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RSF condemns assault bloggers who participating in Picnic Human Rights



While the international community is increasingly interested in more, deeper worst human rights situation in Vietnam, the Communist government of Vietnam continues to ignore all the problems and again and again acts of violent repression and downright cruel to people who are expressing freedom and legal basis of their legitimate and peaceful. The repression, arrests and beatings caused serious injury both physically and mentally for the participants to exchange picnics human rights 05-05-2013 recent Sunday morning is the concrete evidence able and most obvious attitude, stance, and negative perceptions of the Vietnam Communist authorities relating to human rights and rule policy guidelines totalitarian their current and future .

It wondered why the leader during the State of Vietnam's trying to mobilize and efforts to become a member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations but also oppress and hinder people in the country who do implementation of their basic freedom which has been UN rules and protection, as well as discussion and exchange between people each other on human rights are taking place openly, transparently and in the atmosphere peaceful open air, not just his own questions Chau Van Thi, who participated in the Human Rights picnic last Sunday morning 05-05-2013 and himself was the communist Vietnamese government attacked causing head injuries along with other young people, but also the general questions of fellow Vietnam and abroad and waiting for the replies satisfactory explanation from corporate dictatorship and party ruling Communist of Vietnam right now.

Not only the International Human Rights Organization and the Liberal Democratic countries condemn or criticize, but fellow Vietnam both inside and outside the country also needs to speak more, more strongly against any action human rights violations of the communist government of Vietnam. We are determined not to succumb to violence and tyranny of the communist government of Vietnam. Be strong people denounced their crimes before the International Community. As stated by Dr. Nguyen Dan Que, the High Representative for Human Rights in Vietnam in special interview with RFA on the occasion of commemorating "Vietnam Human Rights Day 11-05" annual that: "The only oppression like to make people more aggressive and not be able to deter the young brothers and those who truly cherish freedom and democracy". Well, first of democratization trend Global today, as well as before the Liberal Democrats desire that smoldering and exploding inside the people of Vietnam today, the leaders of the party and the communist rulers only one choice, that is improving performance of its worst human rights, access and expand democracy, as well as to comply fully and properly implemented their committed to international related on human rights.


Wednesday, 05/08/2013


RSF condemns assault bloggers who participating in Picnic Human Rights

Blogger Hoàng Vi (trái) và các nhà hoạt động trẻ thảo luận về bản Tuyên ngôn Nhân quyền tại một công viên ở Sài Gòn. (Ảnh: Dan Lam Bao).

Blogger Hoang Vi (left) and the young activists to discuss the Bill of Rights in a park in Saigon. (Photo by Dan Lam Bao).

Blogger Hoàng Vi (trái) và các nhà hoạt động trẻ thảo luận về bản Tuyên ngôn Nhân quyền tại một công viên ở Sài Gòn. (Ảnh: Dan Lam Bao).
Protecting human rights organization Reporters Without international borders (RSF) condemned the Vietnam police use force against bloggers join the picnic Human Rights on 5/5 in Hanoi, Haiphong, Saigon , and Nha Trang by the citizens call for freedom on the internet.

In a press release on 8/5, RSF stressed when they are upset that the violence can not seem to accept this as the way to respond automatically and the system of government on anywhere in Vietnam to those who wants to exercise freedom of expression.

RSF called on the Vietnam government to take strong disciplinary action against the police arm responsible for causing this violence.

The picnic Human Rights in Vietnam for the first time on 5/5 ended with the arrests, repression at the park 30 quarters in Saigon. Many were taken to the police station and beaten, including the blogger of Nguyen Hoang Vi, Sy Hoang Vu, Vu Quoc Anh.

A serious assault occurred following the Royal family Vi blogger on 6/5 in front of the police headquarters Phu Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District when she and relatives and friends back to claim the property by police president unauthorized collection of previous arrests. All victims, mostly women, were often groups who  described as "mass spontaneous" made wounded in the face and head in the presence of police without intervention and protection.

RSF condemns assault bloggers participating Picnic Human Rights

    Pursued and prevented the hospital emergency Tan Phu, the Vi group ran to the Office of Justice and Peace Saigon Redemptorist to find and protect from the head office, Father Dinh Huu Thoai, reception.

Priest Thoai describes the condition of the victim that he witnessed after the assault:

"I witnessed the injury. Face of Ms. Cuc (mother of Hoang Vi) listless, burns on forehead. Hoang Vi mental panic. Especially Thao Chi (younger sister of Vi) tooth fractures, nasal blood flow begrime wet T-shirt. Chau Anh Thi was very clear lumps on the head. So, we have decided to give away at the hospital district 3 for emergency . Myself took them there because I also fear along the way security can still continue on harassment. So I take them directly to the county hospital district 3 for emergency . "

Linh mục Đinh Hữu Thoại.Priest Dinh Huu Thoai..
Priests Thoai have applied and accused crime against infringement of citizens' lives, and asked Police City Procuratorate handle criminals and abetting crime.

Priest Thoai:

"Police Leadership and People's Procuratorate that the city does not clarify this, people will clearly see the nature of society, this is something the government. In the context of Vietnam is not safe, the people's security is not guaranteed, the violations of international public law is obvious and lasts for years. So when people have problems, they do not dare to run a multitude of local agencies such as police protection, but they only feel safe when going inside the church. It will expose to the outside world is not a peaceful country. Even the security forces beating people back turned to the people, touched upon the life, health, honor, dignity and property of them. "

Vietnam authorities and the media system controlled by the local government not to speak about human rights events and picnic participants and about the arrest, assault.

Blogger Chau Van Thi, one of the victims of abuse, ask questions about why Vietnam election to the UN Human Rights Council while suppressing hand Picnic participants to exchange and search understanding of human rights, a healthy living and also the legitimate rights of the people.

Meanwhile, the Citizens Freedom to continue calling people publicly Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Report circulated on the social networking site saying: "The present human rights in Vietnam, though in the simplest form by a picnic was also faced with a myriad of problems, including, including blood and tears. "Therefore, the group Citizens Freedom suggest people go together to promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in a public place on next Sunday 12/5.

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