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Sweden will stop development aid to Vietnam


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Sweden, a Nordic countries first of the European community has stated formally discontinue development aid to Vietnam because of achievement of corruption, poor human rights and no freedom and democracy by Communist government of Vietnam in recent years. This is a common pain and is a tremendous loss to the whole people of Vietnam. Not only material loss but also the humiliation of the spirit when Viet Nam in the eyes of the world community is a totalitarian country, bad economic because of rampant corruption, social unrest because of the law not be respected, not enforced justice, human rights are trampled seriously and Freedom and Democracy are seen only in dreams, in theory and in rhetoric was empty, is full of cunning sophistry and from the mouth of the party leaders and authorities in order to deceive public opinion at home and abroad.

After Sweden, which countries will continue to declare an official cease aid to Vietnam? This is possible if the leaders are not willing to improve its poor human rights of their present. United States, which has the world's largest democracy and also the country with an enormous market than had repeatedly warned Vietnam must respect human rights, Freedom and Democracy. The Vietnam-US dialogue on Human Rights was held in Washington DC in May 11-2011, the U.S. government has also announced the terms associated of human rights with humanitarian aid, military and national rooms including support long-term economic development for Vietnam. In the trend of globalization today, Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy is the only platform to help the country develop stable economic, political and peace for the country.

Objectives and benefits associated with the implementation of democracy and respect for human rights in communist countries and countries with dictatorial rule arbitrary and draconian such as Vietnam was clearly specific. But to truly reach and it inherits the benefits for Vietnam still remains a puzzle as guidelines and policies of the party group leaders and the Vietnam government be always toward of private interests for themselves and their families. If donors are not only disadvantaged people and only poverty but government officials still live milling milling, enjoy the luxury living and therefore to leaders can put national interests on private interests of themselves still exist a great distance requires the people of Vietnam must be responsible and more efforts in the struggle for Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights for Vietnam.



Sweden will stop development aid to Vietnam
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Ngoại trưởng Thụy Điển Carl Bildt trong một cuộc họp báo. Ảnh chụp ngày 05/04/2012.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt in a press conference. Photo taken on 05/04/2012.

After 45 years of generous support to Vietnam unconditionally, the Swedish government, with aid policies associated with human rights and democracy, intends to discontinue official development aid to Vietnam and will focus on technical assistance.

According to the OCDE, last year, which official development assistance (ODA) in the world were down 2.7% compared to 2010. This is the first time since 1997, ODA decreased so that the main reason of course is due to global recession, so many countries to tighten their belts.

However, while other rich countries such as France, Spain or Japan to reduce development aid, then Sweden is still one of the few countries (along with Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg and the Netherlands ) has proved generous to the poor countries, ie remains found at the official development assistance of more than 0.7% of the total domestic product GDP, the level prescribed by the United Nations.

Sweden is also the Western aid to Vietnam early, continuous from the early 1970s and is far northwestern European countries and non-refundable aid for Vietnam's largest. In the period from 1970-1990, the economic cooperation between the two countries mainly in the form of Swedish non-refundable aid to Vietnam to do some work such as Bai Bang paper mill (Phu Tho) , Swedish Institute for Children (Hanoi), etc. ..

From 1990 to this, the Swedish aid to Vietnam to focus more on programs and cooperation projects in health, energy, forestry and rural development in mountainous northern 5 provinces  (Phu Tho , Tuyen Quang, Yen Bai, Lao Cai, Ha Giang), culture, education and training of science and technology, poverty reduction, etc. . .

However, relations between Sweden to Vietnam in recent years does not seem passionate as before. Even when the Swedish government has had to consider the closed embassy in Hanoi since 2011, with a lack of funding reason, but later retracted this decision. On the other hand, in the future, Sweden will not continue to show a generous unconditionally with Vietnam again, especially since the country's new government policies associated with the aid of human rights progress and democracy, as well as anti-corruption, in countries where Swedish help.

In recent years, Sweden has repeatedly voiced see Vietnam as not only progressive but also regressive in terms of human rights, democracy, as well as in terms of fighting corruption, especially after the Vietnam Nam in 2008 sentenced two Vietnamese journalists Nguyen Chien of Thanh Nien and Nguyen Van Hai of Youth newspaper, two journalists have taken the lead in spreading the news of the PMU 18 corruption, a corruption case related ODA to international aid.

At that time, in an interview with the VietnamNet, Counsellor Embassy of Sweden, Ms. Molly Lien, stated bluntly:'' Corruption in projects using ODA is impossible acceptable''. Ms. Molly Lien said that the Swedish aid money from Swedes pay taxes. That money is used to help Vietnam reduce poverty and build democracy and no corruption.

At the meeting the group of donors for Vietnam in Hanoi on 12/2009, Swedish Ambassador Rolf Bergman had also urged the Hanoi government annulled the measures to control the Internet, as well as to allow media to oversight of the institutions of power.

Maybe partly because Vietnam was seen as no progress on human rights and democracy that the Swedish government plans to stop granting official development aid to Vietnam and will only focus on technical assistance .

To sum up all his 45 years of aid to Vietnam, on two quarters past, the Organization for International Development Cooperation of Sweden (SIDA) organized a seminar in Stockholm and had invited Dr. Le Dang Doanh, one of the leading economists of Vietnam, comes to comments on this summary. Here you are invited to listen to interview Dr. Doanh:

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