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Declaration of the 6th anniversary of its founding (04.08.2006 - 08.04.2012)


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Bloc 8406
Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam 2006

Declaration of the 6th anniversary of its founding
(04.08.2006 - 08.04.2012)

- The entire fellow Vietnam and abroad.
- The democratic government, human rights organizations and progressive community.
           Bloc 8406 was established on 8-4-2006 is the date that the Declaration on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam in 2006 was widely publicized (Proclamation Bloc 8406). Six years later, the journey through the construction and development with many sacrifices and hardships of Bloc 8406 effort was always faithful to the spirit and objectives of the Declaration of 8406 which set out are: the struggle to get the right to freedom and democracy for Vietnam by way of non-violence, radical alternative party totalitarian regime, the current totalitarian regime in multi-party pluralism and democratic rule of law in the future. This is just the trend of the times, just as urgent needs of our People! Now celebrating, look at the situation of the country, on board with the opinion of countless compatriots and abroad ....
      Bloc 8406 alarm: the country in jeopardy!
            First of all what was going on in Vietnam, we can assert that the country was in danger! The risk of dehydration, risk of slavery again to invade the northern enemy is coming! This risk stems from evil scheming and wicked rulers of Communist China. Worse, it was a despicable accomplice of a minority holding real power in the Communist Party of Vietnam. This means that China understands that in today's world conditions, implement their plot to invade Vietnam in the military is difficult. Therefore, they apply many different forms of aggression that first of all political aggression by seeking to bribe, then proceed to dominate and control a character in the Hanoi leadership.
            Next, they use the cloud of 'new life animal behavior "is doing the wrong hands, creating an evil alliance between the robbers and the traitor. From then gradually steer the path of development of Vietnam and invaded the country of Vietnam rigging. This is the way they did in Cambodia, the period 1975-1979 using genocidal Pol Pot clique - Ieng Sary are against the people of Cambodia and Cambodia.
            The expression of the invasion that Vietnam people are suffering and witness are: Ba Dinh leadership:
            1 - Order a strong police repression Vietnam patriots who, when they were demonstrating for land conservation groups and confirmed Hoang Sa - Truong Sa in Vietnam, attributed to their charges of "disturbing public order ". In particular there are some citizens are harassed, assaulted, imprisoned, only because the court spoke out against the invaders; more research on the country's sovereignty is not really the government and popular support variables; the promotion of education on national sovereignty are not the authorities make extensive public and schools.
            2 - Continuous waves organize "cultural exchange Vietnam-China", the visits between the two parties meet state and two, promoting "16 letters of gold and 4 good" in the Sino-Vietnamese relations, international Added numerous works of Chinese culture (especially movies), all to create a "friendly" lie down to take the vigilance of the people of Vietnam's invasion of intrigue Beijing.
            3 - Agree to China in the Central Highlands bauxite mining - a key area of ​​security and strategy, with economic efficiency and obscure the potential environmental hazards at the same time for China to lease 300,000 hectares of forest , for a period of 50 years in many important areas of the province in Vietnam, the major cause of ecological and defense, despite the fierce opposition of many people

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