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Ly Son, sadness to set sail and doom disaster, sadness for the people of Vietnam.



Sentiments of the fishermen who living on Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai Vietnam when Chinese invaders threaten and rob fishing rights within their territorial waters of our country has touched the hearts of the Vietnamese people in whole country, but do not know, is moving compassion of the leaders of the Communist Party and the State Vietnam or not? Is there any sorrow that greater than the right to pursue life of miserable fishermen said above was deprived by the invaders while their government leaders, their state leaders at inability and have no effective measures to protect its fishermen but encourages them to continue clinging island, continue fishing in the region where China's communist government threatening as way possible .... for protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Vietnam's territorial waters!

A downright contradiction problem can not be accepted. While the government, military is said to be powerful, strong arms but always avoid all problems, especially when his fishermen in distress ... and only knows to put its people in themselves must to face. Vietnamese fishermen alone, unarmed in hands, how best can confront powerful enemies, equipped with full fire ... and most of all the great support from their government and State behind. In addition to empty promises and propaganda relentlessly day and night, then in fact, the communist government of Vietnam has proved completely helpless before all the problems. Not only that, it makes people always urgent and more sad that their government, their government, not only does not do anything useful for the people, and can not or will not take effective measures to protect their citizens, that so long continued to hold allegiance blindly and enigmatically before their aggressor with motto 16- gold word and 4 fine.

In the present circumstances, the people of Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai in particular and the people of Vietnam in the country in general think of what and would do anything ..... just be able to protect its fishermen a effectively, but also has to protect the sovereignty of our Sea Island before aggression and aggression on a scale more and more aggressive from invaders China in the East Sea in general and in the area of ​​the Paracels and the Spratlys of Vietnam in particular?. Time has arrived for Vietnam residents to have voiced strongly opposed. It is time the leaders of the ruling party and communist Vietnam now needs to show a clear attitude and more determination to protect fishermen and protect its maritime sovereignty. State must act strong, specific and more firm, not just words, empty promises. Especially must be clear distinction where is friends, where is comrade and where is aggressor that just hope be able to effectively protect its fishermen before the aggression of China, and protect the territorial integrity of the country and territorial before aggressor.



Ly Son and sadness to set sail 

Uyen Nguyen, RFA correspondent, Vietnam

Uyên Nguyên, thông tín viên RFA, Việt Nam
Ý kiến của Bạn
Chia sẻ
In trang này
Biển lặng, mùa bội thu nhưng tàu thuyền Lý Sơn phải nằm im, không dám ra khơi
The calm sea,surplus season but the boats of Ly Son do not dare to set sail. RFA 
As response to the seminar on Spratlys - Hoang Sa and holidays of tribute militants on Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai. The Chinese government has given dozens of large capacity vessels headed into Spratlys areas to fishing and aggression since May 8, 2013. Fishermen of Ly Son is still not completed happy that barely had to be sad because this news.

Vietnamese fishermen is single in every war
A captain who was arrested by China 3 times, requesting anonymity, lamented that this time as he lost all, because this season is the season of fishing deep diving offshore, if fishermen not to set sail is risk of bankruptcy due to the very high interest bank will continue to rise, the fishermen have no income. With the sea, a voyage just missed it this year as crops failed.
Therefore, only a few months each year the weather is okay, that only a few months about a month to two months of beautiful weather, fish nets, this is harvest for the whole year, the other trips is only secondary role, a little more money for fuel subsidy.
This captain he said, so far since January, bringing the number of fishermen fish Ly Son outperformed every year thanks to the beautiful weather. But, he did not think that the Chinese bring dozen of fishing boats with the big capacity to Spratly, so, surely Vietnam fishing boats that go out will be arrested or aggression, it is difficult to return to an whole, may even lose the property, loss of life. He also skeptical dozen Chinese fishing boat down the East Sea this is not the fishermen's boat which is most likely military ships and maritime police disguised. At this rate, if the Vietnam Marine Police boats to invite them out of the waters under the sovereignty of Vietnam, perhaps they will open fire and a war will break out at sea.
Với sự hỗ trợ của các tàu tiếp vận và ngư chính Trung Quốc đưa nhiều đoàn tàu cá hàng chục chiếc vào khu vực đảo Trường Sa của Việt Nam
Với With the support of the supply ships and the Chinese fishing fleet put more fish in the area dozens of Spratly Islands Vietnam. Source chinanews
Make signaling for help, no marine police vessels of Vietnam to the rescue, while the colleagues fishing vessel seeing he was arrested found raised the gas  running of the risk of their lives because fear of arrest spread. It seems that Vietnam does not have the solidarity to those before the overwhelming strength of the invaders

