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Vietnam follow The way of Burma?


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Vietnam follow The way of Burma? 

Nguyen Quang Duy
Earlier this week, President Thein Seinn with a delegation of many government officials Burmese leader to visit Vietnam. In this diplomatic visit, he met both Truong Tan Sang, Nguyen Tan Dung, Nguyen Phu Trong. However his visit of less up-date on the national press. In Vietnam, the officials are afraid the four words "political change" that the Burmese political change are now occurring as a blizzard and so the press can be restricted directly this  information.
Meanwhile political change has always been both the Vietnamese and Western politicians attention. Specifically, in the past Hearings on 24-2-2012, the Australian congressman has asked Bloc 8406 "There may be a Gorbachev in Vietnam or not?" And be answered as follows: "We have not seen a clear signs. But as we were presented with you if we are trying to pressure Vietnam to Burma's path and then chance will appear who want real change. "This article would opportunity to comment Vietnam follow the way of Burma.
Rulers were influenced Chinese
Since the border with China and are under dictatorships, both countries were Chinese control. China announced the China Sea. They sent millions of Chinese people to live in VN, they find ways to assimilate the peoples of the region. Many areas in both countries have become Chinese land concessions. They use tricks such as using money to bribe government officials. They recovered resources, conquer and destroy both Vietnam market - Burma.
China has become so threatening to the independence of countries in the region. They used military threats and war to neighboring countries. Since then they create fear for the public and some government officials of both Myanmar and Vietnam. They force political aware people must change to promptly adapt to any situation that may occur.
Meanwhile the world's totalitarian party-increasingly smaller, the more demanding democracy is increasing, even the Chinese rulers also claimed to avoid civil war could happen they need to change politics. The authorities of both countries Vietnam Burma no longer than to change the political regime from dictatorship to liberal democracy.

From military dictatorship change into a Freedom and Democracy
Unlike Vietnam, Burma under the military dictatorship. Power and national interests in the hands of some army generals. They often use the army to suppress the minority or demonstrations demanding democracy and freedom. So Burma was the world's economic blockade and diplomatic isolation. Chinese take advantage of opportunities to stand out official sponsor of Burma's military rulers and controlling the country.
Among the ruling generals also have people who truly patriotic. They want their country out of control within China. They want their country of freedom and democracy and overcome the crisis caused by the junta. Mr. Thein Sein incumbent President is one of the generals said above.
Thein Sein has held the rank of Colonel General, fourth in the military and the Supreme Military Council appointed Prime Minister. He left the army, resigned as prime minister and ran for President. As soon as he announced the winner will dialogue with Aung San Suu Kyi, he ordered the release of political prisoners and announced toward free elections. He said the ceasefire and conduct negotiations with the minority. He also found ways to do a link between the army and people can avoid the crash occurred. Many people see him as one of Burma's Gorbachev.
Burmese government recently announced plans to loosen control over the media. Information Minister Kyaw San said the government has approved the transfer of writers, publishers, journalists, former state controlled by an independent organization and is discussing revise the current press law .
On 01/04/2012 Burma here will hold additional elections Congress, Burma has officially invited the West to appoint observers to monitor elections. They also for the opposition parties have a say on the media. Pictures of Aung San Suu Kyi to be appreciated, appeared on front pages of major newspapers, the
TV stations. News of her was widely announced on the radio.
The job of the Burmese government are internationally recognized as the political process of change really is happening in this country.

