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Police suppressed the picnics Human Rights, and beating the participants brutally

Thao Nguyen Chi (sister Hoang Vi) was beaten to broke the teeth by police, bleeding wet clothes when families come together to reclaim property plundered CA



Picnics exchange on human rights last Sunday morning 05-05-2013 at major cities such as Saigon, Hanoi and Nha Trang beach city which attracts many people from all walks of life to participate including intellectuals, professors, teachers ... and components veterans with Vietnam youth Youth took place in a peaceful atmosphere filled with excitement and were friendly but the authorities of communist government of Vietnam hinder, arrested and then beat them with a very brutal way right in front of the police precinct headquarters and in many other places, even after the victim was transferred to a hospital emergency also continued to suffer beatings and get savage and brutal foe hiding from security forces of Vietnam.

Even in the current period when Vietnam is a very desirable and candidates to campaign for UN Council for the 2014-2016 term, is actions tramples human rights downright barbaric and brutal today of The communist government of Vietnam is extremely difficult to understand and be urgent for public opinion at home and abroad. A state, a regime, a government that acts of human rights abuses downright brutal and extremely barbaric, despite the law, defying international law and despite all the moral conscience of human like that, whether it deserves to be elected to chair the Human Rights Council of the United Nations or not? It's a shame and rather brazenly for the party leadership and the communist government of Vietnam. Chair of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations where surveillance and adjudication of human rights violations by member states that is not the place for the communist government of Vietnam to participate and make the rain, make the wind despite all the laws and defying all international treaties on human rights.

At about the conduct and ethical standards, Vietnam now and in the future even if there is no change or a positive change to their worst human rights record, is the chair of Council of Human Rights UN is just wishful thinking, far removed from reality. Not only did Vietnam not eligible to become a member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations that the opposite is worthy to receive the punishment and sanctions as well as heavy pressure from the international community due to the volume abysmal human rights of our country today and throughout the past decades. The people of Vietnam and the international community in recent years has witnessed constant acts of human rights abuses, disregard the law, disregard of international law and despite the moral conscience of the people holding Vietnam's communist authorities. And the beating people very cruel today because only those activities and their peaceful expression related to human rights today as the drop of water overflow the glass, not only can not threatening or conquer their patriotism but urge and fueled the Liberal Democratic longing flames that had always smoldering in the hearts of the people of Vietnam so long.


Monday, 05/06/2013


Police suppressed the picnics Human Rights, and beating participants

Blogger Hoàng Vi (trái) và các nhà hoạt động trẻ thảo luận về bản Tuyên ngôn Nhân quyền
tại một công viên ở Sài Gòn. (Ảnh: Dan Lam Bao).

Blogger Hoang Vi (left) and the young activists to discuss the Bill of Rights in a park in Saigon. (Photo by Dan Lam Bao).

Blogger Hoàng Vi (trái) và các nhà hoạt động trẻ thảo luận về bản Tuyên ngôn Nhân quyền tại một công viên ở Sài Gòn. (Ảnh: Dan Lam Bao).

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'VN writhing before the threat and lack of freedom of the press'


Satellite News Asia 05/04/2013


VN is back on the list of countries that do not have freedom of the press


Satellite News Asia 03/05/2013

Peaceful picnics to exchange knowledge about human rights in Vietnam first morning 5/5 by calling the group Citizens Freedom to spread over the internet by government obstacles, many participants were forces security arrest and assault.

News on the Web site said citizens in Hanoi and Nha Trang, though tensions did not happen, but the police have used various measures to disrupt and prevent the participants gathered in the park by the regulations.

Particularly in Saigon, the security forces have used force to arrest and beat people when they distribute the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to picnic participants. Among those who were assaulted and taken to the police station with blogger Nguyen Hoang Vi, Sy Hoang Vu, and Vu Quoc Anh.