A Captain
One other captain, who was known to be brave and  had been China caught locked in Hainan Island, then sent to take the prison in Guangxi, Guangdong and then repatriated. He expressed his concern that most likely, this will be the time that the grounds of the East Vietnam Sea shrunk considerably. There are two reasons why he believes that his concern is founded. He said that Vietnam government did not have a reasonable ratio between internal force of actions and internal force of communication.
Means with the people, especially fishermen like him, the government is always encouraging, promising to protect but in fact, many times he was arrested by Chinese right in the fishing ground of Vietnam, he Transmitter efficiency for help, no marine police boats of Vietnam to the rescue, while the colleagues fishing vessel seeing he was arrested  found to raise the gas  running the risk of their lives because fear of arrest spread. It seems that Vietnam does not have the solidarity to those before the overwhelming strength of the invaders, they are afraid to die.
Worried about the festival or worry for fishermen?
Furthermore, he said that between speech and action, the government did not proportional to each other. A festive spending too much money, approximately seven billion, equivalent to half the amount of bank debt fishermen to sail only shopping facilities used to propagate the message and give a listen to the very old, from the mouth of the Foreign Ministry spokesman Vietnam, "Hoang Sa, Truong Sa belong to Vietnam". This only again make angered Chinese military if the real police forces Vietnam Sea on the East Coast is not strong enough to protect the maritime sovereignty of Vietnam. And this is more dangerous than if Vietnam fishermen too weak for both medium and supporting equipment while  operators on the East Sea.
Sinh hoạt trên bờ dưới bến của người dân Lý Sơn
Sinh Living on the shores of the people under the Ly Son terminals. RFA
The festival costs too much money so the company can only benefit the organization and the events leading some officials concerned will be put through bribes tip, bribe their way through the project, the lubricating.
A cultural researcher
He added that the analysis assumes the state, instead of using large sums that are spent to make it festive for the support, training martial arts for self-defense and improve the capacity of fishing boats. Even the fishermen turned into warriors Ly Son sea keeping really fully equipped with the fishermen probably will not strenuous and is seen as underdogs. Unfortunately, the state did not do it, just say empty and wasting money on things that are not practical, rather than taking the form of sincerity.
Agree with this unnamed captain, a cultural studies, history of the game is that the authorities in Vietnam listening to this time seems a luxury and not for the people. Since the festival cost too much money so the company can only benefit the event and leading some officials concerned will be put through bribes sucking, bribe their way through the project, lubricating job. Meanwhile, people are not nothing but an expensive event to attend both just tired, simply promote travel and send political messages empty, and no measures with corresponding equipment.

If that money to make the festival become a little shopping weapons and equipment for fishermen and enhance maritime police force, then there will be a People's Front closely with police forces and border guards sea strengths of Vietnam in the East Sea will be increased, fishermen also less afraid of death than when aggression by China
A grandmother at Ly Son
And by the chance, the sending this message to become an excuse for the anger and the encroachment, times for bringing heavy ship to scare the East Sea in during this best harvest season show that, China has acted meet pay. But instead of just empty speak, the Chinese government has always attached disguised force to intimidate Vietnam. Tactical slicks on the East Coast of China once more successful and Vietnam fisheries continue shrinking.
An elderly woman, 78 years old in Ly Son island district to let us know that she is married and her children is the offshore fishermen, recently she had a hunch is not good for them to encourage them to quit job many times but she only received the discomfort from her husband. Many times she dream that her husband died at the hands of China, she was afraid.
Elderly man, her husband told us that if the money to make festive save for shopping a few weapons and equipment for fishermen and enhance maritime police force, then there will be a People's Front stand with maritime police forces and border guards, the strength of Vietnam in the South China Sea will be increased, fishermen also less afraid of death than when aggression by China. Because if Vietnam fishermen shooting, then it seems plausible reason, they are resisting robbers burst into national waters to steal the fruits of their labor. Even more important is that once people are no longer afraid, forced China to join hands, to change strategy ... But that's just the fisherman's dream, the reality is very cruel!
Coming here, fishermen will not know how to live with the momentum rushing invasion of China in the East Sea. And the joy of a festival tribute militants on the island of Ly Son Hoang Sa barely cooled the grief that came with them, because you are promising a bumper season that no one dares to go out to sea!

Uyen Nguyen, reportedly from Quang Ngai, Vietnam.

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