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HRW called on Vietnam to release three bloggers who advocate human rights


    VN Human Rights strongly criticized on the New Year 2012

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Freedom of speech, a fundamental freedom of human has been participated and signed by the communist government of Vietnam in the International Declaration on Human Rights of the United Nations since 1982. However, in fact, Vietnam's communist government did not comply with and implement these commitments and the right to freedom of speech of the people of Vietnam have been trampled rudely and flagrant that Bloggers hearing scheduled for the April 17 here including Nguyen Van Hai (blogger Dieu Cay) Phan Thanh Hai (blogger anh Ba Saigon) Ta Phong Tan ( a  former police officer ) are the strongest evidence . All of them are members of the club meeting the freelance journalist. They were arrested and charged with charged with "propaganda against the regime" under Article 88 of the Criminal Code.

Like many other bloggers, all of them being arrested for exercising their free speech peacefully. Actions and their purpose is only to help purify society, reduce corruption, reduce inequality, enhance the integrity of justice and the rule of law, call for Human Rights, Freedom, Civil owner and ultimately promote patriotism against foreign invaders to protect the territorial integrity and national territorial waters .... With these merits, and the enormous contribution that in stead of be respected and encouraging but the communist government of Vietnam is not only without honor, without incentives or rewards, but also heavy-handed crackdown, arresting and prosecuting them with charges of unethical vague statement such as transmission distortion and defamation against the regime ... v .. v .. The reason why?

Nothing confusing because although they have signed or acceded to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but the main goal is just to deceive public opinion at home and abroad to enlist international support for economic or support investment and development. In fact every speech, every attitude and behavior contrary to the views of the government, can cause harm to privacy interests and the power of party leadership group and the government crackdown were not tolerance. In Vietnam, all fundamental rights can only be executed on paper, by theoretical and propaganda. In fact, the government does not respect human rights, all citizens' rights trampled rudely. The government does not respect and listen to the people, all problems are usually solved by violence, by repression, harassment, with the arrests and detention. It is a form of human rights and Freedom and Democracy in Vietnam today.


Monday, April 16, 2012
HRW called on Vietnam to release blogger three human rights advocate
Tra Mi-VOA

Tạ Phong Tần, Điếu Cày và Phan Thanh Hải

Image: Dan Lam Bao
Blogger Ta Phong Tan, Dieu Cay and Phan Thanh Hai

Organization of Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch on 16/4 called on Vietnam to release blogger immediately three human rights advocates as Dieu Cay, Anh Ba Saigon, and Ta Phong Tan.

Phó giám đốc phụ trách khu vực Châu Á thuộc tổ chức Human Rights Watch, ông Phil Robertson

Deputy director of Asia at Human Rights Watch,
Phil Robertson

Deputy director of Asia at Human Rights Watch, said Phil Robertson, told VOA Vietnamese Language:

 "We are deeply concerned about three cases of this blogger. Clearly they be tried for exercising their right to free speech. What they are doing nothing more than we speak peacefully. In free societies, which are respected and not to be considered a criminal offense as in Vietnam. The arrest of the blogger can not cover or address the information which they have, on the contrary, had violated the rights of writers and the right to access information from readers, too. "

Instant Dieu Cay, Nguyen Van Hai, Phan Thanh Hai and news AnhbaSG Ta Phong Tan was charged with propaganda against the state under Article 88 of the Criminal Code. They are founding members club Free Journalists, an organization formed in 2007 to promote free speech and independent media in Vietnam, with articles on strike, land disputes, against China invaded Vietnam's sovereignty and so on.

All three were honored by Human Rights Watch Hellman Hammett award for persecuted dissident writers in the world.

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Việt Nam Internet oppression and freedom of expression 
                   Blogger Điếu Cày
Dieu Cay knew the risks when blogging in Vietnam, he was released from prison to visit many times in the last 5 years, and now he is arrested

. Status of human rights violations in Vietnam are raised at the UN  
Pastor dissident Nguyen Cong Chinh was sentenced to 11 years in prison
Dr. Nguyen Dan Que was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2012

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