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More attention from international to the deplorable human rights situation in Vietnam



As citizens of a country, none of us would want our country is another country in the world ..... isolation or sanctions However, the human rights situation in Vietnam is extremely bad currently and the increase in the acts of human rights abuses of the dictatorial leadership group and the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam, despite the law, defying international law and human conscience, is proposals the European Union (EU) to stop negotiating Free Trade with Vietnam of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) today is not only the right thing to do, to be welcomed by which also reflect a strong, clear and honest about the panoramic picture rights worst in the history of human rights in Vietnam.

In recent decades, the communist government of Vietnam has ignored and ignore any recommendations as well as calls for improved Vietnam's worst human rights record from international community. What made the party leader and the ruling class in Vietnam and is now despised despite all challenges even blatantly public opinion and foreign and international? Yes, the main reason cause to challenges said above of this communist state is due to a lack of interest or concern are incomplete, there are no sanctions strong enough to force the communist government Vietnam must abide by and strictly enforce their commitments to international  related to human rights.

It should be excited not only for democracy activists, human rights activists and religious and abroad, but also the general excitement for people both in Vietnam and abroad as more much more attention, more deeply from the International Human Rights Organization, and many other countries around the world about increasing abuses and acts of human rights abuses rudely, and sophisticated systems The government of the united Communist Vietnam. Typically attached to the range of human rights in the aid, and humanitarian assistance, as well as a review of the opportunities for Vietnam to participate in the important fields of economics, trade and International security nature of the United Nations, such as a review for Vietnam to a chair of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations .... or
trade agreements such as global trade agreements Trans-Pacific partnership (TPP agreement called) ....
Besides, what is more optimistic is with the urged to return Vietnam to the list of countries of particular concern (short call CPC) .... or be listed as one of the country does not have Press Freedom, no Internet Freedom and repression .... gross human rights ... in its annual report on human rights of the U.S. State Department in Vietnam recently.


Friday, 05/03/2013


FIDH calls for the EU to stop negotiating free trade with Vietnam

International Federation for Human Rights called on the EU to stop negotiating free trade with Vietnam

Bangkok Post newspaper, some were today reported that the International Federation for Human Rights has launched a call since, stating that the European Union (EU) should stop negotiating a free trade agreement with Vietnam to assess the impact on the domestic labor, and the risk of human rights abuses.

European Union has sought to negotiate a free trade agreement with ASEAN in 2007, but the negotiations were halted in 2009, led to the decision of the EU started negotiations with Vietnam in years last.

In an open letter sent to officials in Brussels, the union warned that "the European Union is responsible for ensuring the volume of trade agreements do not adversely impact on human rights abroad."

The International Federation for Human rights advocates argue that "Vietnam authorities continued human rights violations, especially in the field of freedom of speech, religion, assembly and related abuses to the land seizures. "

The group said the abuses that can only increase unless the European Union set out the steps to comprehensively assess the impact of trade agreements on the people not only in Vietnam but also in the whole ASEAN.

In April, Vietnam Labour Union Freedom, a coalition of labor organizations in and outside the country, referring to the case of Vietnam women tricked into Malay, into prostitution, was held rescue official.

Bulletin of the alliance criticized local media, reports of many workers' strikes Vietnam, as the strike of more than 2000 factory workers Shoes Lien Dinh, Hai Phong on 16 April.

According to the International Federation for Human Rights, EU urged Vietnam to reform domestic law to protect vulnerable people, including the poorest of the poor laborers and farmers, before finalizing any agreement commercial.

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