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Image happening now in Vietnam time trial Court of Appeals for the Catholic Youth patriotic young Nghe An Vinh city ..... still shows the status as the worst trial trial so long nothing changes ... if not say that increasingly worse. In the above situation, we the people of Vietnam .... what are we expectations? justice will be respected! or expect the judge today will consider the judgment and the verdict was a reasonable lens, the right people guilty .... and impartial! everything is just only wish from the family of the accused and the particular wishes of millions of people to Vietnam in general today. However, it is still far from reality .... For any time when  Vietnam country is still communist regime, is that day, justice still continues to be trampled and the truth will never be respect.

Highly patriotic spirit of people against aggression and invasion of the territory, territorial waters of our country from enemies invading China .... and the desire of Freedom and Democracy stay longing in their hearts lead to protest peacefully unintended over time is the key, is arguments to consider and ruled justly to allegations from the government of communist Vietnam has provided capture them. But the venerable judge of us, those who have high intellectual level, to be studied and hone expertised in a basically had deliberately ignored these very important facts while they are leading the review treatment. What makes those who holding the justice in the trial above ...lost all the humanity! .... So true moral degeneration ..... or by the imposition or any direction that from the communist authorities in Vietnam?

Yes, under the rule of dictators, one-party communist regime of Vietnam is the Communist Party's leading bodies and carry only the highest authority governing all organizations and mass organizations in Vietnam, including the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive of Vietnam. That is the cause of the phenomenon trial and judgment by the judgment that Vietnam People often euphemistically call "Verdict pocket" for most defendants, especially to commit political components or There are related somehow to politics. We maybe should not take the pessimistic or the lack of a positive concept of the trial. Especially for hearing appeals today for the youth patriotic young Catholics. But the actual scene taking place in the surrounding area before and after the trial, along with the layout of the security forces unusually crowded up to thousands of people showed unwillingness of hearings treatment today from the Communist rulers of Vietnam. Anyway, all of us should feel united in asking for blessings to all of the Catholic Youth patriotic in our hearing today, as well as enlighten and arouse little conscience and ethics remain where the judge ..... to help them feel what is patriotism, love people .... and feel the pain of all of the defendants and the Their relatives have experienced in recent years in particular and general pain of the people of Vietnam before the dangers of loss country and loss of all human rights.


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    05/22/13 11:22 PM


    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Queen of Justice tries as possible, to be sent to you with information about so-called "public hearings" Youth Appeal 8 Christian patriots to be held in Vinh City, Nghe An Province on today 23/05/2013.

    Due to the extremely difficult operational by communist authorities have launched thousands of police to prevent people "Trial Publicity" This, so the report could not immediately meet the information as the desire of your heart communion over the world for the victims.
    We sincerely apologize in advance, wish you have information, please send to us via mail At the same time, please press F5 to view constantly updated.

    Vinh City, Nghe An today with milder weather the past few days, but the atmosphere around the city as being in the thick of terrorism with the police since early morning.

    5:30: Round circle on court area was besieged, to prevent

    6h25: parishioners began leaning to walk away from the court.

    Even before the court today, the NGOs sent a letter to Mr Nguyen Tan Dung on this trial, a trial objection despite the international standards to which Vietnam has committed. The full text of the letter is as follows:

    Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung Republic Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
    Office of the State Address: No. 1 Bach Thao, Hanoi, Vietnam

    May 21, 2013
    Dear Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung,

    We, the undersigned organizations, are concerned about the court of Appeals will be held on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2013 won for eight human rights advocates in Communications Christ, including: Ho Duc Hoa, Paulus Le Son, Nguyen Van Browse, Ho Van Oanh, Nguyen Dinh Cuong, Nguyen Xuan Anh, Thai Van Dung and Tran Minh Nhat. We question the legitimacy of the upcoming trial, and we condemn the mistreatment of dissidents mentioned in custody since.

    We're worried that the struggle for human rights, along with six other people had been the heavy sentence. The fourteen convicted of human rights seems to be part of a worrying trend of ongoing repression against those who exercise freedom of expression in Vietnam.

    Among the many bloggers struggle and blogger, has been charged under Article 79 of the Vietnam Penal Code for "carry out activities aimed at overthrowing the people's administration". The operation "crimes" that are assigned to this group include critical state and distribute this information on the Internet, and even encourage participation and peaceful protest.

    The dissidents should not be punished by criminal, because their activities are Vietnam state is committed to protecting and promoting adoption of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) . ICCPR protects the right to freedom of expression (Article 19), freedom of peaceful assembly (Article 21) and freedom of association (Article 22).

    We call on the Government of Vietnam to immediately release the detained fight and cancel all plans for fourteen people. We also called on the Government of Vietnam to ensure the safety of the struggle people while they were imprisoned, to ensure the fairness of legal procedures, and must be investigated and held accountable for the threat and the harassment started this war.

