist'?


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 The arrest of Dr. Nguyen Quoc Quan, a Vietnamese American and a member of the Democrats' Vietnam Reform "on last 17 August at the airport Tan Son Nhat International accused on charges of" terrorism against the people's government "is a wrongful act, human rights violations and again show that the Hanoi government has continued the persecution of the democratic, political dissidents, who have been involved campaign to promote the process of Democracy and Human Rights for Vietnam peacefully. Dozens, hundreds, thousands of institutions, democracy, human rights at home and abroad in recent decades are deeply concerned about the deplorable human rights situation in Vietnam and had many activities linked in promote the mobilization and ask the communist government of Vietnam as well as respect and fully implement the proper international commitments on human rights.

In the eyes of Vietnam's communist government to date, all individuals, organizations and associations have activities related to Democracy and Human Rights is not only completely blocked by the Hanoi government and recognition but also harassed and violently suppressed. Many people, including foreign and domestic individuals and members of the Democratic organization were arrested for alleged offenses under the terms of ambiguity in the criminal law such as Article 79 (conspiracy to flip government down ") or as popular as Article 88 (propaganda against the regime) and Article 258 (abuse the right of Freedom and Democracy to infringe upon the State benefits) even though most individuals and members of the group Democratic institutions that require only or fight for democracy and human rights for native Vietnam by way of nonviolence.

Some individuals and organizations were then left Vietnam's communist government and slandered the ingredients listed or organization "terrorist" by the evidence falsely accused so long as the Democrats' Viet Tan, "a political party of the Vietnamese people based in the United States was established for decades with the aim of fighting for Democracy and Human Rights for Vietnam. Before the situation of human rights violations systematically and seriously in Vietnam now, many people do not under any political party or political organization also strongly protested the wrong policies of government Communist Vietnam through various forms such as writing published on their  blog, on the website and many other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter .. v .. v ....


Viet Tan members were arrested for 'terrorist'

Update: 10:03 GMT - Sunday, 29 June 4, 2012

Đảng viên Việt Tân Nguyễn Quốc Quân

Mr. Quan was accused to excite the protesters
 in anniversary of 30/4

Vietnam Ministry of Public Security has just announced his arrest four months Nguyen Quoc Quan, a member of Viet Tan, and charged with 'terrorism against the people's government'.

Accordingly, security agencies - the police investigation of the decision to initiate prosecutions, beginning of the prosecution against him to investigate military crimes now under Article 84 of the Penal Code.

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Mr. Quan, 59, is Vietnamese American Residency in Garden Grove, California. He has a Ph.D. in Accounting at the University of North Carolina.

He was arrested and searched emergency on 17/4 when he was doing entry procedures on Vietnam Tan Son Nhat airport under the name Richard Nguyen.

Terrorist or Non-violent?

According to Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security said Mr. Quan entry exam in Vietnam to carry out their 'terror and excite the protesters, aimed at the destruction of terrorist celebrations 30/4' in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.

The Vietnamese government also informed that many have found the documentation for 'terrorist training' in his luggage.

According to article 84 of the Penal Code of Vietnam, maximum sentence for charges of 'terrorism against the people's government up to the death penalty. But the communist government of Vietnam have never any executed to foreign nationals on charges of politics.

"High claims of government of Vietnam for Dr. Quan purely and no pirate base yet. The arrest Dr. Quan is the latest evidence suggests that the Communist Party of Vietnam has continued persecution of those protecting human rights competition. "

Statement of Viet Tan

All newspapers in the country brought news about Mr. Quan has said him as 'terrorists' but also describes Him as the person who have the way of ' Non-violent struggle'.

Shortly after police of Vietnam announced the arrest Mr Nguyen Quoc Quan, from the U.S., Viet Tan, which means Vietnam Reform Party, has announced opposition newspapers.

"High claims of government of Vietnam for Dr. Quan purely falsity and without any basis," the statement, "the arrest Dr. Quan is the latest evidence suggests that the Vietnamese Communist Party continues crackdown those protecting human rights struggle. "

This party also "challenge the regime to prove their allegations in the trial in Vietnam and in the international public opinion."

Viet Tan also asked Mr Quan and 'the voice of conscience' others must be released immediately and unconditionally.

"We have to defeat the regime's efforts in cracking those political campaign of peaceful under the guise of national security," a statement quoted Viet Tan chairman Do Hoang Diem said .

"The Viet Tan Party members and other democracy campaigners worldwide will continue synonymous with the Vietnamese people to overcome social injustice and totalitarian regime," Diem said.

'Innocence claim'

Luật sư bất đồng Trần Quốc Hiển trong một phiên tòa ở thành phố Hồ Chí Minh vào năm 2007

Vietnam often accuse to dissidents as 'violate
 national security' or 'terrorists'

Viet Tan admitted he had some trips to Viet Nam in an attempt to promote 'democratic change' in Vietnam through activities of civil peace for the people and to trip on 17 / 4 test his arrest.

His wife said a representative of the U.S. consulate in Ho Chi Minh went to visit him in the detention center by the Ministry of Public Security on Friday on 27/4. In this meeting, Mr. Quan has affirmed his innocence.

Meanwhile, the state news agency in Vietnam reported that Mr. Quan most 'sincere attitude ... and admit his offense and his accomplices'.

Viet Tan describes Mr. Quan, who has been at the high school mathematics teacher in Vietnam, was 'a long-democracy activists in'.

Authorities had arrested him in Vietnam on June 11/2007 and 6 months imprisoned on charges of distributing documentation are fighting tactical nonviolence.

"Viet Tan challenge Hanoi mode to prove their allegations in the trial in Vietnam and in the international public opinion."
Statement of Viet Tan

He was deported from Vietnam. He then went to Thailand and Malaysia to organize training courses on methods of Viet Tan 'nonviolent action', according to local media.

Hanoi frequently use these rules vague national security condemnatory democracy activists as 'terrorists'.

But the U.S. government says they has found no evidence of Viet Tan, which is based in California, is a terrorist organization.

Viet Tan Party stated his credo 'establish democracy and reform Vietnam through peaceful measures'.

Human rights activists said the alleged plot to overthrow the 'people's government' will often be the swelling of the Vietnamese government to deal with these disagreements in the home totalitarian Communist Party which banning the strong political differences.

BBC officials contacted the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi, but the U.S. side declined to comment on the ear is hidden by Privacy Act (Privacy Act) the country's capital does not allow disclosure of information otherwise consent in writing of the person concerned.

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