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Remembering the Black 30-04 day and the launch of Bloc 8406 office in Australia


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30-April several stories on Brazil (Brazil), Vietnam
Nguyen Quang Duy

August 1964, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was Brazilian press reports and create public opinion in favor of the United States directly involved in the Vietnam War. Brazilian government has sent to South Vietnam Coffee and medicine and to consider sending troops to war. Although Brazil's help very small, when the Republic of Vietnam to build monuments Freedom Fighters we have not forgotten the name Brazil as an allied country. This monument is located between the middle of the lake Fighters Freedom Square, in 1972 it was renamed The International School.
Documentation of Brazil was popular in his book "The Vietnam War and the war period the United States" was published in Rio de Janeiro in 2004. The author is Master Orivaldo Leme Biagi history Brazil, UNICAMP University Lecturer, State of Sao Paulo. This document has been a boat person in Brazil, Mr. Nguyen Huu Tho Translated and moved to article revisions. Human April 30 this year, please go to the article you read adds an edge to the Vietnam War.

When the south fell to the communists, responded to the UN, from March 1979, Brazil has received hundreds of boat people. The first Vietnamese to Brazil faced many difficulties, to use English or French dialogue with indigenous people because no one knows Portuguese, the Brazilians did not have the know Vietnamese. At that time, Brazil was very poor, no social security system, refugees resort to the aid of Red Cross and other charities.
But due diligence to learn and do business, today the majority of them have a stable life and seemed quite successful. In Sao Paulo City became more open to the employer or wholesale stores. Vietnamese community in Brazil there are about 200 people, always stick together, again and always endearing fellow beckoning from afar to visit their country bore. Today through Internet media Vietnamese who live in Brazil easily attached to the Vietnamese people around the world.
The latest story about the Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has been President of Brazil Dilma Vana Rousseff refused. Mr Trong is scheduled to visit two Latin American countries are classified as Communist Party-leaning, Cuba and Brazil. Before his departure from Vietnam, the propaganda organs are the commonplace: "The visit is an opportunity to (Communist Party) Vietnam expressed support and Vietnam's solidarity with leftist forces, progress in both countries, to exchange views on the way towards socialism, thus contributing to building successful revolution in every country. "
They also constantly praised Brazilian President, Ms. Dilma Vana Rousseff. Her father is a Communist Party member, was very young when she joined the leftist guerilla organizations fighting against the military government. In the years 1970-72, she was arrested, brutally tortured.
The c of the communist propaganda deliberately not mentioning that she had definitely abandoned the armed struggle and always cheer for democracy. As part of her is strong and clear voice. She harshly prosecute corrupt officials and cleaning apparatus of Brazil.
She and the former President of Brazil has brought the country to become a 6th largest economy in the world. Her Labor Party by social trends, economic performance so instead of hands from the red cluster in Vietnam has been distributed to the poor in Brazil. Thus the wealth gap in this increasingly narrow.
It is true of Brazil by the nickname given to her "woman most ferocious Brazil." She invited (?) That the last minute refused to Nguyen Phu Trong, no chance for him in a "... expressed support and solidarity of the Communist Party of Vietnam for the leftist forces, progress in both countries, to exchange views on the way towards socialism, ... "
Meanwhile in Australia, the most woman sand stations in Australia, Governor-General Quentin Bryce AC as invited Nguyen Phu Trong has also caused difficulties for the Labour Party here. Such as in May 2011, when she visited Vietnam, she has invited Nguyen Phu Trong to Australia to visit her, Mr. Trong, at that time, he did not know his identity so well accepted. Invitation to cause less controversy within the Australian Labor Party. Some people question the representative status of Nguyen Phu Trong. Republicans more wiggles that Australia does not need the Governor only makes it difficult for government funding depreciation costs in Australia. Communist wing body is invited to be true because in principle Nguyen Phu Trong was the highest authorities in Vietnam, but not in time for the Labour party should focus on the election may take place at any time. So the invitation was postponed.
And the other party and Vietnamese community freedom only to wait Nguyen Phu Trong come there to question on human rights, the petitioners, on corruption, on the sale country of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Few days, in front of the embassy of communist Vietnam in Canberra, the Australian capital, Mr. Truong Quoc Viet brought the board on his chest "Give back a small house for my family and the Great House for my nation!" Coordinate resistance against tyrannical actions land confiscation, house breaking, repression of the civilian population in Vietnam's communist government.
In country, Van Giang images from thousands of Hung Yen people holding sickles, shovels, hoes, sticks, ready to confront the communist police soldiers that people have seen the ruling Communists as enemies . Caught fire. Shooting broke. That water then burst its banks. A basic bank also brought down the save. Many banks are constantly breaking, Nguyen Phu Trong and groups instead of visiting Australian authorities only have the way to leave country to China. And perhaps the Communist of China collapse before the Communist Party of Vietnam.
Speaking of the old story, this story without a few words about future inflation table, the result is a lack. Vietnamese people are in favor, in the sense, we see old Brazilian is the future allies if a monument to grace the national record to help refugees built in Vietnam, People's certainly Brazil will also be appreciated. Also Brazilian President, Ms. Dilma Vana Rousseff will be a guest quarter so that we can learn from her how to be social democratic Vietnam and justice.
Nguyen Quang Duy
Melbourne, Australia

