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Statement of Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group on the case and trial of patriotic students at Long An on 16-05-2013



Dear all fellow VN and abroad with the International Friendship. Please popularized and translated into foreign languages ​​to the wide public. We sincerely thank you.
Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group, Vietnam

The statement of the case and trial of patriotic students
in Long An on 16-05-2013

                                   Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group


            Dear all fellow Vietnam and abroad.

            With the indictment of Communism Procuracy dated 06-03-2013 in Long An,  two students Dinh Nguyen Kha (University Long An Industrial Economics) and Nguyen Phuong Uyen (University of Saigon Food Industry ) will go to court on next 16-05 with accused as "involved in reactionary organization" Young Patriots ", in August 2012 and October-2012 was act of making, storing and circulating documents against the State ... have the command of Nguyen Thien Thanh "(University students SG Food Industry, who has defected), and charged with" propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, defined in terms of c 1 Article 88 of the Penal Code. "

            1 - This is a more dramatic case, revealing all of the heinous nature of  regime and the legal of Communists in Vietnam.

            First of all, the 21-year-old student was arrested and detained in kidnap-style, despite the provisions of the criminal procedure. Having family and friends of the children questioned and protested, the police had sought half months later suppress and deceive public opinion outright.

            When 144 classmates and intellectuals sent a letter to President for Uyen Phuong advocates, they immediately head for a whole range of petty retaliation. The students are the school (Dean, a professor, city group ...) pressing to withdraw signature and has always been followed by police since there. And these are just the people who have slandered (being called "intellectuals flock, herd illegal"), both being impersonated by a fake petition opposed.

            After they were arrested include Dinh Nguyen Kha and Nguyen Thien Thanh is the whole campaign attacks on state media is opened. No need to investigate their own understanding, judgment considerations, blind stuff and just knew this brazen scrambling ordered on slander charges students everything: money is involved (even donated 100 dollars to buy the camera before), which is terrorism, manufacturing explosives to pull down his statue Ho (though only about 300grams playing firecrackers chemicals), which is the national security violations, collusion with hostile forces, ...

            The families of the three students was also not spared: Dragged to police station for threatening duress, the commands that made difficulty for her in visiting in the prison, do not allow to express maternal affection, seized machines and practice work restrictions, which must confirm guilty  on the visiting paper, Order the veterans to house to assault and slander that their children reactionary ...

            Next is the old spurious scenario that has been public scorned, disgust and never believed, that brought the audience to read the televised "confession of repentance" and "please state clemency"! Then display the accused met the lawyer to confirm his arrest only correct procedures and are treated well in prison. All games only expose psychological terror, compelling prisoners deceived the public and shameless way, only to denounce cowardly attitude, cruelty of the strong against the weak, destroyed all possibilities choice before the threatened strike.

            When Phuong Uyen oppose the wrong point, slander in the indictment (as recorded that they "did not write some content is not good to China" while she was actually entitled "China, let disappear from East Sea "...), then immediately retaliated brutally cruel: that is banned from near-sighted glasses to frequent headaches, beaten and unconscious, with multiple injuries and bruises on him.

            2 - Based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Article 19 (which Vietnam has committed to keep): "1 - Everyone has the right to hold opinions without interference. 2 - Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, this right includes freedom to seek, receive, and disseminate all information and ideas through word of mouth, orally, in writing or in print, in the form of technology art, or through any other media, regardless of national borders, "Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group stated:

            a- action of their leaflets student Nguyen Phuong Uyen Nguyen Dinh Kha, Nguyen Thien Thanh and Patriotic Youth group calls for the entire population against China enemy occupy the land, sea of Vietnam national,  oppressed Vietnamese citizens, undermined the Vietnamese ethnic by food toxic, anti-Communist Party dictatorship, corruption, robbery of the people farms, offered land sea to China, persecute and undermine the religious, to indulge in dissipation of living at tear and sweaty of the people, push people and country into the suffering (but they did not against the state, anarchists advocate for social chaos) ... The action of the youth had legitimate, non-infringement law, in human and civil rights, both describe the true state of the country and the regime, the right to express the mood and aspirations of the people. Even the yellow flag with three red stripes (the flag of Ethnic traditions, from the Thanh Thai (1890), a king patriotic spirit and policy of national unity 3 domain against foreign aggression) is an act of legitimate and meaningful.

            b- Communist doctrine and regime  should be removed from the mind, the country, the history of Vietnam and the Communist Party should be excluded from politics Vietnam by way of non-violence as the call of students above. Because all three of this monster-with countless mistakes and crimes in more than a half-century has caused the death of millions of people, had put slavery on the nation, have put the country on of all evils and tragedies and are pushing to the brink national decline, as is the Chinese Communist threat more imminent invasion while the communist parties still frail cowardly.

            c- The students with the Patriotic Youth Group said it is commendable for sharper awareness of the situation of the country and society, because of the desire to bring good out of Ethnicity and political crisis social racking for the courage to risk their lives to warn the people and called for a hand removal unless the threat of foreign invasion and aggression. Ethnic Vietnam luckily there are young despite the neo-communist regime and sought to poison-filled to pure soul, noble ideals, heroic mettle and enthusiasm love country, love race like that!

