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Father Nguyen Van Binh was beaten to unconscious


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Religion in Viet Nam have been the communist government listed for a dangerous regime, to the party and state Vietnam. Catholic Church in the eyes of the authorities is the most dangerous religion because Religion has many activities-scale and large influence for the parishioners, for your religion domestic and international. One thing in particular is ever, in the eyes of the Communists, the Christian religion is an anti-communist tradition strongest and deepest need to be isolated in a thorough, controlled, limited processing and freeze all activities even those activities that are purely religious nature and, when necessary, should be removed immediately. That is the cause of the crack, against the Catholic Church in recent years.

Even knowing that the act of repression and harassment of religion has seriously violated the right of religious freedom, a most sacred fundamental rights of people, but the communist government of Vietnam for power and personal gain Investment is recommended and despite harsh criticism from the International Human Rights Organization, the regional countries and many countries around the world. The government used every trick involves the act of evil repression, harassment, intimidation, assault and eventually arrested and charged with various offenses in the articles about ambiguity in the criminal code as Article 258 (abuse the right of Fredom and Democracy to infringe upon the State benefits) or Article 88 (propaganda against the regime) and even more serious is accused under Article 79 of the criminal charges (conspiracy overthrow the government) ....

Before they decided to wrap themselves in the charges with the ambiguity above, the Vietnam's communist government are often used to suppress the religion that is an act of terrorism threats and spirit of to priests, monks and lay people. To cover up their wrongdoing before domestic and foreign public opinion, governments at all levels is commonly used objects gangsters, thugs to threaten and attack anyone who dared oppose attitudes, uncooperative with the wrong perspective, injustice that governments at all levels often say that the policies of the party and state. Phenomena using thugs to attack Catholics, priests and the monks has increased to alarming levels in recent years has really infuriated people.

 Before Father Nguyen Van Binh was attacked, on last February 23, priest Louis Nguyen Quang Hoa Kon Tum Diocese had been three thugs intercept serious injury when Father Hoa was being on the way back after the funeral Mass for ethnic minorities in the village of Kon Hnong, Hring Dak, Dak Ha district, Kon Tum province. Please see:

>>>  http://Father Louis Nguyễn Quang Hoa was beaten brutally 

Not even Father Nguyen Quang Hoa and Father Nguyen Van Binh was mob attack that seriously wounded several other priests and monks threatened and attacked by the gang even in the presence of government. This act violently trampling on the basic human rights including the right to life and personal safety, not merely the violation of religious freedom.


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Father Nguyen Van Binh was beaten to coma

Gia Minh, editor of RFA


This morning, April 14, 2012, the parish priest Yen Kien, Ha Noi archdiocese, was beaten to coma by groups have taken to the hospital.

Photo courtesy of the Qeen of Justice
Father Nguyen Van Binh was beaten
 to coma Monday April 14, 2012.

Cause why?

Gia Minh presented in the following section.


He was beaten as a priest Nguyen Van Binh, who is in charge of Yen Kien Parish. Reports say he was in time directly helping orphaned children. Accommodation to care for these children, he had recently bought a house at Thuy Xuan Tien commune, Chuong My district, Ha Noi. The house was built as well as revise other homes in the area.

However, new today, People's Committee of Xuan Thuy Tien notices by Chairman Le Quy Long signed. Contents banned gatherings held without permission of the government.

According to this notice, the meeting will be held at 10 am April 14, 2012 at the Agape locations. According to People's Committee of Xuan Thuy Tien, this is illegally built house in the hamlet of Xuan Sen, Thuy Xuan Tien.

Synergies with thugs


House for orphanage is being vandalized.
 Photo courtesy of Redemptorist VN.

One who witnessed the incident on the morning of April 14, 2012 to report back the progress as follows:
"For the program of leaving Parish, the Father invite a intimate dinner at home this Agape love. He invited some of benefactor to eating, before preparing a new parish transfer rather large gatherings.

Last night at 4 am, a group to break down at their house for a moment and then withdrawal. By 7 am today, the government hired a gang.

Police blocked all leaned in and security to surrounding houses in gang smashed. When heard Father come, and they know Father is orphans home owner, they gathered and used their characteristic weapons attack Father. They crowded around 20 people.

Far from the scene, police barricades organizations that previously have never had it. Some protection around it is equipped military of the army, the government people in uniform.

When the incident occurred, some parishioners ran into Father held his head to avoid the blow and help move the Father. When their father fell they took Father to the hospital.
Then they made more stringent and clean break and then a brick does not ... "

Police blocked all leaned in and security to surrounding houses in gang smashed. When  heard Father come, and they know Father is the orphans home owner, they gathered and used their characteristic weapons attack Father.

A witness

We had to call the People's Committee Thuy Xuan Tien to learn more facts as reported by the witness; the telephone rings but no one answering.

By 12 am, a person took Father Nguyen Van Binh to Vietnam-Germany Hospital for treatment after he was beaten unconscious, said:

"I'm in the Vietnam-Germany hospital, Father went to the X-ray. He now is conscious again. "

A layman in Hanoi and also monitoring of the Father Nguyen Van Binh was beaten, said:

"The priest Binh is the Father at my parish before. When moving to the Yen Kien parish, he has adopted some orphans. Previously rent a house for the children . Recently bought a house on a land where people do around the house in two to three floors. But when the house was being repaired, they made difficulty and said that woodland perennial for 50 years ... should not build a house. He said why the people do it, while the children have no house so make the temporary home in grade 4 for children. Then they blocked it not allow to bring the children to live there.

Yesterday he wanted to make a small meal to invite people who help children, the commune People's Committee of Xuan Thuy Tien sent a message not to conduct meetings. "

Priests do not have civil Rights


Father Nguyen Van Binh of visits Ms Lieu's family - the victim died after suppressing a strike at the Materials Giai Duc company. Photo courtesy of Dan Lam Bao blog.

Meanwhile the witness of the breaking orphanages house that Father Nguyen Van Binh and other relatives contributing to the establishment should express their opinions before the measures that the local government carried out in the morning on April 14 as follows:

"Land in rural areas often do not need permission for making the house in level 4. People around here are not only built the level 4 house but also built the buildings not permission that still do normal and 'blatantly' at no matter what happens. When the construction of Father for month earlier, the government had no idea. But when they know the orphans by the priest's name and work , they began to take measures to prevent. It is the injustice between a priest and a normal people; it's seem a priest has no civil rights.

Land in rural areas often do not need permission for house in level 4 . People around here are not only built house in level 4 but also built the buildings no permission that still do normal and 'blatantly' at no matter what happens.

A witness

I do not know how to defend the reason. In this work I also chipping in from the start, and here to help. Now I can only pray. "

This is not the first time a Catholic priest assaulted. Most recent in February 23,  priest Lui Nguyen Quang Hoa Diocese of Kontum was severely beaten after going to the funeral for a lay person minorities in Dak Hring, district Dak Ha.

In July 2009, two priests of the diocese of Vinh when come to Tam Toa parish  where the faithful are required to return the church is Father Nguyen Dinh Phu,  Ky Anh particle and priest Ngo The Binh, Dong Trooc particle also was beaten in the presence of a police officer.

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