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Please feel free to speak ....anti-authoritarian, against protest the immoral acts of the government of communist Vietnam.




The components dissident blogger domestic access continues to be the target of the police authorities communist Vietnam today. The conduct of the blogger Truong Duy Nhat arrested on last 26 May, 2013 has shown zero tolerance policy and determination in maintaining institutional and policy direction of authoritarian rule and the party leaders communist countries. Freedom of Speech of people continue to be rudely trampled and blatant. Action continues blatantly arrested a blogger just because the right to express their freedom of speech and peacefully is not acceptable. Wrongdoing and said nonsense of the communist government of Vietnam, not only goes against their international commitments in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as regulations out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which Vietnam has so long engaged, but also a serious challenge for the international community in their responsibilities regarding human rights violation cases on a strictly more important in Vietnam.

Anatomy of issues related to the article that blogger Duy Nhat Truong showed on his blog we will easily see how the offense taken 'advantage Liberal Democrats have infringer benefit interests of the State "for he is totally unfounded and baseless. What is abusing Liberal Democracy and how behavior is harming the interests of the State ....??? In every situation and current developments as well as throughout the years ..... Vietnam has Freedom and Democracy?, and if properly way understood and properly means is the leaders of the ruling party and Vietnam is now just at the objects have been acts of abuse of state benefits ..... and these immoral acts that is pushing the country closer to the brink. Blogger Truong Duy Nhat in particular and component blogger and other dissident in general if speak up or criticized the party leaders, government leaders at all levels that comes from patriotism and the desire to bring the best for the country is entirely appropriate and understandable .... can not be considered a crime ... on the contrary, should be recognized and praised the courage and patriotism of them.

The current leaders of the ruling party is trying ambiguity everything to work together trying towards people to misunderstanding about all the current problems. The ruling Communist Vietnam is now trying to make no distinction between their personal interests with the common interests of the State, the nation and the people of Vietnam through the wrongful arrest and way of a brazen with Truong Duy Nhat particular blogger and the dissidents in Vietnam in general. The immoral actions and to cling to their power and position of the communist government of Vietnam, despite the national interest, despite the benefit of the people ..... go against the wishes of the people, is inexcusable and not acceptable. We can not continue to be patient .... we can not continue to live in fear .... we can not continue to live without emotion and looked each family, each of our fellow turn arrested, imprisoned .... only for their demanding to the right to life, the right to make a legitimate way .... and the right to breathe the fresh air of the Freedom and Democracy that People just like all the other nations on this globe is inherited. Let's speak for everyone ..... for the peace of the country, ...... and particularly for the survival of each ourselves before the inhumane oppression of the dictatorship leader group of communist Vietnam today .


Bản Tin


Blogger Truong Duy Nhat was arrested 

Update: 12:51 GMT - Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Blogger Trương Duy Nhất
Mr. Nhat was arrested on morning 26/5

Truong Duy Nhat known bloggers were arrested on 26/5 at Da Nang and  turning out Hanoi is the same day.
Thanh Nien newspaper reported that the police arrested him Especially because "abuse of democratic freedoms infringe upon the interests of the State, the rights and legitimate interests of organizations and citizens under Article 258, Code Criminal. "

Mr. Nhat, 49 years old, and moved to leisure writing a blog written from the perspective of 2011 to be able to speak out his thoughts.

Blog outspoken criticism by name of Vietnam's leaders have repeatedly been attacked and the hackers are not accessible.

Mind with readers when he comes to blogging, he said he at first had done for the newspaper of police Quang Nam Da Nang 8 years and then a few years in the  Solidarity newspaper.

Mr. Nhat many times has been repeatedly Vietnam Ministry of Public Security put pressure on what he wrote on the blog.

This Blogger has ever spoken scornfully of the State President Truong Tan Sang "despicable" when not dare cite Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung as the Politburo was proposed discipline Plenum 6 at the end of 2012.

Mr Sang called the proposed discipline is "Mr. X".

Recently, Mr.Nhat called Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh to step down from the head of the Central Internal Affairs after the Central Executive Committee suggested to his uncle in the Politburo at 7 Central Conference earlier this month.

'Desire of CHANGE'

A series of arrests in Vietnam from early 2012 are thought to be related to the power struggle going on in the team's senior ruling in Vietnam.
Trưởng ban Nội chính Nguyễn Bá Thanh
Mr. Nhat had many expectations on Nguyen Ba Thanh
At two most recent conferences of central, the Central Executive Committee of  the 175 members who rejected proposals related to personnel of the Politburo, from the Dung discipline to introduction of those who is consider as His opponent, the Chief of internal affairs Nguyen Ba Thanh, into the Politburo.

Before expressed frustration about Nguyen Ba Thanh following his defeat at the Plenum 7, he had a lot of expectations Especially the former Secretary of Da Nang:

Mr Nhat said in an interview with BBC earlier this year:
"In my eyes, Nguyen Ba Thanh, he is a character to be in the moment, even in personality, talent and thinking. Not only me, but many people were very cheerfully before ' Nguyen Ba Thanh phenomenon '.

"People are longing a change, do not know what is right and wrong, but the situation was so grim, prolonged stagnation. Should change, should be different from what are being.
"I think Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh who do work, if over the bar for his character, he will be much less bring change rather, not as gloomy as now."


Blogger Truong Duy Nhat attracted much attention when away diligently writing to blogging.

Explaining this decision, he wrote in 2011 First:
"For years, with the unit is a salaried journalist, I always have to write even all things do not want to write."
Mr. Nhat wrote on the blog Best in 2011

"For years, with the unit is a salaried journalist, I always have to write even all  things do not want to write.
"Well, as well as numerous other journalists, that's all. These are articles written not to think, not the brain, not thinking, writing sufficient stock for receiving targets homework monthly salary. Numerous reports by award very fine but I have embarrassed themselves when hiding under other pseudonyms.
"But: Perhaps journalists do not always like that? On my blog, I have repeatedly suspended sentence" If you do not have the right to say (write) all the things you want, then at least keep the right not to say the thing that they forcing to say. " It is the tool of Huynh Thuc Khang, founder and chairman of the Tieng Dan newspaper, later he are Ho Chi Minh appointed  for  Vietnam President of the Democratic Republic.

"I have chosen the way of HuUnh for many years when to keep myself the right  " do not speak (write) what they force to say. "

"But it's time, I had to choose another way, shook his head to say no to HuUnh: If  can not say (write) all the things you want, then ... leave from the journalism to write what I need to write! "

He is only the latest case in which tens of Vietnam writer jailed in the past few years.

Reporters without Borders considers Vietnam among the few countries considered "enemies of the Internet" by draconian policies of Hanoi with the writer to express their views on peacefully cyberspace.

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