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Editorial semi-monthly magazine of 144 Freedom of Speech (01-04-2012)



Dear to You, Our Supporters, Our Readers semi-monthly magazine Free Speech No. 144, issued on 01-04-2012, the semicircular editorial . Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the water for dear compatriots.
        Newspaper editorial TDNL

               The bomb explosion waiting!!!
Editorial semi-monthly magazine of 144 Freedom of Speech (01-04-2012)

            Nature itself, dictatorships, especially Communist dictatorship, is a terrorist regime, always make people dangerous to the safety of corporate domination. This means that it is a safe alternative preferred security of people. Also, since that form by hijacking by armed struggle is not right with the political struggle, dictatorship running the country irresponsibly, always belittled the idea of ​​people, especially intellectuals and civil religion, which gradually became blind and short sighted, only reinforced the immediate success for themselves and not interested in long-term failure for the nation. Moreover, in the heart of the global communist system, there are always scenes big fish swallow the little fish, party elder harassment, exploitation junior party. The dictatorship that can cause more danger to the entire country. Said the current style, which is pending explosive bombs looming over the nation.
            Just in terms of environment, people have found many examples in Communist countries: East Germany had known most polluted environment in Europe, to the point of environmental protection in this country become a problem politically very sensitive. Who dares talk about environmental pollution will be quickly provided for charges of "defaming the state." Soviet Union there are environmental disasters known to burst into Chernobyl blast furnace and dry inland Aral Sea. China is renowned global CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, the pollution of rivers and the risk of Tam Hiep dam breaking.
            In Vietnam, the Communists are many people hanging on the bomb, partly due to the irresponsible behavior to the people, partly due to brain function at taking advantage of the party, so appalled by the public, partly because frail cowardly attitude to "Heavenly Dynasty."
            1 - First of all the "sludge bomb" is located in Highland since 2007 and people hung on the southern plains. Right from the bauxite mining project was initiated, many scientists, many intellectuals ... figures who have warned of this danger, threat, but China has wicked turn from China to Vietnam our thanks to the hand of the former general secretary Nong Duc Manh CS and incumbent Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. When sludge bomb exploded in Hungary on 05-10-2010, Highlands issues threats have been reported immediately left margin and right margin newspapers in country raised. "Recommendations on the bauxite mining project in the Central Highlands, with examples of catastrophic rupture of tank sludge at the plant Timfoldgyar Ajka, Hungary" Bauxite VN launched by the group in just a few hours on 09-10-2010 attracted approximately 670 signatures, and then grew to thousands. But while the Hungary government considered it as the most catastrophic chemical danger in history of this country, which most likely is due to human error, to immediately declare a state of emergency in the region and continues to pour manpower and material resources to overcome its consequences. Then in Vietnam, Nguyen Tan Dung has strong oral statement that is "the policy of the party and government", many government officials still concerned parentheses mouth said "all is under control and the declaration safe operation "even after the toxic spill from the Tan Rai bauxite mine in May 9-2011, around 200 hectares of land to the severe pollution. Opinion that this project was carried out despite the risk of environmental, security, culture is the place Nong Duc Manh and Nguyen Tan Dung has enjoyed hundreds of millions of dollars "kickbacks" from China invasion strategy.
            2 - "beam hydro bomb" is looming over the people, villages, town in Central. This threat has been writer Vo Thi Hao from May 11-2010 warning through the article "Central Oh, you have been pilot networks." Please quote: "After the catastrophic floods in central Vietnam in May 11-2009, several deputies questioned the government about the cause flooding in the Central. Some prestigious experts found that "the human factor": by the hydroelectric plant for the benefit of their local area, do not make commitments about the process has operated reservoirs, flood, full volume of water to keep the generator running maximum, until heavy rain overflow, immediately open the floodgates to massive dam and plant protection, regardless of consequences to people downstream .... Previously, the central flood only about 5-7 year once, also recently increased the frequency of 1-2 year once (not including the two years overlap flood flood) and more intense ... During the floods human factors. Particularly nine central provinces and Central Highlands has recently grown to 393 large and small hydro projects ... They mainly the volume of water to produce electricity, but are rarely active discharge of the lake to wait for the flood, flood preparedness and cut flood. So the risk of rupture of the spillway, major impacts from hydropower to flood Central tougher ... "
