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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 170 (01-05-2013)




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 - Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 170 release dated 01 -05-2013,
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                     Blindly to ever???
Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue                              No. 170 (01-05-2013)

            Chi minh (from Sino-Vietnamese) that is very wise. And ironically ironically, who called it the beginning of a long string blind (until today) which he himself, and his party, and where a number of ethnic composition.

            1 - blinded by fanaticism

            Indeed, in 1920, after reading "Theses on the issue and colonial peoples" of Lenin, uneducated young Nguyen Ai Quoc (impersonating name of Nguyen Tat Thanh) had complete confidence in communism , especially in the way of using violence to win independence for the nation. He did not know that a year earlier, at the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations, U.S. President Wilson proposed the right to self-determination and recommendation of western imperialism be gradually released from treatment and independence to colonial countries, Asia, Africa. In response to this recommendation, and in 1919, Britain and Canada independence for Afghanistan. 1936, France returned to Syria autonomy and Lebanon, from 1946 to 1949, the western imperialism, USA, France, UK, Netherlands dissolve turn to pay for the 12 independent colonies and protective Asia (including Vietnam, last emperor Bao Dai).

            May 6-1923, according to the Moscow University Oriental Labor CS, Nguyen Ai Quoc formal training in Marxism, propaganda techniques and armed insurrection, and became a member of the Third International. From then until 1954, spy impersonating hands "revolutionary" party has to do with the blood loss of tens of thousands of people and numerous resources of the country to pay the price "to liberate established for water "(actually win exclusive party), while neighboring countries have also achieved that totally" free "!

            But independent of that (for the North) is false, because after that Ho Chi Minh was blind to ethnic contact two other yoke: Russia and China plus plus. Stalin and Mao is considered the infallible teacher, Marxism-Le a good way to build the country, the absolute dominance of the Communist Party in terms of politics, economics, culture is the ultimate , expansion of socialist regimes worldwide revolutionary ideal life, Ho Chi Minh City has continued to open up another bloody war targeting Ethnicity: kill any agricultural land reform and talented attended by prestigious families devastated moral and social structure of the village to steal all the resources in the hands of the party, who had all the attention of the party, to suppress thousands of intellectuals, artists through the "Human Age products "to Marxism, Mao thought in mind dominated by ethnic elites; any" Liberation "to fight for the LX and China, the communist regime to expand in Southeast Asia, with a price millions of soldiers and two fellow North South and the desolation of the whole country. While HCM comrades in North Korea and East Germany were not so foolish that "liberation" to harm their siblings in half the country is under "rule of capitalism"!

            Blindness due to neo-communist fanatics, on the international proletariat, especially in the Chinese community elder-ever show that by signing the sale of water levels in 1958, when the Hoang Sa clammed invaded 1974, a hijacked the Spratlys in 1988 (I think that he will pay to keep each other and each other) - continues to this day where their descendants have made two agreements plus land and sea for China in 1999 and 2000, through compliance constant slogan "16 letters of gold, 4 good", through conviction, "the construction of socialism in our country will be facilitated by the adjacent national socialist "(Nguyen Chi Vinh said) ... is this the traditional enemies wished Vietnam invaded from the sea and right in the territory.

            2 - blinded by hatred

            Complete takeover of South Vietnam, where Communist emerge a blind second is blinded by hatred. Learn demanding conception of life is "struggle for existence" (an absurd notion and the Darwin-harm rather than "mutual survival"), Lenin and his disciples (including HCM) have all policy is political "class struggle", is to divide the world into two camps living roof: Capitalism and CS, to distinguish between two classes of human beings to head the class brothers friends Implications for CS mode and stop the class enemy is against it, though they homogeneous. The events of the next month 4-1975, CS is hatred let loose. Actually it has been let go earlier as in the South and, by killing the chief executive officer, the shelling of residential areas, rail road mines, especially over the massacre of civilians Tet 1968. But in April after dark, we see how his mind who self chest clapping as "liberators": robbery and sent tens of thousands of families from their homes "puppets puppet authorities" focus " improving "the nearly one million South Vietnamese military personnel were capped as" blood debt to the Revolution ", block education, advancement and relatives live their children. This hatred also spill over into the capital of South richer, more culture, more than 20 have been awarded by a liberal democratic regime despite its infancy. Series which has prompted people to flee their homeland, so Uwe Siemon-Netto, a German journalist who used to work in Vietnam exclaimed: "One thing liberate what kills 3, 8 million people in Vietnam from 1954 to 1975 and has more than a million others forced to flee out of the country, not only from the South but lost the harbor from the north and from 200,000 to 400,000 people called boat people drowned? There is no free action when executed 100,000 Southern soldiers and government officials after the fall of Saigon? Is it just a performance of the winning humanitarian herded by 1 million to 2 million and a half people in the southern camps, in which about 165,000 people lost their lives and thousands more have suffered permanent brain damage and mental problems were a result of torture ... There have been about 164,000 South civilians was murdered during the stay away by Communism 1954-1975 period "(quoted article: Consequences of Terrorism and the virtue of hope).

