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Return the little house for my family and the COMMON house to the Vietnamese people


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(For immediate publication on 23-4-2012)

“Return the little house for my family and the COMMON house to the Vietnamese people”
“ With this small poster worn over his neck,  Mr Truong Quoc Viet, a young man, citizen of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, whose family’s house and land were destroyed, he himself was violently bashed and put into jail, represents what has been going on for the people of Vietnam today” Mr Phong Nguyen, Federal President of the Vietnamese Community in Australia commented about a historical event  that took place in front of the Vietnamese Embassy in Canberra today 23-4-2012.

At 8am on 23-4-2012, a young Vietnamese man who comes to Australia from Viet-Nam on a Business visa has begun a sitting protest in front of the Vietnamese Embassy in Canberra, Capital of Australia, to demand justice and the return of the house and land that the Vietnamese Government has forcefully and illegally taken from his family in 2009. This is a first time ever, a robbed house and land owner and victim is protesting against the human rights abuse of the Vietnamese Communist Government outside Vietnam. Mr Phong informed.

“ The illegal stealing, robbing, confiscation and acquisition of property, house and/or land of the “poor and powerless” people for  little or no compensations by the Vietnamese Communist Party members and government has become a daily occurrence and spread all over from large cities to small hamlets in Vietnam. The Vietnamese Communist Party and Government have behaved and turned themselves into a mafia organisation and regime. They gave themselves ALL the  powers and rights to take away, to robe, to sentence, to put into jail any citizen who dares to protest against their illegal actions, ignoring all of the laws and the constitution they, themselves, have legislated. Hundreds of thousands of properties, buildings, farmlands, houses, privately owned lands of the innocent victims and of independent churches, even cemeteries and sacred burial sites, were illegally and forcibly “acquired” or stolen by the Vietnamese Communist party members and government officials under the guise and excuse of “rezoning, town planning or government acquisition” Anyone who opposes, stands up or tries to protect their property would be accused of “opposing the authorities from carrying out public duties”  bashed or jailed or both”. Mr Phong said.      

Mr Phong declared: “The fact that a Vietnamese citizen has to resort to siting-in to protest and demand justice in front of his own country’s embassy like this is a clear and strong evidence of the serious human rights violation of the Vietnamese Government today. The Vietnamese Community in Australia strongly supports this courageous act of Mr Truong Quoc Viet and demands that the Vietnamese Communist Government must stop, prevent and return all stolen and illegally acquired lands and properties, including properties and lands of independent churches to the victims”

“We call upon the Government and Parliamentary members of Australia to express their concern about Mr Truong Quoc Viet’s case and the worsen human rights situation in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as a whole” Mr Phong said.

Mr Phong asked and encouraged everyone in the Vietnamese Community in Australia and those who are concerned about the violations of human rights in VN  throughout the world to sign an on-line petition that the Vietnamese Community in Australia has set up at   which has been sponsored by Senator Ron Boswell from the state of Queensland seeking greater control and scrutiny of the Parliament over the annual Australia-Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue and Australian Development Aids for VN. The petition is available for signing until 17th June 2012.

For further inquiries regarding this Media Release, please contact Mr. Nguyen The Phong on +61 411 756 552.

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