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Please return the human rights and the right to self-determination for the people of Vietnam



After a long time running around the country with hearts costume fake Democrat, today the government of communist Vietnam to finally fully expose the true face of their perfidious cunning in battle services collect opinions from the people in the draft amendment to the Constitution State. The end result is that the Commission amend the Constitution Draft 1992 State of the State Parliament declared Vietnam today with the contents remain unchanged, although the majority of comments from people of all walks of life from a number of intellectuals, representatives from the Religious .... and even some officials from the government, the revolutionary veteran, who previously held the role and position in the high- government apparatus previously called for the cancellation of Article 4, remove authoritarian leadership, the Communist Party's monopoly Vietnam .... expand democracy and create opportunities for people throughout the country have conditions and political participation in the ownership rights of the people for so long.

Phony charade of democracy which is the party leader and the ruling Communist Vietnam is now the director had to close before clumsily wave opinions strongly urged Democratic People from both water. The government did not anticipate trouble, or that people assessed too low, so when faced with reality as they wish had not proved panic and confusion, leading to a series of wrong moves more more followed shortly thereafter to cope and overcome situations, such as printing available for a large number of draft amendment to the Constitution and then used the police force to bring home each required to sign Consensus name ....!. Before the face of murderous security personnel and police Vietnam, as well as the situation threatened like that, then people would dare oppose or have comments, although they are not aware of in the draft constitutional amendments be printed and ready to bring that content how. Even in parts of the requisition signed ..... "consensus" from the kids in adolescence ..... why parents and adults in the house away ....!! !!

Although the deal no matter what by the communist authorities Vietnam can not continue to deceive the public opinion and people are more International Community. Everyone has long lived with communists, once tasted how bitter life under the communist regime, how do not know the true nature of the Communists, and the communist regime of Vietnam today. He often told us she "knew in animal husbandry has fleas" is not wrong. Many people before, especially for International Community is often mistaken concepts before the rhetoric, the promises to the beautiful words .... but the truth hidden inside the full of vile tricks, deceptive and cunning. It's funny and ironic to continue the so-called party hold a leadership role ... because the country in line with expectations and the situation in the country .... the corruption rampant in the machine Party and government today u! ..... Army is continuing loyalty to the Fatherland, the party ... and then the people .... but in reality, the military before after just as a party and government protection during the use of force to suppress people ... and blindly serve the regime ... despite government regimes and totally wrong .. ., such as in the forcible seizure of land property of unlawful government Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city in recent years. And like the fear that .... water .. changing the name would be the advantage of enemy forces distorting .. v. .. v .... In fact all the sophistry of the Party leaders and the communist government of Vietnam is now downright ridiculous and not acceptable. Get serious back human rights and the right to self-determination for the people of Vietnam ..... if people do not want to be eliminated. The democratic aspirations of the people for so long lap is the most effective weapon in the changing political and remove injustice in Vietnam today and in the future.



Draft Constitution 'preserved gist'

Update: 15:52 GMT - Monday, May 20th, 2013

Constitution Drafting Committee 1992 Congress announced Vietnam text after long noisily consultation from people.
The latest draft proposals remain on the name of country today, to keep Article 4 about the political system, and require the military loyal to the Communist Party.

Observers believe that this text, compared with the initial draft publication, has kept the most fundamental problems despite the debate over the Constitution.
Report on accountability, receiving and revise the draft amendment of the 1992 Constitution on the basis of people's opinions, "by Mr. Phan Trung Ly, Chairman of the Law Commission and the Commission spokesman draft amendments The 1992 Constitution provided in the first meeting of the session of the National Assembly V.
According to Thanh Nien newspaper quoted Phan Trung Ly said on 5/20/2013, maintaining the country's name to ensure stability, "to avoid the distorting power advantage, said political direction, and no create turmoil national emblem, the current text. "
"This name is also used stable since 1976 and are familiar with our people and the world," so draft Commission proposal remains the country's name to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the plans to rename the country.
Earlier opinions given some other name, which took the name Democratic Republic of Vietnam, due to be officially recognized in the Declaration of independence by the Ho Chi Minh read on 02/09/1945 and was also confirmed in the 1946 Constitution, the Constitution of 1959, according to Tuoi Tre published.
Drafting Committee also recommends keeping Article 4, Chapter I of the political regime in the 1992 Constitution, the Communist Party of Vietnam is the force leading the State and society.
The role of the people for the construction of the proposed Constitution "by the decision of the National Assembly" because this regulation is not contrary to the principle of state power belongs to the people, and the combination is to competence of the National Assembly and People's Rights in the Constitution build.

'Faithful with Party'

 "President may ask the National Assembly to elect and dismiss and dismissing Vice President, Prime Minister."
Recommendations of the committee drafting the 1992 Constitution
Text latest wait through Congress, writing: "People's Armed Forces absolute loyalty to the Fatherland, the Party, State and people ..."

At the same time, the draft clearly, this task force "to protect the people, the Party and the socialist regime."
In addition, the Committee recommends that Congress President dominance of the People's Armed Forces, the Chairman of the Council of Defense and Security.
As suggested above, the ordination, promoted or demoted, stripped of the rank of general in the armed forces, Rear Adm. granted, vice admiral and admiral, along with the appointment, dismissal, to the Chief, Chairman of the General Political Department of the Vietnam People's Army and the decision by the President.

Besides, the proposed authority as elected Parliament, dismissed, dismissed deputy president, prime minister and other members of the government, and deputy chief judge Supreme People's Court, the judge other court president and vice president People's Procuracy Supreme.

According to local media, followed by discussions on the draft amendment to the Constitution in 1992 will take place on 27/05 and will be discussed at the Congress Hall of the draft in two days 03 and 04/06.

In the inaugural session of the National Assembly dated 20.05.2013, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said the consultation to amend the Constitution is one of the four priorities of the session, and called it "the main activities legal-depth treatment of all people, to ensure respect and promote the right of all people, was held under the appropriate forms. "

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