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Documentary film about activities, crime and real life of Vietnam communist leader, Ho Chi Minh on the occasion of 123 year anniversary of his birth (05/19/1980 - 05/19/2013)

Campaign "Land reform" is actually a bloody denounce publicly (1953-1956) in Northern Vietnam
claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.



"History" includes human history, world history and the history of each nation and everyone, every homeland .... the mention of two words "history" each one of us anyone also imagine an event of a national ... specific, clear and honest. But today, when referring to the history of Vietnam, people almost only known two words as Uncle and Party .... What is Great Uncle Ho ... live forever in the public  ... . to the glorious victories of Uncle Ho's Soldiers .... but never heard or mentioned the glorious victories of the past year .... Hung Dao Vuong Dinh Bo Linh, Ba Trieu, Ba Trung. .. v. .. v .... And one thing is confusing and makes people from the torment that is boring with history course in school today? The reason why? this .... people know, the students and both parents know ... but it seems that the leaders of the Communist Party and the State Vietnam is still not known .. .!!!

What could be more shameful when students showed stupor when asked about the country's history .... but proved nimble and resourceful when referring to Chinese history ... . Enemy aggressor eternal traditions of Vietnam??? a ridiculous thing can not explain .... it was the only result achieved by the education sector in Vietnam, the only thing that Uncle Ho and the Communist Party glorious of Vietnam has made for people of Vietnam ... should be recorded and handed down in the history books for future generations to come. Our ancestors usually said so long, "Death is the end." Well, for normal people like us when be died is quite quit at all ... means the end all. However, the legendary character, brilliant talent .... leaving from life after decades, hundreds of years later .... that everything is not really an end ..... as well as the world has always been reminded to .....

Among them, the characters always remind people to remember with joy mixed with respect because of non-small services from characters above .... typical: the scientist, the genius .... brilliant .... virtuous kings and famous generals epic  with the illustrious battle .... besides that, among them, the characters are always remembered and is referred to with contempt and hatred, because the dire consequences of their crimes due to back ..... eg Nazi Hittle during the Cold War, with crime genocide that claimed the lives of millions of innocent beings .... and Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge regime, which ruled during the Cambodian genocide and to hand kills nearly two million people of her .... or as under Mao Zedong's People's Republic of China, with the launch of the "Proletarian Cultural Revolution" has directly and indirectly caused the death of tens of millions of people, not to mention the horrific bloody event at Tiananmen Square that killed tens of thousands of people, most of the students ..... and last character that we want to mention is late President Ho Chi Minh, the great leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam, during the revolutionary war, to remove cultural purposes "Feudal" in northern Vietnam through the campaign "reform land "is actually a" bloody denounce publicly campaign "killed hundreds of thousands of people.

On the occasion of 123 year of the birth of the character "Uncle Ho's great,"  cruelty said above (19/05/1890 - 19/05/2013), we would like to send to people in Vietnam and abroad, documentary footage precious and valuable that talks about the work, crimes and the real-life of the Vietnam Communist leaders great "Ho Chi Minh". Documentary following staged and made meticulously from the famous historian and experienced in both country and abroad also International. The film is based on concrete evidence, honest and very objective. Hopefully, the facts and circumstances honesty in the film will help people, especially for the students and young adolescents, those who was born after the 1975 and grew up under the school roof "Socialist" to understand more and more about the true historical event ... the myths and facts of life of "Ho Chi Minh", The great leader of communist Vietnam.


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