            Where does expired. CS vent hatred on the part of this that they call "reactionary". Thousands, even tens of thousands of freedom fighters for human rights, from the national movement for the last century to century movement to fight this, the true essence of the country, working with their families (until children) is the subject of retaliation measures despicable and cruel harassment life, economic blockade, defame their reputations, physically assaulted and imprisoned imprisonment. The religion is not out of sight of the atheistic regime, which always hated the supreme spiritual entity and vengeful spirit forces dare expose the mistakes and crimes committed by it. Date of last special weapon violence, this violence it uses administrative (Ordinance and Decree on religious beliefs) to lock the muzzle of the Church, so it wears very rampant.

            Blind hatred that boiled down to just attrition of our race and the threat of national life. But CS VN do not have  Fatherland! They only have socialist fatherland!

            3 - blinded by greed

            Here is taking that greed power and greed money. Join the right course in the CS genetic blood, because it is a dictatorship, monopoly, party. From 1917 (the Russian Revolution) untill now, to ever CS is divided power, offer their seats to anywhere, unless cornered or pushed from the throne was dominant (as in the Soviet Union from 1989 to 1991 and Eastern Europe).

            Being all strata VN increasingly questioned standing up and even threaten its monopoly power, in addition to the violent repression of individuals, organizations and movement, like the name of this CS, constitutionalize, laws forever turns his domination (through Article 4 of the only party leader, Article 70 of the military absolute loyalty to the party ...). The consultation on the draft amendment to the Constitution in 1992 are conducting substantive coercion is a universal consensus that the party's platform. Through all sorts of ridiculous games and perfidious, power consumption and cost of tax is slandering threatening citizens fighting for compiling a new Constitution (Group 72 intellectuals, the liberal Citizens, Council of Bishops , the Protestant Churches, Buddhism, Hoa Hao ...) via media tools, publicity hound members, staff members servants, slaves parasitic position in academia and universities ... What is the party bringing legal (ie HP false) to each household with any consensus threats .... waiver is published in the mass media of dissent to the party ... Which is to say no to 40-50 million with the consent of Parliament HP.

            The participation of the people's money was found from the Land Reform Party into the hands of revenue land fill, then after the "victory" January 4-1975 with the phenomenon of "the rush to plunder." This insatiable greed was exposed after 1985, when economic opening party, the party members, the police, the army is allowed to get rich (with the right hand and dominated by the party, three classes were rapid boom, crush dominating every private enterprise). The 1993 land law stripping land from the hand of all the people in the party become the sole owner, please take this further outbreak. Recently, on 24-04, the so-called "Conference in gathering the VN National Assembly of the Land Law Project fixes" have concluded to maintain the regime of 'public ownership' by the State active representatives and land use decisions. This blind hordes servitors have done the right is expressed in the Draft Party of 57 HP. Management policy is now the gold market (after the paper criticized the Youth) and the opinion of an upcoming change money (because of hyperinflation, as the risk of bank defaults, because banks are extremely bad debt crisis) only reveal more insatiable greed of the party.

            Blinded by fanatical ideology, as opposed hatred, acquisitive's jurisdiction, which is essentially invariant, unhealed disease of CS. It is also the problems of the country if its regime ideology and not be excluded from human history and national history.


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