    6h40: At another location, 8 km from the court of the Yen Dai Parish, parishioners began starting with banners and slogans on hand:

    6h55: The sortied direction with many different forms and places to be blocked by police, parishioners and people standing roadside holding up the slogan "You're innocent"

    7:00; As to understand the hearts of people today, after a few hot sunny day, this morning it started to rain. The group lay on the road with the spirit of justice and the truth, follow them are the ones who stick to stalking;

    And from the other direction to the Court:

    Here's forces "remain party, remain money" who are guarding:

    7h18: Police acting thug, lead a group of non- uniformed thugs robbing banner of her children to court, claiming the city police. So it turns out the police and the robbers were a force.

    7h25: heavier rains, Minh Khai way through court was blocked the whole, public hearings were closed in preparation treated here

    News said his family Paulus Le Son, his product and family Thai Van Dung went to  court,

    At the scene, and now has about 200 people present at the venue around. Meanwhile, the police, the security and thugs east 10 times, security forces and thugs are intimidating people to attend public hearings. Ironically, the behavior of the communist authorities in this tragicomedy play.

    A team from Hanoi in communion with siblings victims in this trial had to be near the court area.

    7h 47: raining, people are being herded ward block, the home has been on the side of the court

    Banners, banners supporting the youth patriotism has been done to the police immediately seized on the go.

    7: 48 Family Minh Nhat away from Lam Dong is 18 persons finished last night at Trai Gao and this morning motorbike ride to court.

    8h01: Some pictures from "Battlefield" by reporters Queen of Justice:

    8:40: heavy rain, every time the communist government crimes to people with hearing today, is the sky darkened to Vinh City in the rain. Outside court, the people are not to be controlled near venue

    In the House, the government flipped spoiled tricks and forest law for trial of innocent people.

    Some thugs disguised as police robbery phone and valuable things have happened frequently, and all that is being held back in court today outside.

    Games today is this dirty of Nghe An police under the direction of the Ministry of Public Security held a reach. Up to this point, there were so many people attending the hearing were "thugs" snatching a very blatant way in front of uniformed police officers.

    9:00 parishioners began to flock to the trial, even though they are blocked in the first bracelets at Minh Khai street, the number of police officers is crowded several times more than the people so the lay not be inaccessible field.

    Some pictures of the Queen of Justice Reporter just updates from the scene.

    Present at this hearing, we understand the poignant words of Nguyen Du past: "Ruffian is impetuously as boiling." Though threatened, robbed and beaten but still parishioners rain resilient team, despite tyranny to reach trial, a clear view of the face of the so-called "state socialist rule of law" in Vietnam.

    The views and layout court today, was penetrating us saying he never Nguyen Minh Triet, former president: We have financial means shining. " Typically in these actions of the government of Vietnam.

    9.20am: Bui Thi Minh Hang, a person in communion with the victim in this trial has been taken away by police. This is a blatant act of police system, the public hearings were behaving in forest law for the victims and the people.

    Information and Dung said Vietnam bloggers are also being held Cua Lo.
    Vietnam authorities are acting in a confused and panicked before the act exposed shady.

    During the trial, the type of phone, machinery has not been put in, the whole area was jamming, so the information in the trial has not yet been updated.

    The government is implementing court "alone for" gangland style for his patriotic citizens.

    Now, in addition to the South China Sea which fishermen are banned from the Chinese authorities to do business, banning fishing right on our beach. Spratly invaders were invaded by the day, under the heel Paracel invaders. But, all that does not cost, simply led government is worried suppress his patriotic citizens.

    9:35 Some people attended the hearing, relatives of the victims had been taken away.

    10h: Confusion and panic despite thousands of police, civil defense reinforced, but the most essential is the cause, then no. Therefore, the authorities ordered the dismantling of customs of the people, though the shops away about a half km from the Court.

    11: The trial information from "public" is still a secret, the authorities did not give anyone access trial, with the court area around the phone jamming.

    Many people, including relatives of the victims were abducted trial is not clear where to go.

    11.30am: Court stay the morning work. In the morning, the Court made the original procedure, read the indictment, to the interrogation ... Afternoon litigation.

    In the morning, the Procuratorate indictment by reading, Paulus Le Son and Tran Minh Nhat proposed a lighter sentence than the magistrates decision have said before, from the transition from Clause 1 into Clause 2 of the law was used to prosecution. The other victim remains unchanged from the sentences proposal first instance trial.

    However, a very funny thing, is to Paulus Le Son, when convicted by the Vietnam government in a trial, immediately, the organization Reporters Without Borders gave evidence against the basis of the conclusions authorities. International Organization proved Le Son specific alibi for the government's allegations.

    Reportedly, over time, after the Court of First Instance said the threatened sentence to Paulus Le Son is 13 years in prison, along with receiving information his mother raising a frequency algae Le Son from infancy to now not be seen her child in the last time when she dead. The spirit of persecution which gave he severe shock. The brutality of the communist authorities deliberately incarcerated them without judgment without seeing his mother died when, was hit on the psychology of a child not only repay the grace of mother who sacrificed concern for his life. Therefore, he is more physical collapse. According to information is known, he lost more weight, combined with detention conditions were unsanitary, he had suffered skin fungus and ulcer more in his body.

