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Workers was oppressed and exploited in the construction project Angsana Hotels-Motels,


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Workers was oppressed and exploited in the construction project Angsana Hotels-Motels, Cu Du Village, Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc, Hue

                        News from Hue on 05-04-2012

Map Cu Du Village, Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc District

The project Angsana Hotels-Motels (Angsana Hotels & Resorts), located in Cu Du Village, Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue-where many of the Vietnamese workers work, see as the place of a black social organization rather than a true construction.

In addition to the company and subcontractors often does not pay, tangerine wages, workers also have the Korean manager treated so badly: abusiveness, bullying, beatings. They work but do not know how long will. If one response is immediately fired. Many workers so silent patience, endure biting teeth. Here are some facts as evidence.

Director construction Kim Yong Tae 

The construction gate

The main contractor is the company where GS E & C (Korea) and Yong Tae Kim as director of the construction. According to Nguyen Duc Hai, the shuttle driver said that he was a gambling, often come to the Crowne Plaza (former Shilver Shores) and the Furama Resort in Da Nang City to gamble. When he win is happy, but when he loses is fighting people, even aggressive with both office workers, verbally verbally them like animals.

Park-Hotel Lodging Angsana is 5 stars works, but many engineers say it's been taken very much at variance with the construction and engineering. Ceramic heating may be due to very soft, the wall is fragile because the material is not good. Therefore workers often have accidents. When accidents happen, the only company to transport victims to hospitals and care for their families, because most workers here - a number from the North to-have no labor contract. Many people then did not see to come back the construction so no one knows how about their health situation.

On 12-2-2012 a few South Korean people of  TOP company (a subcontractor of the company to receive back from GS company), take a taxi from Da Nang to  Angsana construction to work, the transportation metter clock on costs 650,000 VND. Alight, these Korean people forced taxi take some other workers back in Da Nang with the price 350.000VND. Taxi driver refused, saying that these people were not guests of his rental car so if the person shall pay 500,000. But because do not know how to speak to Korean is understood, the taxi driver immediately ask Nguyen Van Trung (the driver and passenger vehicle owners are Korean contract at site) to speak. Do not know Korean, Mr. Trung only sign his five fingers, meant 500,000. So a Korean of TOP company immediately pick a fight with him. Because of the owner, Mr. Trung is not afraid and answer again, this person, he rushed into office GS and said something with his community members. Immediately ran back seven or eight Korean people. Think is due to language barriers, Trung avoided. So that people group ran into the powder border guards station (hired by companies to protect the site GS), verbally cursed the soliders as their children. Forces soldiers here is the border guard station of the Chan May port border gate, working under the control of the South Koreans, in order to suppress the workers against them. Whoever objected that the soldiers kicked out of construction, sometime was arrested there on station for interrogation. Such as there's once, work for 3-4 months but was not receiving salaries, workers cried out, immediately be expelled from construction by troops.

Office of GS E & C company

 hiring cars to transport workers

Return the story of Mr. Trung the driver and car owner. He just drove out of the gate shall be manually stopped by earlier South Korean and banging on his car. So angry, he resisted. Two days later he was Company The GS ordered border guards force him into the car ban. Kim Yong Tae his own orders subcontractors who are renting his car had just cut a contract with him.

Recently, day 26-03, at 6:30 am, a Korean of TOP company scuffle with a worker, but were surrounded by large workers fight back. Do not find out who scuffled with this Korean, Mr. Kim Yong Tae immediately force the drivers to report accusations. Being refused, he immediately ordered border guards to get out of the driver of papers previously filed in the job application at Kim Chau Duy company. The drivers who have known immediately ask to the major  Nguyen Hong Giang of border gate to stand for settlement by law. But Mr. Jiang seemed just want to follow the orders of Mr. Kim Yong Tae is to fire all the drivers are serving in the GS.

Please open the brackets is now China has been threatening Vietnam's waters, but the border guards of the ports Chan May is still bootlick the Koreans to suppress the Vietnamese workers. This is what should be condemned, because of the military mission is protecting the country and people, but here they only care to protect the South Korean people to make money, just worried about lost their jobs as workers, while they were paid every month from people's tax money.

Current collective driver working at the construction site Hotels-Resorts Angsana do not know the day to be the border guard forces under his command director Kim Yong Tae rid off the construction. However, they still stand up to fight for their justice and for all workers working in this place.

             8406 crew FNA reports from Lang Co

Below is a collective complaint of Vietnamese drivers and workers.

                   Independence - Freedom - Happiness


To: Mr. Secretary Thua Thien-Hue.

My name is Nguyen Trong Quan, 42. Current live at An Cu Dong 1 village, Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue. I am currently a driver for the company tourism DV-TM Kim Chau Duy, Address: 271 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Da Nang city.

 Collective representation driver driving collective companies and workers at a construction site Angsana Hotel & Resorts, to reflect to you the following:
Our company contract for conveyance of employees of the company GS is building contractor building resort Angsana Hotels & Resorts located in rural Cu Du, Loc Vinh Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue. By Kim Yong Tae as director of public policy.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 14 months of work transporting employees of the company GS, I regularly present at the site, witnessed the treatment of the main contractor and the company GS subcontractors TOP companies, TECHCOVINA company, the company HAVINA etc ... are a Korean company, suppressed with the unfair treatment of Vietnamese workers who is working for them at this construction.

