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Declaration on the private ownership of land in Vietnam By the way of Doan Van Vuon's case


                THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Khối 8406
Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam 2006

Dear fellow Vietnam and abroad. Please widely disseminated and translated into foreign languages ​​to broad public opinion. We sincerely thank you.

Declaration on the private ownership of land in Vietnam
By the way of Doan Van Vuon's case

- The entire fellow Vietnam and abroad.
- Our Vietnam are farmers feed their homeland each day.

            WHEREAS: Since starting operations in Vietnam in 1930, the Communist Party of Vietnam has always claimed that farmers support their most essential, the most important forces of the country, always promising "distribution land justice "and" farmers having land "to entice the peasantry-each accounted for 80-90% of the population follow-party as" revolutionary ".

            Considering that fact, throughout the Land Reform (1953-1956), thousands of farmers have been doing brilliant damnation, was sentenced to death for crimes have been labeled "landlords". After the incident "landslide" with blood and tears, the field is divided by the farm to the poor famers was quickly stripped, put into agricultural cooperatives. But this policy only bring hunger not only for farmers but also for the whole North Vietnam country.

            Whereas: After the reunification in 1975, agricultural policy mistakes and inhuman, contempt for private ownership of land was to be continued across Vietnam, together with the policy of "reform socialist means "" industrial, trade reform, "contempt for private ownership of production, has pushed the country goes to the brink of bankruptcy exhaustion, leaving in 1988, the Communist Party to finish tighten economic time, proposed Resolution 10 of the Securities of agricultural products for farmers. The country with rice to eat and even surplus for export. But farmers still fall in poverty, because the land is owned are pouring their money, sweat and effort.

            WHEREAS: The deprivation of private ownership of land (which is a right to human nature, human civilization is recognized by the International Declaration of Human Rights Article 17) was ignored by the Vietnam Communist legislation 17-18 of goods by the 1992 Constitution and Article 1 of the 1993 Land Law through the formula "Land is the property of the people, by the uniform State management". More formidable, by Article 1 of the 2003 Land Law through the formula "State ownership represents all the people on land." Consequently, people only use rights, individual farmers are assigned only rice fields for 20 years or perennials planted land for 50 years. But this limited time when local authorities arbitrarily shortened. This is the most important ways to the Communist Party retain power and dominate the long term is the source of all major social injustice in Vietnam today.

            WHEREAS: In theory, the people owning the land is a virtual concept, only for fraud, while in fact, "state representative" owner is the Communist Party monopoly rule country and its members, officials of the party in power at each location, from provincial to district and commune levels. Since the open market economy, calling for foreign investment, industrial development (1986), officials have recently applied legal principles strange land of the said Act, just take advantage of numerous loopholes make hundreds of documents (in so many different text warping, even conflicting, understood in a way also) to drive millions of people out to where the land is place to live or practice, from ponds or lagoons are breeding farms or under cultivation. This act of injustice is often done with the full cooperation of the government conspiracy of various levels and departments in the ruling apparatus. The colluding between Haiphong, Tien Lang district, Quang Vinh, the committees, authorities, courts, police, front, in the military crackdown, looting, destruction, detention, access Mr. Doan Van Vuon family  is a typical case.

            Considering that: Entrance reimbursement for dirt cheap, not enough for people to rebuild their homes and do the old job or move to new occupations; or even worse, white pirate style effort, destroyed crops, destroy housing, landlord assault
- Has pushed hundreds of thousands of families to place half dead, bleak future, making children miss school, most children go to work slave labor or sexual slavery across four of the earth, or a family affair to put together runs out countries such as the Montagnards in the Central Highlands since 2001, Da Nang Con Dau parishioners since 2010.

- Made disaster "petitioners" unprecedented in the history of Ethnic Group with thousands of petitioners who flock from father to offspring, from generation to generation his children, from Countryside to province, from South to North from local to central office before the National Assembly, Front offices, reception offices of civil government ... with a bunch of applications, thousands repel raids, thousands of desperate anxiety that ...

- Has accrued to the people along the way must be by action against the much less violent, causing many people to a jail sentence, as at the Thai Binh in 1997, Saigon at District 9 in 2008, at Khoai Chau, Hung Yen, 2008 at Ben Tre in 2011, at Luc Ngan Bac Giang in 2012, or imprisoned as at Dak Ngo, Dak Nong in 2011, at Tien Lang, Hai Phong in 2012 ...
- Has caused injury to the petitioners at Kien Giang in 2008, causing the death of the petitioners at Trang Bom district, Dong Nai in 2008, at Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa in 2010, or has made people commit suicide because of his frustrations as Pham The Son at Son Tra district, Da Nang in 2011, Nguyen Van Tuong at Thang Binh Quang Nam in 2012.