    Please sympathy and condolences to him in front of the brutal communist authorities.

    This morning, every victim is put on trial only 3 relatives in court, a total of 8 of 24 relatives of victims in court. Also in the courtroom was the police.

    12h45: Lunch time of victim's relatives outside court:

    This is a picture of his sister Nguyen Van Browse named Nguyen Thi Phuoc (left), and her younger sister Ho Thi Luy Mr. Ho Duc Hoa during lunch break under trees hide the sun ....

    These are words that Paulus Le Son message from the hearing with his uncle:

    1, the health situation of detention: Not known to be ensure or not to the health, got fungus, across all of body, headache,cold fingers and feet.
    Blurred vision, no electricity, no fan, drinking water and water shortage
    Had the press, there were Bible
    Message to Family: Uncle tried to ask for to be in mourning in court.
    14h: The so-called trial resumed their performances.
    Outside the court, police swarming all kinds, civil defense, and most agents are mobilized thugs.
    The government could not use vile forces uniform when arrested, terrorist people, by contrast, they used spiritualist group, the veiled women and the pimp to arrest people who to take part in the public trial.
    We can say, this trial demonstrated the most despicable nature, humiliation and injustice of the ruling Communist Union.

    Police officers and prevent mass people to "public trial".

    Each individual, a series of security and civil defense comes.

    Crowd of night watchmen are sitting for waiting to receive money.

    Đám dân phòng rỗi việc chờ ngồi nhận tiền.

    The people persisted, enduring approach where the victims are being put on the scaffold by the group of cruel and evil people.

    17 pm: By this time, the information in the trial has not yet been updated. The suppression to people who approach the hearing, the act of surreptitiously led government in court today, as shown more clearly, the answer is clear to the people of the so-called justice, legal justice in Vietnam.

    People ask the question: With the police force, civil defense, thugs and equipment, tools, weapons are mobilized for the trial today, let asking the government has taken how much money of people to avenge the patriots in this way?

    Not only forces present here but reliable sources says:

    Last night, a number of police and security thugs pretending, pretending to lay mingled in the church when the young are gathered to pray for the victims siblings at the holy Trai Gao  aim to sabotage the prayers. On the other hand, still Cast thugs looted property and aggression. Some guy have been arrested by laity, and make records verification.

    When arrested, people discovered disguised as police. Many clothes police officers may carry concealed in the trunk but was pulled out. Previous evidence in, the policemen were subjected to card, proof of police was released and resolved.

    These actions highlight the vigilance of parishioners, last night phenomenon advantage, taking advantage of people mingling ritual vandalism and theft of property of citizens. This phenomenon has been exposed.

    Perhaps, the government should see that despicable act, humiliating and worth spit. In contrast, they were alarmed by the intervention of the Court of Vinh bishop without any shame.

    At the same time, the information is quite close to the police said Nghi Loc district, Nghe An authorities would have panicked directives of the Prime Minister, put both the military and the police in the state "ready to fight".
    It's funny, if the actions of the authorities of Nghe An and his Prime Minister to be used toward the East Sea, where the fishermen were arrested on the night accidents, shootings and robberies, where the island being invaded. Or at least know how to use this force and the force of his money, to broke the "swarm worm" is the day hollowing out the country, devastating the country, then that quick action can mean so much.

    But they have acted contrary to prove a nature "to side with the enemy, evil to people".

    15h30: Parishioners focus on the police station to demand the arrest illegal:

    15h45: The trial ended. The heavy sentence was made.

    The results of the so-called "trial" as follows:
    1 - People with not change the sentences from the grade of Magistrates court as:

    - Ho Duc Hoa: the same 13-year prison sentence
    - Thai Van Dung: the same 4-year prison sentence
    - Nguyen Dinh Cuong: the same 4-year prison sentence
    - Tran Minh Nhat: the same 4-year prison sentence

    2 - The decrease compared to the Magistrates sentences include:

    - Paulus Le Van Son: Still 4 years, 9 years down compared to the Magistrates
    - Tran Van Duyet: In 3 years 6 months in prison, reduced 6 months.
    - Nguyen Xuan Anh: In 2 years in prison, reduced by 1 year
    - Ho Van Oanh: In 2 years 6 months in prison, reduced 6 months.

    The last saying of the Thai Van Dung in Court today is: "If Vietnam is democracy, then I would have been released in court right now"

    Opinion utmost attention to this trial, the trial was condemned at a trial by many organizations and individuals around the world. You are invited to hear a number of people about this trial by Thanh Quang perform RFA reporter:

    Ladies and gentlemen readers

    After a day, we make every effort to bring to you the information about the so-called "trial of Appeal" by the Hanoi government land director at Nghe An. Thereby we do not need to say much also understand the nature of the court under the totalitarian dictatorship in Vietnam.

    Queen of Justice

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