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Myanmar announced a new era and Vietnam is how and when ???


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Victory of the leaders fighting for Democracy Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi's National Assembly election on last Sunday supplement through road shows access to the determination of the Democratic leadership and the government Burmese is the right choice, practical and perfect. Victory today's Democratic Party leader Aung San Suu Kyi again affirmed their determination to convert from a national military dictatorship into a country's Freedom and Democracy Burma . This is most clearly demonstrated the desire of Democratic Freedom of Burmese people. Harassment, arrest and imprison those who are antagonistic action, different ideas, political views in a long time due to corporate militarism, authoritarian leadership caused threats aimed at people, extended dominance, but ultimately could not overcome the will and the choice of the people.

Burma and Vietnam, both countries and two people have many similarities in the way of authoritarian rule, along with inhumane acts such as harassment, persecution, arrest, and imprison the dissidents comments, the political views from the authorities. But while the government and the Burmese people are  change meat approaching Freedom and Democracy for the practical interests of the people, nation and their country, Vietnam still struggling with the attitudes and the unscrupulous wills. The leaders in the Vietnam government apparatus still find ways with all the tricks to maintain power and way of totalitarian , arbitrary inhuman rule through the redress and correct internal party and the state, a Democratic form of false and fraudulent actions to ease and reassure public opinion after the serious events occur in national past time.

Freedom and Demacracy are always the first goal and is a critical issue for all the countries in the world. Direction although there are different depending on the form and make your own way in every country. The Burmese authorities have chosen their own path properly and reasonably. The transition from a totalitarian country become a democratic country relatively easily and quickly helped the people in the country to avoid the bloodshed, the tragic death of unwanted and separate themselves country's leaders to avoid the curse and revenge from the victims of the regime as suffering the catastrophic consequences that his country Libyan Colonel Gaddafi and his family suffered. Two mirrors, two roads put people and their country two different results. Freedom, democracy and prosperity like Burma today and in the future or to the consequences of catastrophic trauma such as Libya in the past and Syria now, all depends on the wisdom and determination of Party leaders and state government of Vietnam.


 Monday, April 2, 2012

Ms Suu Kyi announced a 'new era' for Burma

Lãnh đạo đối lập Miến Điện Aung San Suu Kyi vẫy chào các ủng hộ viên khi bà rời khỏi Trụ sở chính của  Liên đoàn Quốc gia vì Dân chủ (NLD) ở Yangon, ngày 2/4/2012

Picture: AFP
Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi waving to supporters as she left the headquarters of the National League for Democracy (NLD) in Rangoon, dated 02/04/2012

.The National Association figures on Burma
Includes 440-seat legislative branch House, 224 Senate seats and 14 regional parliaments.

-25% Of the seats selected by the army of soldiers.

-Party Solidarity and Development USDP Unified accounting for 76% of seats in elections in 2010.

.Supplementary election on Sunday 04/01/2012

Candidates for 45-seat competition.

-160 Of 17 party candidates and eight independent candidates ran for the period.

Characters fight for Burmese democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi, today announced a 'new era' for Burma, after her party won a landslide victory in an additional  parliamentary election took place on last Sunday.

Despite a few days more to official results, the opposition United National League for Democracy, claim to have won at least 43 of the 44 seats that the party in competition. That number includes 4 seats in the administrative capital Naypyitaw, home to most classes of government employees and military personnel.

Ms Suu Kyi said: "We hope that this is the beginning of a new era, more emphasis to the role of citizens in the political process of the country daily. We also hope that we can go further on the path towards national reconciliation process. We would welcome all parties interested in joining us in the process of bringing peace and prosperity for the country. "

Party Union Solidarity and Development, which is ruling the military camp set up before the transfer of power in a general election last year, will continue to occupy that an overwhelming majority in parliament.

Ms Suu Kyi said: "This is not necessarily that our victory is the victory of the people were going to decide that they must be involved in the political process of the country. Therefore, it is important is not how much we win seats, although we are very pleased that we won so many seats, but people were very enthusiastic to participate in the democratic process. "

Observers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations today issued a statement saying that the elections were held freely, fairly and transparently. Some residents have expressed optimism that the country may be closer to democracy.

Female citizens expressed hope that this will have changed since previous Suu Kyi may not participate in parliament, she hopes that once she entered parliament, the country will change a little bit more. That change will make things better before.

Union National League for Democracy won overwhelmingly in the general election in 1990, but the leaders of the military at that time refused the franchise and those who win not to parliament. Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi has been under house arrest military government under some form most of the time in 22 years.

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