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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 171 release dated 15 -05-2013,




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 - Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 171 release dated 15 -05-2013,
 - The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
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The editorial board of the newspaper TDNL

          Failure bitter, brutal revenge!
 - Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 171 release dated 15 -05-2013,

            1 - From a few years ago in Vietnam, there have been many cases in which the defendant is young, the students and they have received many very heavy sentence. Typically, Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung, engineering students and Do Thi Minh Hanh, economics student, was arrested in March 2-2010 for activities for workers' rights, and more than a year later, May 3-2011, was sentenced to 9 years in prison (Hung) and 7 years (Hanh). Next is the case 3 Catholic students at Nghe An on 24-05-2012, including Dau Van Duong, university and commercial tourism (3.5 years), Tran Huu Duc, technical college (3 years), Chu Manh Son, College of Medicine (3 years), just for being committed to justice and truth. Earlier this year, on 09-01-2013, 14 patriotic youth, which mostly students at Vinh was sentenced to a total sentence 83 years in prison and 42 years probation, on charges of "activities aimed at overthrowing the people's administration" is when they behave just freedom of speech, freedom of association and the right to join political activities citizenship.

            The latest, today, 16-05-2013, the trial two students: Dinh Nguyen Kha (24T, University of Industrial Economics) with 8 years in prison and Nguyen Phuong Uyen (21t, University of Food Industry ) was 6 years in prison only for the crime of patriotism. Also heavy sentence has said, all the cases since they were arrested two months 10-2012 had countless dramatic, revealing all of the heinous nature of politics and the legal CS. First of all, she student 21 year- old, committee members of youth, were arrested and detained in kidnap-style, despite the provisions of the criminal procedure. Having family and friends questioned her, the police had found a half months later and lied to suppress the brazen public. When 144 classmates and intellectuals sent a letter to President for Uyen Phuong advocates, they immediately head for a whole range of petty retaliation. The school's students were being pressing to withdraw signatures, and thus are subject to police monitoring. And these are the people who have been slandered (pen name of Dong La call them "intellectuals flock, herd illegal"), both being impersonated by a fake petition opposed. Next there is a campaign in the press attacking party margins. The blind tool and this shameless slander racing two students enough sin: to take money (although Uyen was awarded only $ 100 to buy the camera), to terrorism, to manufacture explosives collapsed shock HCM subjects (though Kha only had about 300grams  chemicals play firecrackers), to the prejudice of national security, public colluding with hostile forces ... Family 2 children also involved a miserable way: being dragged to the police station for intimidation threatened coercion, all kinds of abuse in prison visits, banned for motherhood expression, was forced to confirm guilty on visitation  paper, ordered veterans to house for assault and slandered their children is reactionary, his own feasibility of machines confiscated practice and not for work. Yet! Then the old spurious scenario that   was contemptuous by public and never belief, which is given to the television audience to read the "repentant guilty" and "please state clemency"! Then the screen that lawyer to meet Uyen only confirmed her arrest and due process are treated well in prison! It's all attitude cowardly accusations, cruel strong over the weak destroyed all alternatives before the threatened strike. When Phuong Uyen oppose the wrong point, slander in the indictment (as recorded that they "did not write some content not good to China" was when I was actually entitled "China, let disappear from East Sea "...), there was a brutal retaliation cruel (26-04): was banned to wear the glasses that have been frequent headaches, beaten and unconscious, with multiple injuries and bruises on her body ...

            However, all students were named on this project were stalked before the court and did not admit guilt. As Dang Xuan Dieu said: "I did not do anything against conscience even if the government should have used corporal punishment and severe sentences to harm me, they are being trampled good moral lives of thousands of VN and their peoples to self-responsibility. " But today, Uyen-Kha and indomitable attitude in recognition of a young blogger: "They sentenced them does not matter how many years ... I am extremely happy because they have decided not guilty ... Complete the notes of its mission in the small prison inmate ... The alternate exterior admiring the work and memory of you ... You have to go down in history "!

            2 - Why did the communist government to come down on the young students, the future of the country, the brutal behavior and the heavy sentence like that, all the manifest outrage of crazy guys dominance? yes, CS shows that just because they have completely failed in their education path, a path of education and harms bizarre unprecedented in the history of the nation and the world.