A documentary on Brazil (Brazil) U.S. Aid Proposal And To Help Send Army Republic of Vietnam.

The Vietnam War is one of the most important events of the 60s and 70s of the 20th century, the United States sent troops to the region to combat the spread of communism, against the communist guerrillas local produce. The war impact and influence the world to Brazil, a country far away from Southeast Asia.
The start of the Vietnam War
Between 2 days 02 and August 4, 1964, the information said that a U.S. destroyer was attacked by patrol boat of North Vietnam in international waters of the Gulf coast of northern Vietnam. Due to lack of information so many suspicious points, the attack is that U.S. President Lyndon Johnson waiting for. To August 5, alleged by the United States need help with a country threatened by communism, Mr. enforcement powers to intervene in Vietnam, he commanded began bombing North Vietnam to toward "Americanization" of the Vietnam War.
Brazil's response to the Gulf of Tonkin incident was entirely favorable to military action by the United States, especially towards the press. Newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, August 4, 1964 starting conservatively reported, although the news is not confirmed. On Aug. 5, no doubt: U.S. ship was attacked by North Vietnamese high-speed train. As has been stated to the newspaper: war is caused by the North Vietnamese, the U.S. bombing of North Vietnam and the United States claims the measures will be implemented in South Vietnam to prevent communism production.
Because China is the North Vietnamese leaders to extend the expansion of communism to the South, China condemned the main culprit causing all the trouble. This is the explanation of the site's Daily newspaper on 07 August Sao Paulo, along with the article that the Chinese army is ready to war, if the U.S. attacked North Vietnam, but actually not occur. The editors emphasize the response of the United States is inevitable and should consider two options:
1 - The neutrality of the area to fall down the dominance of the Communist Party; or
2 - A scale offensive action to neutralize the activities of communists, can be used even if the atomic bomb.
China (and even the Soviet Union) has provoked the North Vietnam to go to war. What kind of news to blame the communist world is fairly typical at this time. After the coup in March 1964 the military took power, but is more concerned that the armed forces do not want to leave too soon political power, the media supported the Brazilian military in the overthrow President João Goulart. However, in the early stages of the coup and the end of an era of government administration Joao Goulart, the anti-communist propaganda was spreading rapidly. The anti-communism is still very high at this time. The loan on the Tonkin Gulf incident could not escape thinking it on margin.
Military Government and the Vietnam War
On day 6 (August 1964), posted on page headlines of the newspapers Sao Paulo: Brazilian military government expressed sympathy and support of the United States against North Vietnamese aggression. Since it is an intervention to support a country is under attack by communism. It also argues for the military's statement justifying why the military junta came to power in March 1964 - the location of the Brazilian government supports the United States is quite reasonable.
Since the first news about the events in Southeast Asia, Brazil, the military regime has proved to be very interested in the situation in Vietnam. They want fast results, preferably with a favorable result for the United States. Risk still possible to give examples of groups opposed to the military regime can still cause a reaction within Brazil at that time, but the pressure of the allies, the United States wanted the presence of Brazilian troops in the Vietnam conflict.