            WHEREAS: In addition to reasons of national defense, public utility, development, many staff members have seized the expropriation of land only to real estate speculators, trade with subdivision divided together, for foreign firms hiring, selling the company in the business of building golf courses or recreational areas of tourism, or even planning to hang dozens of years ... This is damaging both for security food, both for social security, political security of people just for the country.

            At that same agricultural land use, but farmers were "limited fill" when they are allocated land and the land use right transfer (2 or 3 hectares), was not held. Businesses only need to set up projects submitted to competent authorities for approval, if deemed feasible, the State may assign the right to use their land for thousands of hectares of area. To fill this term, besides the 20-year term for rice fields and ponds of fish and 50 years for perennial gardens, farmers can not secure and eager to invest in the farming or cultivation, as well as harm to the development of society. Also, there are individual cases officers looted hundreds of hectares of land, which became tenant farmers, chewed afford to hire the field, even become serfs for landlords new red, as in Hon Dat, Kien Giang. That is not including the Food Corporation of the State's south for years began to raise difficulties to southern farmers, forced to sell low price for their rice.

            Therefore, our 8406

            1 - Requires the National Assembly of Socialist Republic of Vietnam must hear the voice of the people of religions, of the intelligentsia which amended the 1992 Constitution, the people returned to private ownership of land are ancient capital; edit radically change the 2003 Land Law, the principle of unjust cancellation scam absurd: "The land belongs to the people of the state property agent", so that people actually own the land and its fulness, especially because of turmoil and social conflicts will occur when coming due at lease 20 years that the 1993 Land Law was arbitrarily imposed.

            2 - For the Socialist Republic of Vietnam must be released immediately and unconditionally to the petitioners claim has been jailed for life on land, farms for protecting their homes, such as Ben Tre seven petitioners were treatment on 30-5-2011 (including Pastor Duong Kim Khai), 11 petitioners Luc Ngan, Bac Giang was executed on 08-03-2012, 4 family members said Doan Van Vuon is being held from 05 -01-2012 since being falsely accused of "murder and against the duty."

            3 - Requires the State to terminate the life of harassment, restrictions on practice or return to the freedom of lawyers to defend each of the petitioners as Le Tran Law, Le Thi Cong Nhan Huynh Van Dong, Cu Huy Ha Vu ... , to stop disrupting the work of religious leaders has been committed to protecting individuals, community organizations lost their land or homes.

            4 - Requires Procuratorate, the State Inspectorate, the Fatherland Front, Vietnam Farmers Association, the local court to review, consider and resolve the situation millions reasonable complaint of the petitioners three domain, from farmers, urban people to lay and their relatives.

            5 - Call the police force and army, which came from the people and get paid to feed people, not only as a tool of the blind "interest groups", the "red capitalists" to town pressure and deprived people.

            6 - Call in five continents' governments and international organizations the right conditions are attached to private ownership of land, rights of people living in projects to help Vietnam aid economic development, from building infrastructure floor to the construction of people's livelihood, cultural works, factories and enterprises.

            7 - Calling all members of Bloc 8406 in domestic and abroad, all voluntary organizations, all human rights organizations, all organizations struggle of the Lac Hong grandchildren everywhere continue to soothe painful efforts and advocacy favor of the petitioners in Vietnam.

            On this occasion, congratulations 8406 success of the Vietnamese Community in the United States through the Freedom of petition signed by 150 thousand on Human Rights to President B. Obama, as well as support for the Vietnamese Community in Australia Freedom in the collection of signatures of people around the world in petition of the Human Rights to Congress of Australia.

            Declaration on 20-04-2012 in Vietnam, when the government intends to enforcement on thousands of households unfairly Van Giang, Hung Yen to conduct urban Ecopark project.

            Board of Representatives interim 8406.

A. Do Nam Hai Engineer - 441 Nguyen Kiem, P. 9, Q. Phu Nhuan, Saigon, VN.
Two. Rev. Phan Van Loi - 16/46 Tran Phu Street, Hue City, VN.
3. Professor Nguyen Chinh Ket - 8406 Representing overseas.
            For the communion of Father Nguyen Van Ly, Tran Anh Kim veteran, writer Nguyen Xuan Nghia, and many political prisoners, other religions are in Communist prison.


1) Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Tuy%C3%AAn_ng%C3%B4n_Qu%E1%BB% 91c_t%E1%BA%BF_Nh%C3%A2n_quy% E1%BB%81n

2) Tuyên bố của Khối 8406 nhân kỷ niệm lần thứ 6 ngày thành lập (8/4/2006 – 8/4/2012):: archives/55680

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