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Declaration of the 8406 Democratic Bloc about the crackdown to human rights picnic on 05-05-2013 and the popular movement for Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Vietnam


Dear fellow Vietnam and abroad with the International Friendship
1 - Declaration of the 8406 block about the crackdown to human rights picnic on 05-05-2013 and the popular movement for Universal Declaration of Human Rights in VN.
2 - Documents "The International Human Rights instruments and Vietnam," released by the Block 8406 in July-2009 (see attachment)
Please spread. We sincerely thank you.
Block 8406

Block 8406
Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam in 2006

Declaration about human rights picnics crackdown     on 05-05-2013  and
the popular movements for Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Vietnam

            Dear all fellow Vietnam and abroad
            Dear Democratic Government, Human Rights Organizations
            Dear Human Rights Council of the United Nations

            On 5-5-2013 the past, the movement's call for "We-The Citizens Freedom", many citizens of Vietnam has joined the "picnic discussing human rights" in many public places community in Hanoi, Nha Trang and Saigon as well as in several other places.

            This is a very legitimate action, in the interests of man and of the citizen, as well as value-consciousness of society as a whole about the rights that every human being born is entitled, the power that the civilized world (through the UN) has strongly confirmed for every citizen on this planet.

            Perhaps a self-proclaimed state is always "the people, by the people, for the people" and is inviting all the people making comments on a new constitution upon popular, not that this is a healthy political life strong, helpful, sympathetic restoration of this world has long criticized Vietnam still lacks respect for human rights.

            However, the Communist authorities in the cities mentioned above was behaving shamefully, causing public outrage that the people and the international disappointing, in the context of Vietnam are seeking election to Council The UN Human Rights.

            In Hanoi authorities have shut Nghia Do park for "picnic Members of human rights", and security personnel were busy finding ways to harass and intimidate them on the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake. Earlier, many people were threatening and blocking.

            At Nha Trang: the authorities have taken won parks for Communist youth organization sing most loudly disrupting picnics discuss the human rights of its citizens, forcing them to life in a cafe. Before that they were intimidated, cutting internet and phones.

            In Hai Phong: even a picnic in the backyard of a female blogger has been besieged numerous police harassment and intimidation, especially when she read to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

            Especially in Saigon: held up after a rally in a park and distribution of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, many participants were chased out of the gathering by force. Opposing this lawless behavior, bloggers Sy Hoang Vu, Chau Van Thi, Nguyen Hoang Vi, Vo Quoc Anh etc ... have been beaten, arrested long hours at the police station and seized the phone and computer without setting the record. The next day, 06-05, to claim property in police Phu Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, her mother and sister Nguyen Hoang Vi was police and thugs chased limbs burning cigarette on his forehead, broke the 3 incisors. They also aggressively attacked the taxi to the victim and rushed to the emergency room at the hospital for their assault.

            This is the barbaric behavior and completely violates the law of those who ordered from the central to the local authorities of the guys mentioned above and directly infringe upon the life, health, honor, dignity and property of citizens. The policy and the actions that have violated the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Vietnam has committed to keeping since 1982, in violation of Article 71 in current Constitution: "Citizens have the right majeure physically violated, the law on the protection of life, health, honor and dignity "and fall into the sanctions of Article 7 of the Code of Criminal Procedure:" All acts of infringing upon the life, health health, honor, dignity, property shall be dealt with according to law. "


            1 - Along with many international organizations, international organizations and civil Vietnam warmly, Block 8406, condemns the policy of the communist authorities to prevent and suppress citizens discuss, exchange and dissemination turn on the power by fraud measures, lawless and barbarous said above. This is a systematic policy to crush every voice and action requires freedom and democracy of the people.

            2 - Block 8406 also fully support the recent announcement of the movement "We - Citizens Freedom" on:

            - Together publicly Universal Declaration of Human Rights to many people in public places on Sunday 12-05-2013 and the days that followed.

            - Send the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the state agencies, including the National Assembly, the Ministry of Public Security base, local police, Provincial Committee, Party Committee, People's Council and People's Committee of the big city.

            - Calling on the youth and the elders to bring the idea of ​​hand human rights to the people to form a group by the same 3-5 dissemination of human rights materials in populated areas residents where they live.

            3 - On the occasion, Block 8406 would again affirmed that all human rights as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights can only be executed in Vietnam when and only when both ethnic groups stand unanimously struck down the communist political regime totalitarian which betray people, damage country! Replace the political system which is pluralistic democratic progress in the future. Human history and the history of Vietnam have eloquently demonstrated that under all dictatorships, whether communist or non-communist, all human rights are being abolished by lies and by violence!

            4 - However, in the current situation in the country and the region, before the conspiracy of the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam to the new constitution being drafted and prior intentions increasingly invaded China Sea Highway Touches of the Chinese communist government, while the leaders in Hanoi still show weakness, Bloc 8406 ask people to apply for vigilance not forget to always continue to assert the rights of citizens and political rights existence of ethnic country.

            Done in Vietnam on 10-05-2013
            Bloc 8406 Executive Board:

1 - Father Phan Van Loi - Hue - Vietnam.
2 - Engineer Do Nam Hai - Saigon - Vietnam.
3 - Professor Nguyen Chinh Ket - Houston - United States.
4 - Ms. Lu Thi Thu Duyen - Boston - United States.

            With the communion of Father Nguyen Van Ly, Tran Anh Kim veterans, writer Nguyen Xuan Nghia and many political prisoners, other religions who are now being in communist prisons

 The instruments of international human rights and Viet Nam (common document). Doc
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