Through separate dispatch of President Johnson, through Ambassador in Brazil Lincoln Gordon, President Castelo Branco was informed most of the work being done in Vietnam. In a letter sent from President Johnson to President Castelo (dated 25-07-1965), President of the United States stated its intention clear: "I have been informed that the Brazilian government has sent coffee and medicine to Vietnam through the Brazilian Red Cross, and I am sure that these items are essential for the country of Vietnam, in the present circumstances, however, necessary to support additional more, and I am very interested to know your point of view of the additional support of the Brazilian government can provide for Vietnam. "
The U.S. government has set conditions for Brazil to borrow $ 150 million in exchange for the presence of Brazilian troops in Vietnam. This policy by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Magalhaes Juraci Brazil revealed. Commenting on the request of the United States, he Juraci said: "Ask U.S. Government to Vietnam be fully reflected through the U.S. Ambassador in Brazil Mr. Gordon. In his last meeting with me before Christmas, Mr. Gordon said at the request of President Johnson Brazil should cooperate in the military efforts of the United States. (...) He asked us to war, by sending ground forces, ships or aircraft, the doctors and nurses ".
According to political theory at the University of Vo were Brazil, the President Castello never had the idea of ​​sending troops to Vietnam. According to this theory, strategic areas that Brazil needs to protect and intervene in emergencies is the South Atlantic region, stability operations in neighboring Paraguay and Bolivia, Venezuela, always the competitor Uruguaya Argentina. Protection of the coastal margins of the Atlantic coast of Africa to help fight against the rebels, the struggle led by the characters in the socialist revolution. And north, prevents the effects of the Cuban Revolution. This may explain the presence of Brazilian troops in the Dominican Republic in 1965. As the United States has done in Southeast Asia during this time, so when Brazil has completed its role in the American continent to Brazil's presence in South Vietnam is not necessary.
Castello Branco President Government support for South Vietnam coffee and send medical assistance through the Brazilian Red Cross. Despite the help of Brazilian coffee and only a very small pharmacy, when Vietnamese people build monuments of gratitude for helping countries in the South in the battle against the spread of communism, they have do not forget to sign Brazil as an allied country.
Then in a letter on behalf of President Nixon (1969-74), Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has filed for Brazilian president Medici on 16-07-1973, Brazil requested the committee to replace Canada in four countries part is controlling on the implementation of the Paris Agreement of 1973. Because Brazil is a country with an independent ideology (not dependent on any power) and foreign affairs experience. Government President Medici (General management) refused the request pretext Vietnam is a thorny problem for the Brazilian government.
Author ORIVALDO Leme Biagi, MA history of Brazil, UNICAMP University Lecturer, State of Sao Paulo. This section cited in the book "The Vietnam War and the war period the United States", published in Rio de Janeiro in 2004, by Portuguese translation by a crew of Brazil Nguyen Huu Tho, Nguyen Quang Duy editing.

Office 8406 Bloc launched in the State of New South Wales Australia

8406 Bloc was formed in Vietnam on April 8, 2006 has gone through 6 years of direct combat with the communist regime, and gradually develop overseas. At noon Saturday, 14/04/2012, at room Cabravale Hall Leisure Centre hundreds of countrymen, representatives of corporate and members attended the 8406 launch of Office 8406 in the State of New South Wales Australia . At the last minute executive board representing the Vietnamese Community in New South Wales Liberal did apologize for unexpected work could not attend.

