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RFA CEO spoke at the VN Human Rights Day celebration




Speech by Ms. Libby Liu CEO Radio Free Asia (RFA) at a ceremony commemorating "Vietnam Human Rights Day 11-05" that be held in Washington DC on 09-05-2013 has recently increased the authenticity of the painting panoramic worst human rights in Vietnam. With a strong team of journalists and experienced, Radio Free Asia has quickly updated also  information completely and accurate about the violation of human rights in Vietnam related to many aspects areas such as land Coercion unlawful, repress dissent, harassed protesters ... arrest and assaulting people who express freedom of speech peacefully ... and seriously repression against religion .....

There is no denying the positive achievements and effective information that Radio Free Asia has achieved in recent years. Especially in the context of  environment of information siled in the country and the limitations as well as obstructing from local authorities at all levels for local journalists and foreign who  operations in Vietnam. Despite best efforts to prevent and as well as control information in any way, including the use of violence against the journalists, but any attempt by the communist government of Vietnam has been completed failure before the Internet boom trend in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Today, many people in Vietnam quickly access information on a computer network or news updates from the Internet services across the country, especially the active participation of young people youth Vietnam. So, have a large effect to the government's efforts regarding the propagation and withheld information in Vietnam.

In the trend of Global Democracy and the positive side by the Internet boom brings, in addition to collecting and updating the online daily news from news agencies and newspapers various in country and foreign , the people of Vietnam we also need to contribute more to help the transmission and distribution of documents and information relating to the suppression of human rights cases in the country quickly, clearly and honest. Each one of us is a soldier information. We are determined to expose all the crimes of the communist government of Vietnam before domestic and international public opinion and the international community. We are determined not to let the ruling Communist Vietnam is manipulated, distorted propaganda and distortion of all information related to human rights in Vietnam. Let's work together to make the dream "Democracy" of all the people of Vietnam to become a reality soon.


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RFA CEO spoke at the Human Rights Day celebration VN

Bà Libby Liu, general manager of Radio Free Asia delivered a speech at the anniversary of Vietnam Human Rights Day 11/05 to be held in Washington DC on 09 May, 2013.
Photo: RFA
Ms. Libby Liu, general manager of Radio Free Asia delivered a speech at the anniversary of Vietnam Human Rights Day 11/5 to be held in Washington DC on May 9, 2013:

First of all, thank you Dr. Nguyen Quoc Quan event today and also thank Vietnam community here as well as throughout the United States.

I am honored to be here, to attend on human rights in Vietnam. But I'm also very sad before the human rights situation in Vietnam at this time.

A group of reporters and staff of radio Free Asia recently returned from Vietnam. They meet and talk with many people about the violation of freedom on many fronts that Vietnam faces daily, from land ownership, freedom of religion to human trafficking and slavery.

But if there is no freedom of the press, will only have a few channels where information about these violations can be transmitted to the public (mainly through the internet and social media).

[¼ people have used the site last week. Page is the leading social network with more than 60% of users.]

Vietnam government knows this very well.

But this still makes them fear, causing them to seek suppression of bloggers and dissidents who online.

This also caused the government to use the software censorship, surveillance and reconnaissance on the internet, creating formal restrictions on the use of web and internet café owners began to report on the they called the 'internet abuse'.

They also conduct the trial to give false judgment, the blogger jailed for years.

(It's no surprise that Vietnam is one of the worst environmental journalism, with 32 netizens and bloggers currently in prison, Reporters Without Borders ranked Vietnam at position 172 out of 179 countries in a recent survey of press freedom. This made Vietnam become one of the Internet's worst enemy in the world.)

But let me tell you this, Radio Free Asia always be present whenever happen the arrests, heavy prison sentence, harsh punishment and threats.

Not just to tell their story, the story of those who were persecuted, those who understand the dangers of putting information (what we do), but also to use the information in question Their stories, photos, video, usually for the biggest news of us.

It includes:

The arrest of human rights lawyers, activists and human rights
The violation of the right to land for the church
Harassment of religious leaders and religious people
Confiscation of land by farmers
Trafficking of women and children and of course
Both the crackdown on free speech and dissent, especially online.
Ms. Libby Liu, General manager of Radio Free Asia delivered a speech at the anniversary of Vietnam Human Rights Day 11/05 to be held in Washington DC on May 9, 2013. RFA PHOTO.
As a news agency operating in an environment of extreme journalism world, our reporters in the Vietnamese language original was inspired by their courage.

We are also working with experts to improve programming and creating tools to avoid censorship and surveillance network to Vietnam people can exchange information with each other and participate safer on freedom of speech.

(Add one more thing)

This team will also have a report on the results of finding in trip to Vietnam and it will include internet and telecommunications situation.

These results show that there are great opportunities. Let me share with you some highlights below:

"The Vietnamese were creative in what they want to access the network. Efforts censorship of government has failed.

The cheap cost of the mobile phone and generates less rapid uptake but also equipment that is used to monitor

The Communist Party is trying to balance the desire to develop information technology while trying to maintain tight control over what people can access on the network. "

We met a country with internet access and the access program is very impressive, and a developed infrastructure. More than one third of Vietnam's population is defined as those who use the internet, although only internet to Vietnam fairly recently, in 1997

Social media is an important tool for organizing activists and dissidents who, to connect them with each other and with the world using sites such as Facebook. They use this technology as a key catalyst for the development of the democracy movement in Vietnam.

The activities that we met said that they understand that the government is monitoring the real threat to their movement and to themselves. But this fear does not make them flinch. They continue to use the power of technology to support centralized, local news and local organizations, nationally and worldwide.

While we were there, a peaceful rally took place in many cities, due to the activities organized to draw attention to the human rights violations in Vietnam. The generally peaceful rallies that led to the arrests of activists in Saigon. When family and friends met at the police station, demanding the release of activists, they have been treated by force. Police thugs beating them and a sister of one of the arrested activists have lost 3 teeth. But instead of backward steps, the first reaction of the victim and the community to support the event information on the Internet, on Facebook and elsewhere ... to spread the true story of violence and threats . The fighting spirit and valiant resistance has inspired us at Radio Free Asia every day to pick up the banner and spread it in solidarity with the people already there.

Thank you.

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