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Vietnam's communist government in serious violations of religious freedom


Commission on International Religious Freedom United States (USCIRF) recommended the US Department of State to reinstate Vietnam on the CPC list of countries with cases in violations of Religious freedom seriously and continuity

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Religious Freedom, the holiest fundamental right of people has often been a flagrant abuses in Vietnam. Especially on holidays like Memorial sacred celebration of Easter and Christmas of Catholics in particular and the other commemoration days of the great religions in general. Up to now, the government of Vietnam still concern about religious beliefs of the people and the growing fear that the enormous influence that can be detrimental to the interests and power of the dictatorial leadership of the party and government who follow atheism and carry out a policy of dictatorship, and authoritarian party in Vietnam.

The severe persecution of religious to people most focus on ethnicity, on the explosive activity and enthusiasm in the field of Religion, in regions, the regions, districts and townships cities where there are Catholics and have strong faith in religion. Especially targeted at the religions have more influential and far-reaching that the communist government of Vietnam has always fallen into their religious reactionary, anti-communist tradition as brought the Catholic Church, Christianity and Buddhism Hoa Hao, Cao Dai .......
The government always regarded the religion as the opium should be removed. They tried to propaganda and misinformation and all schemes perform tricks and managed to secure the lowest limit to all activities and religious activities. Obstructing and constantly causing difficulties in the pastoral practice of the Catholic priests, Protestant pastors and monks of other major religions.

The government also commits many acts of terrorism to intimidate the spirit of the people, prohibits all activities interfere with the action and even using violence, using thugs attacked and threatened to force people to abandon religion, Religion and alienation in case of necessity, slander charges, arrest and imprison those who are uncooperative attitude or ideological opposition to bring misconduct of the rights as unlawful arrests of dozens of young Catholics of the Redemptorists, Vinh diocese in recent years. Serious violations of religious freedom rights of the state government of Vietnam has always been a concern of the leading international human rights organizations and many countries around the world. Recently, many of U.S. Congressman, Senators and several organizations including the Commission on International Religious Freedom United States has strongly condemned the serious violations of religious freedom in Vietnam and ask the U.S. State Department put Vietnam back on the CPC list of countries which have actions infringe religious freedom continuous and nature seriously.


Dak Hring chief of police violations of religious freedom
Posted by cheoreo at 11:07pm 8/04/12

     VRNs (08/04/2012) - Around 9:30 this morning, Easter Sunday, celebration of those who believe in Jesus Christ, two diocesan Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh of Kontum and Pierre Tran Thanh Chung go with some of parishioners to visit and celebrate Mass in the village of Dak Hring Turia yop, Dak Ha District, Kontum. However, when close to there, the two Bishops delegation was stopped by the police chief Dak Hring named Phuc. Mr. Phuc did agree for the union on the grounds that this is the quarantine area, no one is on!

This is a primary role of a pretext to stop a religious activity, because this work lies to reveal much nonsense. As such, this is a violation of religious freedom in a brazen broad daylight Sunday.

We wonder that the government Dak Ha and Dak Hring commune Is the terrorist organization disguised or not? Why would a job clear violation of law as to be tolerated? If the government really exist in this place can not happen things like that.

VRNs reporter recorded the following image, is evidence to denounce violations of religious freedom of Mr. Phuc the police chief Dak Hring:


Chief, police chief Dak Hring (standing between Bishop)

Commune police themselves up table "quarantine area"

Who are you? What's doing here?


The letter of the People's Committee of Dak Ha district refused to allow priests held Mass for the people at Dak Hring commune, Dak Ha district, Kon Tum province.

The letter of Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh, Kon Tum Diocese Bishop sent the supreme leaders of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Nguyen Du High School (Kontum) prohibit students go to Easter
Posted by admin at 2:32 the morning of 4/10/12

VRNs (04/10/2012) - Kontum - 08.04.2012 morning, after not visiting Turia yop, Kontum diocese bishop was a student in high school Nguyen Du, Kontum Province, said teacher in charge of Group the message "students do go to church at Easter will be expelled." this student said, even under threat like that, but they still go to church, because that is their faith , they must keep.

Is there a policy of excluding Catholics from Kontum province or not? Why all the fight to priests in the province, the authorities did not clarify the investigation, to prohibit bishops to celebrate Mass of the Resurrection, is the most important holiday of the year for Catholics, now openly ban students go to church?

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