In very solemn air, Mr. Nguyen Giang Truong of Sydney offered greetings to the guests and community members. Next to Mr. Vu Trong Khai MC announced official opening ceremony and invited everyone to stand up towards the Vietnamese Australian national flag to flag-raising ceremony.

Start the program from Homeland Father Phan Van Loi brief 8406 report living in the past 6 years and thank the overseas compatriots always support both mentally and physically to the soldiers of democracy in homeland. Priest do not forget to mention the contribution of Block 1706 and Block 1906 for Movement for Democracy in Vietnam.
Next is the presentation of Lawyer Luu Tuong Quang and Nguyen Quang Duy. Lawyer Liu Xiang Quang brief historical presentation Relations Australia - Vietnam and the problem is happening in the South China Sea. Counsel emphasized Quang hammer blows of China are increasingly tight from both sides on Vietnam Sea and the Mekong River, Vietnam Mr Quang only one way out is to actively participate in the Trans-block Partners Pacific (TPP) and encouraged by the United States are on the form.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Duy explained 8406 is a collection of soldiers and fight organized with the aim of dissolving the communist regime. 8406 because it was just a struggling mass organizations, mass will be automatically dissolved after Vietnam has been a liberal constitution. Mr. Duy said, Block is the goal of creating favorable conditions for the political organization of political parties could operate openly. He believed that Vietnam needs more political parties to gather people with similar political orientation in order to promote the democratization struggle in Vietnam.

Next is the workshop, the first question raised is the use of the funds contributed by fellow countrymen. Mr. Duy said it depends entirely on the local level. In Victoria all amounts contributed are people moved to Homeland for civic or political are members were imprisoned by communist. The organization sent are widely refer to the member of the siblings here. These organizations will use the funds to directly help the soldiers or family democracy. In Victoria there are Prisoners of Conscience Foundation is an independent organization with 8406 received directly transfer the gift to help the Prisoners of Conscience and family.

Other discussions revolved around the situation in Vietnam, the changes in the South China Sea and the role of the Movement for Democracy in Vietnam. Especially the comments of Mr. Pham Dinh Ky, he said we need more attention to the signing between the Vietnamese Communist Party Central at the 1990 Conference in Chengdu. The signing of this is allowing China gradually merged Vietnam into a province of China. Democracy Movement therefore need to further promote Vietnam not become a colony of China. Mr. Vu Trong Khai reviewed the operation of block 8406 shows always encourage the elimination of anti-communist monopoly, such as the new combinations are all the people and organize tasks to complete dissolution of the communist regime.

The ceremony was composer Thanh Hung helped the arts and be directly played on a political forum democratic debate (Paltalk). In general, the premiere was held in an atmosphere very warm and dignified. All participants were directed to a country increasingly dependent on the recession to China with a desire to contribute hands bring freedom and democracy for Vietnam.

It is known that after the ceremony Mr. Nguyen Quang Duy and members visiting Sydney Block 1706 and then 1906. In spiritual direction of Homeland links Support Democracy Movement, Campaign 8406 and two blocks Friends have shared experiences and discussed activities activities links in the future.

When asked "Sydney has a block 1706 and block 1906, the two blocks have their living to support 8406, so it is necessary to establish the Office 8406 in Sydney or not?" Said Nguyen Quang Duy "Although many members of Block 1706 and Block 1906 are members of Bloc 8406, the Office established in Sydney in 8406 to develop plans overseas and all three blocks are to act independently, have different roles and have different activities. Yet all three blocks have the same single target is fighting for dissolution the regime of communist Vietnam. 8406 will be associated with block 1706 and block 1906 in the general living and this is a particular specified in the platform of 8406 Bloc. "

Nguyen Giang (general)
Sydney 14/04/2012

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