            3 - Indeed, the trial of the case and the students in the Patriotic Youth Group this time, the trial of the case, and many patriotic students at the beginning of Nghe An and young bloggers crackdown is only recently reveal the wrath of the Communist Party before the failure of education and harms freaky party.

            a- Based on the principle of "education education in Vietnam is a socialist ... take Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh City as the foundation" (Education Law Article 3), the Communist Party, from first advocated politicizing education in VN. That is, instead of training the free citizens of the country, the party just like redress the younger generation into the party spirit slaves, known only party leader to imitate blindly obedient to command the party cowardice, as "pink more specialized" obey than consciously  academic abilities, and called it "political bravery"!?!

            The process of poisoned minds, wills beat, brainwashing indoctrination, to corrupt the soul has to start from kindergarten up to university to organize "The Young Pioneers" and "Communist Youth League production "tight control specialist team members, union members, with the academic and literary historian rosy for the party, hide the resistance vessels, slander, slanderous enemies of the regime, with the old idols Children as Le Van Tam, Kim Dong, Nguyen Van Troi ... is woven from zero or the imaginary inflated, forcing the game unionist party leaders serve (for Sam Duc Xuong Nguyen-Truong), harassment of religious communities for justice (Thai Ha parish), dare condemn classmates justice for victims of injustice (for Saigon University Law), to prevent protesters fellow patriots, staging protection of the embassy of the invaders ... That's not to mention young people are victims of fraudulent education, habits of violence and hatred when they were sitting in school.

            Education inhuman, antidemocratic nation that has spawned a whole generation of young people then become younger than routine police brutality, as thugs, ready to crack down on the people's complaints Petitioners, the protests against the invasion, picnics on human rights become professional hacker hunt to undermine the democratic website or arresting netizens dare speak against party politics , who became the only known public money for the party and the regime defended a brazen, ridiculous and stupid!

            Further, the non-education, anti national, anti-liberal that has spawned a generation of lumpen intelligentsia, parasitic slave position, losing all dignity, objective spirit "the artist", though enough to bring distance learning degrees, sits in parliament, military, police, government agencies and universities ... Just because little perks current and future pension book, they are ready to stop and intimidate his students demonstrated against the invaders, brazenly defended the exclusive leadership of the party and permanently on ethnic country, cheering embarrassed to not know the absolute loyalty of the army to the party is evil with people and vile with the enemy, the party was absorbed confirmed all resource owners to rob the peasants lands. This is a revealing expose on the media tool, in seminars on the Constitution with the disgrace name.

            Consequently, education is a socialist, rose more important specializes Vietnam made him tingle known in many areas as advanced degrees, but most of all the false teachers, fake doctorate, causing disgrace to both cultures thousands of years, the rare and the good scientist, expert real, patents are internationally recognized. That caused the crippling of the academic, technical background, civilization and culture of a people which had a par with neighboring countries prior to 1975, the Republic of Vietnam.

            4 - Finally, Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group call:

            a- The youths Vietnam follow the example of wisdom and courage of the students Patriotic Youth groups as well as youth-group We The Citizens Freedom to stand up to historical continuity heroes in the young nation's history, contributing to expel foreign invaders and eradicate the invaders.

            b- Vietnam compatriots at home and abroad be expressed sympathy and support for the young defendant about a court faced with a set of capital trials are just tools of government repression. Agree and support by attending the trial, monitor the network, to defend the series, supported by physical and spiritual family citizens are patriotic young people to sacrifice for the cause nation.

            c- The democratic government and the international human rights bodies consider this trial as a living proof and egregious crimes to prevent communist authorities took the seats on the Human Rights Council next year.

            To that end, we pray God to all fellow Vietnam and abroad courage, perseverance and sense of solidarity to fight for truth and justice, for democracy and human rights in Motherland, so that the party and the communist authorities incapable of harm to the whole country and the future generations of the nation.

            Made in Vietnam dated 14-05-2013.
            Group Representation Father Nguyen Kim Dien:
            - Father Pierre Nguyen Huu Giai
            - Rev. Peter Phan Van Loi
            - With the communion of the Father Tadeo Nguyen Van Ly is in Communist prisons.

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