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Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 145 (15-04-2012)



Dear to You, Our Supporters, Our Readers semi-monthly magazine Free Speech No. 145, issued on 15-04-2012, editorial of monthly sales. Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the country for dear compatriots.
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Robbery 37 years of physical and spirit!
Semi-monthly magazine Editorial Freedom of Speech 145 (15-04-2012)

            "Attack the south was fought for the Soviet Union, to China ...", words go down in history disgrace from thousands of lives of the Communist Party General Secretary Le Duan mouth was good on the nature and objectives of the so-called "war against America, Liberation" that Hanoi to celebrate the 37th. The rating for the Soviet communist expansionism imperialism around the globe as planned by Stalin! Reviews for Chinese territory expanded to Southeast Asia  under Chairman Mao's intentions! (While East Germany did not intend to invade West Germany and North Korea did not dream up the South Korean culture). Expedition under the leadership of the Communist Party in which the flood just a mercenary? So when mercenaries win May 4-1975, have only one thing is robbery! rob for the long years of deprivation in the North because just by focusing their efforts for the invasion, just due to bad economic operator type CS. Rob because of the months for the hungry in the forests of the Annamite Mountains, just live with poetry or music lull of the death pen-style To Huu.
            1 - Rob everything, robbed all places, robbing all kinds! by brazen way they broke into the houses that the people running the enemy left behind, especially in the home of the "puppet military lackeys" that plundered the wealth, even to discharge the owner occupied housing, the tip of an officer of the angle: "seize the house of puppet regime officials, seize the wife of puppet regime officials"; Or organization" yard sale "to collect the gold (sometimes up to 12 output / person) of those who just want to flee the Communist paradise. Legally, given enough policy: how to "build a new home" for the expulsion of people from the urban streets, putting them on the "economic zone" swine distant smoke, toxic water sacred forest which houses occupied ; and "invite the chinese back to their country" from Hon Gai, Haiphong City to Vung Tau, Cho Lon to capture all of their property; any "industrial and commercial renovation" to seize the machinery, plant of the merchant class, in every industry build prosperous economies of the South; any "executable edicts and ordinances of religion" (or, if necessary, fabricated reactionary cases) to deprivation of land, oratories, schools, charitable establishment of the Church ... But for robbery clearing to enjoy, not just tear down the real building (including the 16 tons of gold to atrophy of the national archives RVN government to back), so after 10 years of "liberation", the country must stand on the brink.
            So our party launched a new line: "building the market economy", "open to foreign investment", "set up industrial zones" ... but that is just a guise to rob to the land of the farmers and the urban population, causing many scenes " unjustice trial and wave of complain", that desperate for Doan Van Garden against the authorities Tien Lang, Hai Phong early this year and agricultural services People Van Giang, Hung Yen province are protesting in vain Ecopark project are examples. Policy for land robbery of the people was formally legalized through the "Land Law" in 1993, which stated, "ie communist party-state, local government officials representing local-owned "(and actually own, someone up to a thousand acres), farmers are only assigned or leased for 20 years. This law is not expected to modify the original term "fill" the next year, because all party members not to become landlords, how should property owners and why the party is masters? As for religion, the land base that the government has "borrowed" before 1991 will never be returned under Resolution 23 in 2003 and directive 1940 in 2008. Currently, if necessary, the state will robbed next, as the land of the Catholic parish of Con Dau, eco-tourism zone of Da Bia Indian Buddhist sects Forums Great Way ....
            Recently, after doing fraud and losses of state corporations, namely shipbuilding corporation Vinashin to $ 4 billion debt, the Song Da Corporation, PetroVietnam ... with $ 1.5 billion error range, making the national reserve with increasingly hollow, at the creditors are ringing in our ears, both the State Decree 24/2012, largely banned private companies, corporations' use of gold as a means payment "(loans, purchases, debt), but only to sell gold for the state to receive an equivalent amount. That is, since 25-5-2012, any transaction made in gold bars will be fined from 50 to 100 million with confiscation of exhibits. According to experts, after the robbery about land around the house, robbed the place, this is the Communists broke into the chamber to steal the precious things of the people last.