            Song Tranh 2 Department dams cracked Quang Nam province, was discovered last March between then, the greater the apparent cluster bomb picture special. The dam was built from May 2010 3-2006 and the official end of the generator. Coast's main dam reservoir adjacent to Provincial Road 616. Capacity of largest lakes of Central Vietnam, with about 730 million m3 of water, more design about 100 m downstream. The photographs published in several newspapers this week showed that many large cracks, water flows haze. There are also numerous small cracks, from which water seeps through the dam body leakage from late last year. If unfortunately broken, it will be a water bomb 730 million tons blew away the lives and homes of 40,000 people in Bac Tra My district, not to mention thousands of households in the districts of Tien Phuoc, Hiep Duc Thang Binh , Nong Son River flows through the shed Tranh 2 Thu Bon River is also affected. Yet investors Tranh River Hydropower Project 2, 19-03 days in office, give up their claims: "The river hydroelectric Painting 2 remains stable operation and safety." Most recently, on 23-03, the director of the State Inspection on the quality of works under the Ministry of Construction, interviewed by television stations and VN News Agency, the mouth remains strong statement: "I can confirmed that the dam is safe, even after the occurrence of some earthquakes in recent years stimulated the construction site. Upon inspection, it does not detect the abnormalities of the works "!?! Many scientists have proposed dam water to flush out a comprehensive test, paste screen waterproofing and repair the cracks, but watch out for fear of losing profits if you stop the generator, it is reasonable to suggest this release who shall remain ignored!
            3 - "The series of nuclear bombs" from 16 reactor that the government plans completed by 2030, mostly in Ninh Thuan province, thanks to the expertise and equipment of Russia and Japan, despite the disastrous factory explosion Russia's Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 and Japan's Fukushima nuclear power for years. Call this series a nuclear bomb because according to Dr. Nguyen Khac forbearance, long-time industry expert, former Economic Adviser Houses - projected - strategy in Paris, Professor of Economics Institute - Energy Policy and General Polytechnic of Grenoble (France): "Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear or Hiroshima, Nagasaki is the same. Radiation of the atomic bomb murder of the furnace or a nuclear power remains a well. The reactor core melting other nuclear power has been making the hearts of civilians and innocent children were broken, the cause of many life miserable, painful. " Aware of this disaster, the European countries and North America has been scheduled for elimination of nuclear power, Japan only 1 of the 54 operating reactors. Yet "Vietnam is having a nuclear program" the most ambitious in the world of "the dream of nuclear power" stab blooming "while they are concerned the world to find alternative them "(New York Times, 01-3-2012). How big ambitions but has not assembled a team of experts needed for the exploitation and control that must start from zero. Duration too short to be able to create a credible organization and management, especially in a country famous full of corruption, excess irresponsible behavior, absence of transparency and lack of public safety standards , so the risk of such a scenario occurred at Chernobyl and Fukushima is huge. Apart from environmental disaster, there is also a financial disaster according to Dr. Lien Doan Phung, an expert in the upper atomic increment are working in the U.S.: "The nuclear power plant is very expensive, not all 10 plans , 15 years new built, and when operating, there are many risks as dead plants do not generate electricity. Once the plant is dead, we still have to repay the loan. Vietnam is very poor countries .... For our budget, 10-20 billion dollars are great, need to borrow. "
            4 - The other bomb: Needless to say, everyone knows they are located where the police station dense around the country. From many years, victims of forces "exist party, exist them," "arrogant party-war period" is growing. The most dramatic is on the one hand they were tortured to death just because of the very little excuse (watching a gamble, no helmet, causing chaos on the road, friction with the police, had denounced anonymous letter Name ...), on the other hand the police themselves falsely accused of head-first into walls, hung himself on the rafters ... and most cases are down, everyone leisurely perpetrators are outlawed or been very mild sanction. Another type of bomb is located on the East Coast, from the hands of Chinese pirates , dangling on the innocent Vietnamese fishermen, hung by a thread is a statement very irresponsible, hard to imagine the Vietnamese deputy minister of Public Defense: "Fishermen have  been prevented by foreign ships, looting, killing is a matter of civil, military not intervention." The bomb that is threatening millions of lives of hundreds of fishermen and fish plant, has threatened the lives of thousands of fishermen pirates ship in distress near a decade now, and is threatening property and family 21 fishermen of Ly Son, Quang Ngai was arrested on 21-03 near the Paracel Islands, which fined 70,000 yuan each, ie 200 million Vietnam dong! Finally, the financial capital of the bomb are doing great burst of industrial corporations with massive debt, as 30% of bankrupt companies and 200,000 insolvent enterprises (Vietnamese Newspaper 26-03-12), accompanied by tomorrow the collapse of the economy of Vietnam.
            Who made the bomb that threatens the lives of all people and destroying  country's future? Question is answered!


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