Army is a key factor for political change in Vietnam?
While Burma's political reforms, Vietnam remains a communist country, power and national interest fell to the 14 member Politburo and limbs of this group of Commissioners. All 14 people have been the patron China recognition and protection. So they have been seen by our people such as animal behavior at North Properties. In 2010, after a visit to the Burma, Nguyen Tan Dung has urged this country held free elections. Burma has changed while the Vietnam Communist Party is still struggling to find a way to solve the crisis is becoming worse.
The fear of the Politburo of the Commissioner is a place of peace, self development, self-transformation. They fear the party members and those who serve in the Communist apparatus to realize the truth about the nation. In fear, they fear most is the Army will stand by the side of people to regain the freedom that had been robbed by the Communist party. So on the Quan Doi Nhan Dan newspaper has a weekly talk about "make failed to strategies of peace movements." Last, the seduction, all the threats, all caution, all the lie ... all create an opposite reaction, they make the reader recognize the Communist Party is losing control over the military.
In fact, the vast majority of middle and senior officials in the military have grown in the war in Cambodia and the fight against communist hegemony invading China. They do not sell themselves to the Chinese as the Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietnam. They must deal with the threat of war, on the one hand they must rely on people, on the other hand they must always pay attention to countries like the United States, Russia, Japan, Australia, India, Europe ... to find that link or Chinese aid when attacked.
Different with Burmese, Army in Vietnam  is not used by Communist Party to suppress the people. Thus the prestige of the army or at least still have no animosity towards the people. Military personnel were from the people and the children of people. They also directly affected by corruption, the comprehensive crisis are constantly occurring. Military personnel and their families are suffering as bad as people. While to have the luxurious living, the authorities had to greed plundered national assets. When they live in luxurious living the same mean they dig injustice and discontent among the ruling elite and the masses (including military).
The military has also witnessed the uprising of the people in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East, they also know the downfall of the communist bloc of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. They recognize the role of the Army is safeguarding the country and serve the people, rather than leading role to protect the Communist Party today. Many soldiers have awakened and are finding their way back to the nation.
They began to feel political change will bring good things both physically and mentally for them and their families. Many military personnel are aware if they actively stand up to overthrow communism they will be rewarded. But if they reverse their crimes will be punished harshly.
The following excerpt from the article "Preparing the resistance of military personnel" on the Quan Doi Nhan Dan on 5-2-2012 page shows real soldiers in Vietnam: "... access to information on the Internet, only need a soldier accidentally read the information "extrinsic" and "whisper" instant teammates, they will then be read by many other military personnel. And this information immediately spread insidious poison cells reside in the mind of each soldier and development, "metastasis" ... Thus, all the unpredictable effects of "free movement", it creates a negative effect on the ideological, psychological, underlying right in thinking, actions, work the owner, takes constant vigilance day of each soldier. "
Because of fear, The army will proactively Political Reform, 2006, the Politburo (IX) has issued

Resolution 51 toward the implementation of the Committee and political commissar in the army according to mold Chinese Communist Party has set out. In fact the military has lost faith in the Communist Party propaganda is becoming increasingly ridiculous. And external information flows become more reliable confidence and become a soldier. Every soldier believes that Vietnam needs to liberal democracy.
Resolution 51 also creates the undercurrent of dissatisfaction among members of political and military generals in the Army. So in the case of Army generals can link to make a revolution or a coup to overthrow the ruling minority is the case most likely to happen.
The Resolution directive recently confirmed in the Party Central Committee has made the implicit defected back to the communist nation, back to the masses of people. When the time comes the people within the Communist Party want to make changes will combine to the same people standing up and dissolution of this party. They will give those who can dialogue with the opposition and the people trust. This is the best solution because otherwise people will rise up and riot is something not many people expected.
Both of Vietnam- China Communist Party is deadband
News from China blizzard that many major changes have been occurring within the Chinese Communist Party. These predictions show that Hu Jintao will empower Xi Wen Jiabao will also replace Li Keqiang. Both the tendency to continue economic reforms and steps to carry out political reform.
Last week a big purge from two decades has occurred in China. Chongqing Party Secretary, Politburo member of Communist Party of China, Bo Xilai, China advocated a return to hardline as Mao Zedong, has removed from office. Just because he supported Commissioner Bo Xilai Politburo Standing charge of the security industry, Zhou Yongkang, were purged. From now until May 10 to 2012, when Congress Communist Party of China opened to many important changes ...
In fact, Vietnam Communist Party has relied completely on and just be seen as a cost of Chinese Communist Party. Inside the Party branch is also filled with internal divisions and there are signs that will happen the internal purge the Communist Party of Vietnam. Because the pursuit of a growth model of risk for China also is a threat to communist Vietnam. And any changes in China which will seriously affect the Communist Party of Vietnam.
Communist Party of Vietnam is not another way than before as to choose the political regime change.
Create pressure for political change
The political change in Vietnam is a sure thing will happen. But if you want a change occurs soon we need to strengthen the work beyond the office (lobby), mobilizing the masses to stand up and especially the military campaign to put pressure to force the Communist Party implement political reform.
But to create a maximum pressure, the Democracy Movement Vietnam needs to go into the organization. To contribute to the goals, in mid-April here, on 14/04/2012 upcoming Bloc 8406 will be released in the state of New South Wales Australia. This article will have presentations on topics relating to the organization promoting the dissolution regime.
Location: Cabravale Leisure Centre (ie the pool Cabramatta), 30 Broomfield Street, Cabramatta
Time: 1 pm, on Saturday, April 14, 2012

In Victoria on Sunday 8-4-2012 Bloc will celebrate 6 years celebration at Temple founded the National Organization Volume 90 Kight Ave, North Sunshine, Mel 26 J6. The program begins at 12 am, tickets $ 20 for a light lunch and refreshments. The remaining amount will be used to help organizations struggling for democracy in the Homeland.
Both sites will also have a cultural program to fight, please invite your fellow attend.
Nguyen Quang Duy
Melbourne, Australia

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