            2 - But that's just the physical act of robbery. Communist was spirit robbed, a strain that foreign power as domination, the French almost did not do for the Vietnamese people even though they ruled over a thousand years or almost a hundred years. And this is a terrible thing for Nationalities. Which is a totalitarian, Communist wanted to build not only a new politics, a new economic model but also a new culture, which is shaping consciousness, conscience driven, creating a faith love and hope to serve different ambitions in their wish to dominate. Therefore, in 37 years, perpetuated by propaganda, poisoning through education, through the grace found wisdom, forced through intimidation, robbery target first party spirit of the components of social influence.
            First is the ideal fade " " loyal with country and people, because the initial goodwill and eager youth, wanted to pick the party. So the members are small and big power ultimately see myself standing on the people, squatting on the law, behave like the absolute sovereign authority at the central and supreme warlord in local authority way, cover up mistakes and other crimes that did not fear public opinion. Next, for members of Congress, CS has lost represented people's consciousness. Because the parties have chosen indebted, participants rarely say the opposite opinion of the Political and lines of the central committee, said a quickly just legalize "major policy", "decision to" from above, as part of diplomatic notes in 1958, an agreement in 2000 Gulf of Tonkin, Central Highlands bauxite exploitation in 2008 and projects a nuclear power plant in 2009 ... Most of them only game to trick people, led the meeting remove local voters, do games performs during the questioning of ministers. Delegates even proposed law banning demonstrations. For public administration officials, CS destroy the spirit of serving the public. This is easy, because they are the party who were recruited via electoral farce People's Council. So most of them to act like gods hung indigenous people overbearing contempt, exploitation people amass wealth rather than public servants. The entire city of Hai Phong officials, Tien Lang district, Quang Vinh commune Doan Van Vuon is a typical. To the police officers, the party wipe sense of respect and protection of the people. Been brainwashed by mind: to build the party leader, payroll, sword and shield to protect the party, just know "exist party, exist them" this force is increasingly becoming tools persecute people an illiterate thugs, wicked cruel, beating people without shaking hands, murder never think. Their achievements are dozens of victims killed in the station, hundreds of victims were beaten (the numbers be statistics). Latest victim was Tran Thi Nga in Ha Nam, Father Nguyen Van Binh in Hanoi. For military forces, the party has virtually disappear the spirit of defense country. Change the slogan "loyal with country" with the slogan "loyal with the party", and are engaged in economic freedom, the military has actually become a tool, just eager to get rich (especially of military leaders, such as Military Bank team Phung Quang Thanh, Communications of Nguyen Chi Vinh Viettel, maritime transport Aviation Ngo Xuan Calendar ...), forgetting national defense duties, leaving the fishermen to the harassment, looting, massacre of Communist China. For lawyers (especially class judge), the party thwarted sense of protection and legal sense. They were forced to become a tool of the party, especially in political cases. At this hearing, they treat follow directed from above with the «Pocket judgment». Unknown when they will be forced to swear allegiance to the party as in China. To the doctors, the party has gradually stolen the heart and compassion for patients. Leaving the scene have not yet paid emergencies, demands new bribes thoughtful care, drug supply exceeds the demand for treatment, eating excessive commissions should pharmaceuticals pushed prices up in the sky as meal, prompting human People considered most of them are those who exploit human misery, and which has responded by assaulting doctors. To the teachers, CS was gradually stripped ethics. The rationale is education VN politicized, aiming to shape his people to obey the party rather than the citizens social services, so that the CS trained teachers «red the more professional '. In fact, there have been numerous incidents of violence teacher role, status change Marshals, arrested female prostitutes, banning student demonstrations against the invaders ... For the media and culture, make efforts CS they become the slave language, training pen, ready to lie, trampling reason, service and most patriotic citizens to defend the regime. This is particularly evident where the newspaper as Security World, New Hanoi, the People's Police, the People's Army ... To the practitioner, as CS does not condone piracy and always seek to bear witness to the spirit for the truth and reason from them. Defamed religion as opium lull, CS now want religion to become the real opium. And they do it with an dignitaries only know yourself, worry about building the temple, organizing festivals, scenes entirely indifferent to the victims of oppression, social corruption, the country risk ...
            All these acts are rules about looting the ultimate goal: to make all people living with mental hushed, fearful heart, frail wills, making the whole society awash in dishonesty, violent and senseless, that is stealing the spirit of the peoples, to secure the party can dominate, even to offer to the foreign country. Fortunately, this spirit is not robbed of democracy where the fierce resistance, the straightforward critical intellectuals, the religious leaders brave and courageous people fighting injustice!


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