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VN in escalation of intimidation to Human Trafficking witness


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VN in escalation of intimidation to Human Trafficking witness

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United States Representative Speaks

Stream Line on 06/04/2012

Before the news of her mother-Anh Vu Phuong was stabbed and seriously wounded, BPSOS has quickly organized campaign to increase protection for these victims and witnesses of human trafficking in Vietnam.

Office of Congressman Christopher Smith (Republican, NJ) said that they have expressed to officials of the Vietnam Embassy in Washington concerns about the threatened action aimed at her in Phuong-Anh at United States and of her close relatives in Vietnam.

During the recent acts of intimidation and terror upon the spirit of increasing media coverage of the hearing Jan. 24 before the Human Rights Subcommittee of the House with the participation of Ms. Phuong-Anh in as victims and witnesses.

At the hearing, Ts. Nguyen Dinh Thang, Executive Director of BPSOS, cites much evidence of human trafficking in labor export program by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Management. He also cited that the government of Vietnam has always threatened, terrorism and punish the victims when they stand up for justice.

He presented to the Subcommittee on Human Rights that less than a year ago, the Ministry of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs mentioned by name of CAMSA  and BPSOS have "agitated" workers strike, disturbing. Accordingly, one for this "inciting" is the case of Ms. Phuong-Anh and 175 victims were rescued in February 2008 in Jordan.

After two years in hiding in Thailand, with the intervention of BPSOS, last year  Phuong-Anh She came to the United States under the Refugee Migration.


Congressman Al Green (far left) and Congressman Smith (center) at the hearing on 24.01.2012 (Photo BPSOS)

When Congressman Al Green (Democrat, TX) asked about her own situation, Ms. Phuong-Anh said to have received threatening phone calls and twice had been pressed and lightweight hit by a white car without number plate. Also there was a stranger to take her track work.

Hearing this, Congressman Green ask Congressman Smith, the Chairman of the hearing proposal to the FBI for Ms. Phuong-Anh protection and investigation of acts of intimidation and spirit terror.

In the last few days later BPSOS in collaboration with the offices of two congressmen and to work with the FBI. The FBI appointed a Vietnamese-speaking staff to monitor this.

FBI agents also were informed about the mother of Ms. Phuong-Anh was stabbed and seriously wounded.

Dr. Thang said that BPSOS also reported this incident and arrange a meeting with U.S. State Department next week to discuss the details.

According to him, a terrorist act has occurred may be related to an ongoing lawsuit.

With the help of a U.S. law firm and lawyer organizations to combat trafficking, January 27 Ms. Phuong-Anh has joined with BPSOS and Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang made lawsuit to components in human trafficking in which she is the victim: Taiwanese companies operating in Jordan, two U.S. companies, and some officials as well as government agencies in Vietnam.

Phuong-Anh soon as she struggled to stand up in Jordan in February 2008, the Vietnam government has charged her to be part of reactionary, colluding with foreign institutions to discredit and undermine the labour export program of state of Vietnam. At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs has a press conference to condemn BPSOS organization has initiated the rescue Ms. Phuong-Anh and 175 other victims.

Last April 3, the Quan Doi Nhan Dan newspaper condemned Dr. Thang and organizations BPSOS, and the Alliance CAMSA in Vietnamese workers rescue  in Jordan. According to Dr. Thang, this is a sign that escalation response from the government of Vietnam.


Coalition to Abolish Slavery New In Asia, abbreviated CAMSA (Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia) in English, is composed of five member organizations: BPSOS, Vietnamese Canadian Federation, Association of Human Rights International (Germany), and Tenaganita (Malaysia). After four years of operation, the Alliance CAMSA intervened service for over 60 large and small cases, affecting four thousand workers. Union CAMSA need the support of the people to continue to develop interventions and activities to assist victims, prosecute perpetrators, and to promote changes in national policy.

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