By this afternoon, 6/5 group of young people attended the picnic Human Rights continues to violently beaten at the police headquarters Phu Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Saigon and be hampered not for hospitalized emergency. Talking to VOA Vietnamese language after assault occurred, a group of people, young Chau Van Thi, recounted details:

Chau Van Thi: Yesterday during a picnic in the park 30/4 dozen people have been arrested. Including those held longest Vu Quoc Anh, Hoang Vu, and Nguyen Hoang Vi. Vi and Hoang was heaviest hit the spot, before they put on the police car. When they drop Vi in police Thanh Phu, Tan Phu District, they were robbed of Vi Ipad. Two hours this afternoon, we took them up to the computer, they give women and plainclothes security beat us. Vi's sister was beaten several broken teeth, put on, all of them now is terrible. Vi, Vi's mom, Nhung baby, and me are always well beaten. They did hit my head. Police officers and civil defences surrounded them beat us, not allow people interfere. They beat cruelty and call for emergency taxi passenger. Go to the hospital on the Au Co Tan Phu, just down the car, the three of them is going to hit us she had to pull over. Vi's mother to help people out, they get cigarette on face of Vi's mother. After that, they just go by car to intimidate. Now we run up to ask Redemptorist fathers for protection. But civilians now, we do not dare run into the police station again.

VOA: How status of people who need Emergency now?

Chau Van Thi : Hoang Vi is they beat all the bruising. Sisters Thao Vi several broken teeth, her face crushed all gone. Mother of Vi was tired, is located here resuscitation. We now do not dare go anywhere, civilians who now not be protect. Police and civil defences to surround for those people beat, no one intervened.

VOA: The assault occurs where, in the presence of anyone?

Chau Van Thi: Right in front of Phu Thanh Ward police, Tan Phu District, HCM City. They intercepted two tops of the street not allow people to witness the shooting or filming anything. We now, do not know to believe in where.

VOA: How many people in your group today in police station, how many people are scrimmage?

Chau Van Thi: My group consists of Nguyen Hoang Vi, Thao Nguyen Chi, Vi's mother, and two girls name Nhung and Trinh, and me Chau Van Thi. When finished scrimmage do not see Trinh anywhere, I do not know where to go before they start. Everyone had been beaten up.

VOA: Do you know why they hand out?

Chau Van Thi: Before they hit, they went to the police station. Police call them up on the meeting. Meeting finished, they burst out saying they forced us, not for us  sit in the station anymore, and they rushed in to hit us right in place.

VOA: Yesterday the police to disperse the picnic, they give a reason or not? Is there any resistance that lead them make assault?

Chau Van Thi: There is no resistance at all. They outnumber users. When they broke in, they shouted that we drug, slitting the other bags while we were sitting I just finished singing the song "Growing Up", on the hand holding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights UN to prepare to talk about human rights. They just beat, arrested, put in the car, split per person per station. When the incident happened, they cried out, "These guys are reactionaries, anti-government, hitting it dead" when we only talk about human rights, about what citizens deserve. Activities of the bags they are peaceful but police and security people are very scared about these things that should make very cruel. We worked  peaceful and public, do not think that will be suppressed and beaten like that. While Vietnam is running for the United Nations Human Rights Council that they did not expect a very strong hand with the participants Picnic Human Rights. Did not understand Vietnam candidate to the council, what for?.

VOA: With the intention Picnic for Human Rights that human rights abuses were so, what is happening is a signal of how in your eyes?

Chau Van Thi: The picnic is for human rights work was very normal. The work we do them very public, transparent and lawful. Nothing can stop us they continue to talk about the human rights of his own, if people are doing. If it is, we're still continuing to do so.

In her article, Nguyen Hoang Vi said on 2/5 before the Field of Human Rights held, he Faubrice Maurice, the French Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City had a talk with her and blogger Dr. Hoang Vu expressed interest in activities previously unmatched in Vietnam. Vi had expressed to him that Maurice amid Vietnam to become a member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, there is no reason to stop citizens to discuss the contents of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as share this document with others for reference. Vi said meeting, the exchange of civil liberties is nothing wrong with her and look forward to diplomatic missions of foreign countries to speak before the obstruction, disruption.

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