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Arrest people of subversive activities


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A Vietnamese, Mr. Vo Viet Dzien 41 years old who aquaculture employed in Kien Giang has been Vietnam's communist government arrested on charges of alleged "activities aimed at overthrowing the government" under article 79 of law factor criminal proceedings. In recent years, fear can influence spread from the spring revolution in some Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa, the party and state government communist Vietnam increased repression and action arrest of many activists for democracy and human rights in the country. All voice nature opposes the government and the communist regime although moderate or under any kinds were being grafted on charges of "reactionary". Undemocratic actions of the Ha Noi authorities had pressing domestic and foreign public opinion.

Vietnam's communist government suppressed the dissident voices of people in the country in various ways such as prohibiting large gatherings of any kind, tight and controlled all the criticism, thought, behavior and the actions related to the demands of Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy from the people, especially on media websites, internet systems, including Web sites and personal blogs by government is showing signs of anti-regime protest ... etc. .. The government tried to control, restrict and impede the activities of the religious activities even the nature of religion pure and activities charity of the Church as well as other entities in society. In the eyes of the authorities now, look everywhere to see the word "reactionary".

Before the Democratic globalization and trend upheaval in the world and the region, the communist party and government as seafarers having boiled waves between life and death. They are really bad, by the vile tricks and keep trying to cling to their power, maintain the existence of an evil regime disgusting in any way cynical and Conscience, despite the law and public international law. However, one thing that the party leaders and the communist government does not foresee about courage and perseverance of the people of Vietnam. The government violently suppressed as much as it struggles to grow that much more. The fear and anxiety at the beginning of our citizens now gone replaced by the infuriated rush before the action of government oppression and the desire for democracy in the heart of people have really they could not be more patience.

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Arrest people of subversive activities

Update: 13:59 GMT - Thursday, 19 June 4, 2012

Thiết bị chèn sóng được nói là tang vật thu được

Mr Vo Viet Dzien was alleged participation
 organization "renaissance Vietnam"

Police arrest just beginning of the prosecution and convicted 'activities aimed at overthrowing the people' with Mr. Vo Viet Dzien in Tra Vinh.

The Vietnamese press on Thursday 19/4 together reported he, Mr. Dzien, 41 years, has been the police ordered the prosecution and detention four months to investigate subversion.

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Information provided by security agencies provide media said he Dzien (known as Vang) aquaculture profession.

He made friend and have ties with the organization's "Renaissance in Vietnam", an organization founded in 1978 and was oversea for the authorities in the country that the majority, through the internet.

Police of Vietnam accused Mr. Dzien has repeatedly met and received the designation of this organization to go back country "set to Hanoi people involved with anti-China protesters demanding the guise of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa ".

Mr Vo Viet Dzien was also accused receive money from the "Renaissance Vietnam" to purchase computers to communicate and do business land for the organization.

Latest, security agencies said he was provided computer equipment and radio jamming inserting "propaganda purposes against the right occasion ceremony 30/4".

Leaflets, Radio wave ruination

VNExpress said: " according to the security agencies, Mr. Dzien assigned to find Chinatown (mainly in Binh Duong) for arson, a split national unity; leaflets in ceremony 30 / 4 and 1/5 ".

When he was arrested, authorities also confiscated machinery and equipment to serve the above purposes.

Immediately, Mr. Vo Viet Dzien will be subject to detention to investigate the four-month period. When the prosecutors to complete high status, they can bring him to court.

Charges of "subversion" is used more and more in the country in recent times suggests that other forms of activity is said against the government.

The latest, earlier this month, 18 people of the Cong An Bia Son Organization at Phu Yen were prosecuted on charges of "conspiracy to overthrow the people's government" as prescribed in Article 79 of the Penal Code.

The sentence of Article 79 is the maximum life imprisonment or death for the head and 15 years for the same violation.

According to human rights monitoring organization Human Rights Watch, in 2011, Vietnam has arrested and criminal prosecution with 33 bloggers and characters are fighting, while 27 others and preparing to go to court.

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