Dear you, daily VN workers come to work for these companies, they are treated like slaves, who frequently cursed badly by Koreans, even beaten. Most of these workers to make them are not sign labor contracts or insurance (not excluding office workers). Although workers have repeatedly asked them to sign labor contracts, they have not been met. Therefore the Korean people of the companies above in the suppression of workers in Vietnam. If there is any response of workers to wrongdoing of the Korean people they immediately ordered the army forces under the Border Gate Chan May Port who are doing business contract hire company GS to be rid off workers from the construction site without reason.

Dear you, workers are often the locals from town to town Lang Phu Loc, and those far away from here. They are naive workers, each being treated unfairly so they were silent to be working. But many people do from 3-4 months for a company like TOP companies, has not yet paid. But when workers gathered for their salary requirements shall be the director Kim Yong Tae and his management of the construction name Wow Song Cho Korean of  GS company  cursed, and some workers also said were threatened to beat and kicked out of construction.

Ladies and gentlemen, recently 6g35 minutes on 27-3-2012 I and some of professional drivers drove for Koreans and office workers to construction companies Angsana Hotel & Resorts, when drivers found the garage by the company arranged for us Professor parking over a year and a half, was fenced off with steel B40; our brothers drivers opened the steel 40 to put the car into in front of the construction director Kim Yong Tae. But while we're opening the fence, there is a scuffle occurred between VN workers and a Korean of TOP company nearby parking, it happened less than a minute. After a scuffle occurred, he KimYong Tae ordered some office staff and workers of the company GS, as well as the Border Guard forces each person to write a report on the clashes between workers and South Korean of the Top company above, among them those who just arrival in the construction . There are many people not arrival yet but he still force them to write a report submitted to him unreasonable. Through an interpreter I know who does not write, will be fired. At 8 pm the same day Kim Yong Tae called the drivers to meet him, he also forced each person write a report on the incidents on and to let him know which workers who clashed with the Korean of TOP companies. Seeing his work very absurd, because while we were opening the fence to put the car into as well as when the scuffle was happening, it was witnessed by Kim Yong Tae, so we, drivers do not write. He called the owner of our car out to meet him at afternoon on 28-3-2012 at construction, he requested our car owner have to fire all the drivers who are driving the company's Kim Chau Duy served at site Angsana Hotel & Resorts. If the owner does not fire, he will cut the rental contract.

   Ladies and gentlemen, today our brothers drivers are confused because we will be off work due to an unreasonable imposition of the Korean people, I wrote this application would be sent to you for urgent rescue review and rapid intervention for our brothers driver as well as those workers here. The Korean people deliberately violate labor laws of the Republic Socialist of Vietnam and the unfair treatment of Vietnamese workers in the construction.

We believe in you and wish you get in soon on the protection of workers and let us to rest assured for working, no the situation of work to be fired by an unreasonable.

  While waiting to be processed and intervention from you, I extend my gratitude here. /.

Lang dated 29-3-2012
Glass Applications
Nguyen Trong Quan


              Eco-tourism zone Laguna Hue

Cu Du Village, Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc, Hue

       Laguna Hue is the eco-tourism zone will have seven luxury hotels with 2,000 rooms, 1,000 apartments, spas, shopping malls, international conference center, golf courses, entertainment venues, and many other items to tourism development, promises to be an ideal resort destination for visitors

Status of the current project 4/2011


       The project area ecotourism Laguna - Hue was built in Cu Du Village, Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue province, located in the Economic Zone of Chan May - Lang Co

The process of project implementation

       Expected that construction will be developed in four phases. Phase 1 is constructed of two 5 star hotels and motels (Banyan Tree Resort: 120 rooms; Angsana Resort: 320 rooms; Laguna Holiday Club: 180 rooms).

       Phase 2 will proceed after the launch of Phase 1, including the construction of two 5 star hotels, each on a 400-room hotel, 18 hole international golf course, conference center and exhibition, shopping area with housing around the system.

       Phase 3 will build three hotels, including a 320 room hotel, a 400-room hotel, 40 villas and particularly a 210 room hotel super-luxury "6 stars", is expected this phase will completed in late 2011.

       Stage 4 of the project will invest 470 villas for sale.

3.4 May 2011: The contractor is carrying out infrastructure construction, the apartment villa, the foundation block items such as Spa ...

                  General planning information

- Project title: Eco Resort Laguna Hue
- Type of projects: eco-tourism zone
- Address: Cu Du Village, Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue
- Scale: covering the areas of luxury hotels with 2000 rooms, 1000 apartments and many other entertainment venues
- Area: 280 ha
- Total investment capital: USD 875 million
- The status of the project underway
- Start date: 01/08/2009
- Date of completion: 2014
- Owner: Banyan Tree Group (Singapore)
- Unit construction: Joint Stock Company for Investment and Construction Development INVESTCO

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