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Hoang Sa and Truong Sa belong to Vietnam ...... Let unanimously voiced before its too late.



Movements below shows the anguish of Vietnam fishermen suffered harassment besides excesses of the Chinese invaders, and increasingly more violent and unruly direct threat to the lives of the fishermen right in the coastal areas of Vietnam's sovereignty under international law. The leaders of the Communist Party and the State Vietnam what thinking and how working to protect the safety effectiveness for its fishermen now? or still just the usual diplomatic protest and relentlessly speech heard boring as: "Vietnam strongly condemns acts of aggression and violation of the territorial sovereignty of Vietnam from the authorities Communist China ".... what is" Vietnam's communist government asked China to respect international law and cease immediately all acts of aggression and provocation .... leading to instability areas .... ".

Normally, when the ruling Communist Chinese makes aggression, then the State of Vietnam government only expressed through protests perfunctory, cursory formality, then all just like the rolling stones on the lake and then everything seems to never happen. Only Vietnam's fishermen lost both mentally and physically. Not only the economy is exhausted, but also the fishermen of Vietnam was completely suffer another bitter anguish without speechless. Economic families ruined, life brothers, friends and family are always under threat .... by the extravagant, rebellious and violent aggressor of China .... while the State and party leadership to always keep his attitude for a soft answer turns away wrath .... and of course  inexplicably loyal to the enemy, those who are threatening peaceful life of the people of Vietnam and homeland ....  Vietnam.

The leaders of the ruling party and communist Vietnam how to reply with his people? perhaps such greed and personal interest has made them become all dull that does not know how to distinguish between enemies and friends the comrade? Being good friends, good comrades stars day and night .... always looking into this territory and territorial waters of his friend .... his comrades? or again continue to quibble that ... because as a small country is not enough military capabilities to sustain .... hence choose the peaceful way! Not only Vietnam but also most other small countries in the region also have competing claims in the East Sea with China .... such as the Philippines, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan ....All of them ... are compare with China is small and disadvantaged like Vietnam that's no different, but they are fully determined and tenacious in defending territorial and their fishermen ....Typically as Philippines now and in the past.

The party leaders and the State of Vietnam can not continue sophistry, can not continue to be irresponsible with their fishermen in particular and the entire people of Vietnam in general. It's time for them to express clearly and decisively against the Chinese invaders. Should follow the example of the Philippines to bring the territorial dispute and islands before International .... and necessary to conduct the grievance procedure under international legal order. Benefits individuals can sacrifice, but the interests of the people and national interests can not be sacrificed, can not endure. Especially protect the territorial integrity of the country and territorial Vietnam, not only is the noble sacred responsibility of the party, of the State, but also the obligations and responsibilities of all the people of Vietnam . Face at the country's unstable now .... and before the conspiracy of enemies invading China, Vietnamese people, we need unanimously to act if the party and the government continue to keep inexplicably silent. Let unanimously voiced before its too late .... if not want to continue to become slaves to the China enemy in the future.



From Paracel back: Quang Ngai fishing vessel fishermen threatened and was stabbed tattily
Friday, 05/24/2013 07:46

Fishing vessels 90 917 TS QNg Paracel journey from Quang Ngai was Chinese ships fiercely stabbed in the way and almost sunk in the sea. The ship returned with wounds on hull, damage hundreds of millions.

16 ships crank 1 ship

At 21/5, the TS 90 917 fishing vessels QNg 15 fishermen landed Sa Need (Binh Son, Quang Ngai) with multiple wounds on the hull. Tran Van Quang Shipowners, Ship's Captain Tran Van Trung (in Binh Thanh Commune, Binh Son).

Cracks run along the hull. Photo: Duc Nguyen.

Captain sadly said: "Afternoon 20/5, our ship after fishing in the Paracels trip back to the mainland. At the coordinates 15 degrees 21 minutes north, 111 degrees 28 minutes east, from Quang Ngai waters about 130 nautical finds Chinese fleet include 16 units go into the two sides. Each of them different ways to go about 3 knots. This fleet towards us and started to prevent in the way. "

According to Mr. Trung, the first iron ship painted white, bearing the number 32001 with the bow anchor in white on silver hull and the word "China". On board with people dressed like Chinese police-Sea, carrying strap black, do not wear hats. The ship is fully equipped with firearms.

Sailors aboard the ship signaled for Quang Ngai ship to journey south, not to Quang Ngai. Chinese ship captain goes awry towards the south. However, the ship continued to cling on.

Before the incident, border stations Pingtung (Binh Son, Quang Ngai) was established to conduct the inspection records on the hull, recorded testimony of the fishermen. According to the initial case, the loss of fishing vessels including vessels must be broken 17m long, 6.8 m be the rear break; 4 horizontal momentum fracture length 2.7 m, 1 m long cabin broken. This is the ship just completed a 20-day fishing trip in the Paracel Islands, 7 tons of harvested fish, is on his way back.
17h 30 minutes, it started late in the evening. The iron orange ship carrying No. 264 detached and crashed into the stern of Quang Ngai fishermen. 
Fishermen in the hold and started screaming for lifejackets. The ship continued fierce attack by rushing to the side of the ship Quang Ngai. The vessel operator wearing civilian clothes.
Mr.Trung calmly turned central rudder for the ship shakes in circles to avoid the brutal stab. Iron ship large capacity and fast turn its top continues to hit to the hip of fishing boats. The vessel has a wall of ship as high as the top floor of boat fishing boats, so every stab slid, this railing of ship sweep to headlights of fishermen is broke.
Get out of danger by an inch

See not cause anything to the fishermen boats, this ship back to attack last shot by timber ship crashed into the bow. All fishermen aboard panic when the ship leaning heavily on one side, the water overflows into the capsule. Knowing that they want to 15 Vietnamese fishermen drowned, Mr. Trung raised high speed of the ship to flee. The fishermen were at hold to be knocked into compartment portside. In the cabin, the captain has just sailing just shouted into the Icom radio call of Quang Ngai, Da Nang, Quang Nam to report.

Tran Van Quang ship owners and the anchor was Chinese ship crashed into the bow. Photo: Duc Nguyen..

Fishermen boat with long crack running along the ship should be. Some points on the ship was sunk into such a strong impact hammer. The vessel has a capacity of 340 horsepower, 19.5 meter long hull very solid. However, the wooden hull ships, fishermen could not withstand before the ship deliberately rammed the steel casing and has a length of nearly 30 meters.

Most clearly trace the anchor was plugged into the wood. Mr. Tran Van Quang, the owner explained: "The anchor is located next to the nose, the Chinese ship crashed into our boat, the anchor was strong slammed and pinned to the bow. This is a fatal stab that nearly sank our ship. "

Ship of Mr. Quang is a ship practice nets pulled by modern technology, the system is equipped with high-voltage lighting equipment, net rigs pulled by the machine, gantry cranes to lift heavy net tons of lead.

Information systems on board including 2 computer Icom range, a positioning range fishery detector. On board, in addition to the highest flagpole in the nose, dozens of fishermen still plug flag leaf floats on the rig. Seen from afar, the ship fishermen of Binh Son as a cluster of national flags on the East Sea.

Duc Nguyen / Tien Phong

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