            Based on the principle of "education education in Vietnam is a socialist ... take Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh City as the foundation" (Education Law Article 3), the Communist Party from the beginning all policy politicizing education. That is, instead of training the adult human society, that independent thinking in life, the freedom of citizens, that is really built home, just want to use the party doctrine has maligned human spit to shape young people into the party spirit for slaves, known only party leader to imitate blindly (while he was a machiavellian guy, committed numerous crimes in private life and public life and absolutely nothing is known of thought). Party wants immediate having the robots that only know how to obey orders cowardice (though that command and unjustified cruelty anywhere), just as important to know "more specialized pink" conscious compliance than the ability to learn problem, then the party will give praise as "political bravery"!?!

            The process of poisoned minds, wills beat, soul destroying, this brainwashing indoctrination starting from kindergarten up to university level with "The Young Pioneers" and "Communist Youth Union", the professional organizations to strictly control the ideological center of the team members, union members, to create the force behind the party was stupid. Program poisoned, beat, destroy, remove stuffing youth was first conducted with the full textbooks compiled by the party, especially academic writing and use full rosy for the party and the leader, hide thousand year war against Tau, slander slanderous enemies of the regime, and also recently introduced discreetly by invading the country, second to the youth idols such as Le Van Tam, Kim Dong, Nguyen Van Troi ... is woven from zero or inflated by a ridiculous fantasy, but this matter has been uncovered fake, intolerant party has been maintained, further more, more brusque and overbearing , forcing the game to service members for the party leadership physiology (for Sam Duc Xuong Nguyen-Truong with the execution poor girl), have to harass the religious community justice (for parish Thai Ha case for example, that since then youth CS renamed the People's thuggish youth), dares to condemn classmates justice for victims of injustice (for Saigon University Law recently slander and intimidate students who defended farmers Tien Lang), to prevent protesters fellow patriots, lined to protect the embassy invaders (while it is the duty of the police or military, according to diplomatic) ... That is not to say to the young victims of fraudulent education, habits of violence and hatred while sitting in school, be shaped or indulgence to just mourn singer, kissing chair idol, to enjoy the pageant all kinds, to live together as husband and wife try and do more games cause outrage and anxiety for parents and true educators.

            Education inhuman and reactionary peoples shit that has spawned a whole generation of young people then become younger than routine police brutality, as thugs, ready to crack down on the complaints of the petitioners, the protests against the invasion, the human rights field trips like that; become professional hacker hunt to undermine the democratic website or arresting netizens dare speak opposite political party, became the only known member of the public money for the party and the regime defended a brazen, ridiculous and stupid! This number is up to 80.000. Each person is paying an average of 3 million / month, consume more taxpayer money each month 240 billion, equivalent to 12 million dollars!

            Further, freakish education was a generation born intellectual courtiers, servants parasitic position, lost all the way, despite carrying all sorts of academic course content, are sitting in Parliament, Courts, Military teams, police, government agencies and universities ... Just because little perks current and future pension book, they are willing to stop his students demonstrated against the invaders, brazenly defend the territorial exclusive and permanent director of the national party in the country, cheering embarrassed to not know the absolute loyalty of the military to the civil party to the evil and vile the enemy, confirmed the party absorbed owner is only Best of all the resources of the lands to the peasants robbed, blind advocate for bauxite projects, nuclear power plants and disastrous, taking bribes and ready sided with the prosecution despite his judges, and close their eyes make heavy sentencing of democrats following the behest without concern of conscience, without any problems (such as Uyen-Kha trial today for example).

            Of course, the party is satisfied with the "educational attainment" This, by the new party is so assured that ethnic domination. A miserable nation after-party devastated millions of lives, loss of land thousands km2 island, crippling economic, cultural decadence, pollution-are now being made mentally corrupt, feeble willpower, no strength escape tyranny, foreign aggression or resistance, rise to the level of civilization of mankind.

            Fortunately, the soul of mountain rivers, ethnic mettle and is still lasting impact on so many young souls. Following which the young hero of the country, the youth and students conscious enthusiasm, intelligence and courage which is the focal worry about night and day, that fear of permanent to make the party outrage and pay brutal revenge. But there is also hope and pride for the country and its people today and tomorrow.

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