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Religious Freedom in Vietnam continue to be trampled by authorities seriously



Freedom of Religious has been being persecution in Vietnam serious now and throughout the years not only is judgment and deep concern from the international human rights organizations and from other countries around the world, that there is an obsession and be urgent for both fellow Vietnam and abroad. During the past several years, the leaders of the party and the government of communist Vietnam has carried out a policy of religious two sides. On the one hand, the government of legitimizing their acts of interference in the internal religious and methods in many different tricks, such as the establishment of the Commission on Religion and associations formally ... ... such as: Catholic Solidarity Committee of Vietnam, Vietnam Buddhist Church of patriotism, Association of Monks patriotism Solidarity ...... In fact, these are the agencies of the Communist Party Committee Vietnam is under the supervision and control of the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front. And then carry out activities aimed at creating divisions and undermining the unity of religion in Vietnam.

The Commission and the Council of State's legal team said on conducting propaganda activities interspersed the behavior libelous, misrepresent and distort the truth all information relating to religious freedom as soon as the opportunity . In addition, the Commission and the guise of religious groups also said on behalf of religious law and intervene in the internal affairs of religion, including the ministry, missionary, ordained, ordination .. .. and even to the appointment and assignment of clergy of the religion. Typically taking the name of patriotic solidarity Monks expelled and defrocked 3 monks at the temple of Ta Seth Soc Trang Vietnam today is a testament to the most. The communist government in Vietnam for years under the guise of dirty tricks and methods that full evil seems to have succeeded in completely controlled and dominated all the religious activities in Vietnam.

On the theoretical side, Vietnam has some the advancement of Religious Freedom ... such as the expansion of government allowed some religious groups to be registered and accepted activity ..... ceremony with the number of participants more than ten thousand nguoi.v .. v. .. However, in practice, always making it difficult to conduct all aspects of religious life for people, especially for religious groups not recognized by the State as Mennonite Church .... Buddhist Church of Vietnam Agree .... some religious groups in the Hoa Hao Buddhist Church .... Cao Dai ... v ... v ..... are state-controlled bitter and harshly suppressed. The situation of religious freedom and freedom of religious people in Vietnam today and for many years has been Authorities trample led to serious proposals put Vietnam back on the list countries need special concern (CPC) of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), along with suggested more interest from a number of other countries regarding religious freedom in Vietnam.



Who was behind the decision to defrock 3 Khmer Krom monks in Soc Trang?

Các The Khmer Krom Buddhist monks during a prayer at a temple in Phnom Penh
AFP photo

Hundreds of Buddhist monks and Khmer Krom Buddhist temples around Seth  have reacted before the Vietnam police action surrounded the temple Ta Seth last week disorderly temples. Soc Trang provincial authorities also arrested two people and two defrocked monk is Venerable Lieu Ny and vice Venerable Thach  Thuol, the Buddhist monks of Seth Ta, Vinh Hai commune, Vinh Chau district, Soc Trang province.

Mission of Solidarity patriotic monks in Soc Trang province has combined with the police, local authorities carry out the procedures required for the practice of the two, because that violated canon law. Another allegation is that the two have a relationship with bad elements and external enemies, namely Union institutions Khmer Kampuchea Krom (KKF); through this relationship provoking, disturbing temples, dragging Buddhist monks create some pretext against the Church, against the patriotic united monks, slandering the Party discriminatory and repressive Khmer fellow monks.

Ta Seth's abbot Venerable Lieu Ny told RFA on 17/5 that the Solidarity leader patriotic monks and the authorities do not understand the situation and all the activities in the temple. If the violation of canon law, the first of her children to Buddhist temples around accusations, reflections, but not agencies of the State.
In contrast, the presence of more than 100 hundred famous secret police surrounded the temple day and night, the Venerable Lieu Ny concern for personal no safety.

Police surrounded the temple

Đại Venerable of Ta Seth temple at Vinh Hai commune, Vinh Chau district is monk Lieu Ny was arrested on 20/5/2013. Photo courtesy of Supplies
Venerable Lieu Ny: "Police surrounded the temple of me. First there is the entrance, then the entrance also. In the commune, the commune also close to see me and vice Venerable Thach Thuol is going to flee or not. "

By May 20, both of them was arrested and put in Soc Trang province by border guards at gate Long Binh Phu district, An Giang province bordering gate Chrey Thom district in Kandal province's Koh Thom Cambodia. In addition to the two monks also have two other youths including Thach Phum Rich  and Tra Tha was arrested for allegedly colluded to prevent the work of the government mission and across the border to Cambodia illegally.

For years, the two monks have close ties with Kim Moul monk, also a Buddhist monk Ta Seth, led a peaceful demonstration to demand the freedom of religion in 2007. Master Kim Moul was arrested, defrocked and imprisoned for two years. After being released, he escaped to Cambodia and Thailand. After that, he was granted refugee status to settle in Sweden. Then he was the Khmer Krom community in America through guarantees and return to practice.

Kim Moul time with monks held Union Khmer Kampuchea-Krom (KKF) is campaigning for human rights in Vietnam.

Because relationships with people outside the country and press interviews about the status of religious repression and human rights Khmer Krom in Vietnam, Venerable Duong Nhon, the Solidarity leader patriotic monks Soc Trang has decided to handle discipline for monks Thach Thuol form does not recognize the religious practice of VBS and forced out within 3 days since 07/28/2012.

However, that decision was Ta Seth's abbot Venerable Lieu Ny refute untrue and libelous.

On 14.05.2013, the Venerable Duong Nhon had publicly another decision of disciplinary practice for monks Thach Thuol, Lieu Ny and Ly Chanh Da, because that is several times by phone monk , go online to interview, send messages, information, pictures to distort, falsely accused the Party of discrimination and oppression ethnic Khmer monks. More importantly, being reactionary foreign organizations, including the Union Khmer Kampuchea Krom (KKF) hook to entice monks violating the law and legal education.

Before his arrest, Lieu Ny Venerable said to RFA  : "Master does not do anything to oppose the State of Vietnam. Accused because of Venerable  working with the Vietnam, to catch the accused defrocked monk's it. I did nothing to oppose the Vietnam State. I only duties practitioners. Do not have to divide the country. "

Venerable Duong Nhon also said that the decision to 3 monks above that had made the convent on the Solidarity patriotic monks province consulted widely from monks 92 Khmer pagodas in Soc Trang province. Solidarity patriotic monks of the province was no longer admitted these three monks.

Venerable Duong Nhon told broadcaster Soc Trang on 17/5: "Recently, Solidarity patriotic monks province of religious decisions for Thuol Thach,  abbot Lieu Ny of Ta Seth and Ly Chanh Da of Preay Chop temple is unity of Solidarity monks provincial patriotic correctness. When returned to practice to the family must know modify and implement the policy in good standing of the State and the strict implementation of religious traditions. Just for practice out of the temple, the family returned to business as usual. Thus, the monk calls the  monks of temple and Buddhist of temples,everyone in Ta Seth and Preay Chop temple do not believe  through the tip of these three people is Lieu Ny , Thach Chanh Da and Thach Thuol. These Three people are no longer the monk again. "

Kidnapping monk

Vice Venerable of Ta Seth temple Thach Thuol in a tough day 17/5/2013. Photo courtesy of Supplies
Particularly in Preay Chop temple, Lai Hoa, afternoon 16/5, the local police have kidnapped monk Ly Chanh Da in Vinh Chau District and defrocked due to a violation of canon law.

Reply television reporter Soc Trang, Ly Chanh Da said: "I hope that the parents, and the State Party people recognize me as honest and truthful. And I trust and hope that the Party and State to forgive this honest citizen "but not guilty, and expect forgiveness from Party and State as reporters earlier translated into Vietnamese.

Since 2/2013 Buddhist monk Ly Chanh Da had conflict with the abbot Venerable Thach Huol Preay Chop temple, deputy council president united patriotic monks in Soc Trang Province, Deputy Head of the provincial Buddhist, Deputy Head Central preaching, Deputy Head of the central ritual Buddhist Church of Vietnam.

The monk Ly Chanh, born in Vinh Chau district. After many years of study in Cambodia back to the temple, he offered classes taught canon law at the temple. This proposal is of Buddhist monks and temples responded but were refused by Thach Huol Venerable. Conflict started happening after monks in Buddhist temples and around the reflecting that Venerable Thach Huol only focus on activities to serve the interests of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Phil Robertson, deputy director of the Asia Human Rights Watch said: "This is a sign that the Vietnam government has not respected the right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Furthermore, as an attack on the independence of the Khmer Krom Buddhist to practice their faith without government interference. The U.S. government and donor countries to Vietnam, need to speak up and ask Vietnam to stop harassing actions and threats against the Khmer Krom and religious divides. "

Prior to 1975, the Khmer Krom have their Buddhist Association without interference from the government at the time. After the Vietnam Communist Party in power, Vietnam has disbanded the Theravada Buddhist and Khmer Krom Buddhist monks forced to participate in Solidarity patriotic monks under the auspices of the Buddhist Church of Vietnam . Buddhist Church of Vietnam under the control of the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, a Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Currently, the agency has succeeded in forcing most of Buddhist monks joined the monks patriotic solidarity. The monks refused to participate would face persecution or agency's Vietnam Solidarity patriotic monks


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